How to Clean a Cat’s Eyes


How to Clean a Cat's Eyes


Cleaning a cat’s eyes is something that many owners don’t always think about. However, there are some breeds, such as the Persian, that do require a bit more care when it comes to the eyes. In any case, it is important to know the proper way to clean your cat’s eyes in order to keep them healthy and free of infection.

Before cleaning your cat’s eyes, be sure the cat is gently but firmly restrained to prevent being scratched or bitten. Consider wrapping a towel around the cat or have a friend help if needed.


  • Boil water and let it cool in order to sterilize the water. Pour water into two separate bowls ( one for each eye). Dip a cotton ball into the first bowl and gently wipe one eye, removing the gunk. Repeat the steps for the other eye using a clean cotton ball and the other bowl of water.
  • Heat up two organic tea bags in hot water. Set aside to cool. Place each tea bag over the cat’s eyes for one to two minutes. This is when wrapping your cat in a towel could come in handy. Remove the tea bags and wipe away any gunk gently.
  • Flush the eye with sterile saline solution and wipe away gunk using cotton balls or swabs.
  • Use an over the counter eye flush such as Gold Medal Pets to remove gunk.

Remember cats actually have three different sets of eyelids. They have an eyelid that closes vertically, but it is hidden behind the other two eyelids. If the third eyelid is visible there could be something wrong with the eye. If you continue to see the third eyelid for more than a day take your cat to see the vet.


Cats do clean their eyes through tears and seeing tears on your cat’s face is no cause for concern. If your cat’s eyes are red, itchy, sore, and/or have discharge, schedule a visit to see a veterinarian, who can determine proper diagnosis and treatment.

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