The Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

The Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

No cat owner likes cleaning the litter box, but even more, cleaning the floor around the litter box. Most owners choose cat litters that disguise odor, clump or are biodegradable, without considering the mess they may leave behind. If you are looking for a litter that makes no mess at all, you maybe disappointed. The good news is there are litters out there that perform better than others, when it comes to controlling tracking and dust. Read on to learn more about the best non tracking cat litter brands that fit every cat owners budget.

Controlling Cat Litter

Broom and Vacuum – Obviously this is a must in any household and especially one with cats. No matter how non tracking or dust free your litter claims to be, your cat maybe a sloppy box user. Sweeping and vacuuming small messes, near the litter box often, will keep it from spreading throughout the house.

Type of Litter Box – If your cat likes to kick litter around, you may want to consider a high sided litter box like Natures Miracle.

Type of Litter – Again, depending on your cat, any litter may track but some track more than others. Look for litter materials made from newspaper, coconut shells and corn. Pellets and heavier materials are less likely to stick to your cats paws once they have exited the box.

Cat Mats and Trays – Mats and trays can be set under the actual litter box to prevent litter from getting far. Mats are great at catching excess litter from your kitty’s paws when she leaves the litter box. They tend to be very easy to clean, soft on paws and slip resistant. Check out Gorilla Grip Litter Mat for more information. Trays serve the same purpose as mats but are made of a solid material. They are usually easy to clean, with a hose and serve as more of a barrier around the litter box. To see what else these mats are great for check out Mr. Peanuts Multi Purpose Tray.


What to Consider When Choosing a Non-Tracking Cat Litter

Hypoallergenic – If you or your cat suffer from allergies or upper respiratory issues, this is definitely something you want to look for in a litter.

Granule Size – The larger the size of the litter granule the less likely it is to stick to your kitty’s paws and be lead all over. Larger usually means heavier and will stay in the litter box.

Odor and Moisture Control – It is said clumping litters are best at this but many can be dusty. In addition to a litter that doesn’t track, you want to make sure it controls odors and locks in moisture.

Low Dust – Many litters claim to be low dust. Consider the material and granule size as mentioned above.

Easy Scooping – Again, clumping litter is considered the best for scooping clumps. If a litter clumps well and absorbs, it is less likely to make a mess when it comes time to clean the box.

Non Tracking – In a perfect world 100% non tracking litter would exist. Many claim to be and some even as high as 99%. Cats will be cats and find a way to make a mess. Find the litter with the least amount of tracking and one your cat prefers.

Economical – Always check the price and compare the quantity to know which is the best deal in the category of litters you choose. With so many choices there should be a low tracking litter that fits your budget.

Top 5 Best Non Tracking Cat Litters

Purina Tidy Cats

This letter claims to control tough litter box odors in your household using Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clear Springs in the non-clumping cat litter. This non-clumping formula makes cleaning your cats’ litter boxes a quick, simple task, and the integrated odor erasers help neutralize strong ammonia, fecal and urine smells.  Glade Tough Odor Solutions technology assists this cat litter in defending against unpleasant odors, leaving every litter box in your home smelling fresh and clean. The Clear Springs scent adds a light fragrance that will not offend your cat. It is also ideal for multiple-cat homes.

The Good

  • Nice scent
  • Budget friendly
  • Low dust & tracking

The Bad

  • Liquids pool up
  • Not easy to clean

Yesterday’s News Original  Litter

Purina’s Yesterdays News Cat Litter is made from compressed pellets of recycled newspaper. It is considered environmentally-friendly since its biodegradable. It also absorbs well, and is often recommended by vets for use by post-surgical cats, since it doesn’t cling to paws or fur like clay or other clumping litters. For one thing, pellets don’t get tracked around the house. Worst-case scenario, a few dry pieces will get flung out of the litter box, but they are easy to see and clean up. Since Yesterday’s News cat litter not a granule, it’s a good choice if you have hardwood in your house; it won’t be prone to getting scratched due to tracking like traditional clay litter. This litter won’t get stuck in your kitty’s paws, so it won’t be licked off and ingested. One of the most obvious reasons people choose Yesterdays News cat litter, is because its dust free and fragrance free. It’s also very absorbent: Yesterdays News absorbs 3 times more moisture than clay, however it doesn’t clump.

The Good

  • Soft pellets
  • 3x more absorbent than other litters
  • Low dust & tracking

The Bad

  • May not control odor well
  • Not easy to clean
  • Price is on the high side

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Ultra Litter is a unique formulation that combines the heavy non tracking granules of classic litter with a medium grain clay. Being clay based it has excellent clumping ability and prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray. The hard clumps make clean up quick and easy. Ultra is perfect for multi-cat families and those cat owners with sifting or mechanical litter boxes. Precious Cat also claims to be 99% dust free and hypo-allergenic.

The Good

  • Traps odors well
  • Firm clumps
  • Low dust & tracking

The Bad

  • May stick to litter box
  • Price is on the high side

World’s Best Cat Litter

The Best Non Tracking Cat Litter World’s Best is different from other litters because its made out of natural, non-toxic, ground corn husks. New users are usually shocked by how light weight it is and while the aroma (of corn) is unique, it isn’t over-powering and is easy to adapt to. This litter is ideal for multiple cats and can be flushed. World’s Best can be a bit more costly than other brands but users claim the price is worth it because this product lasts longer than other litters. That means very little goes to waste. World’s Best also has superb clumping abilities. The corn is excellent at absorbing moisture which reduces the amount of bacteria, the main cause of litter box odor, left behind.

The Good

  • Good odor control
  • Dust free
  • Environmentally friendly

The Bad

  • Some complain of unusual smell
  • Not as absorbant as other litters

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Pellet Cat Litter

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh cat litter is made from a blend of walnut shells that were grown in the US. It is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and does not contain chemicals, toxins, corn, grains, or clay so it is safe for cats of all ages. Since it is made with organic and renewable sources, this litter can also be composted or similarly disposed of without harming the environment. It claims to be 3 times more absorbent than the leading clay litter and better at controlling odors than clay, pine, and wheat based litters. This litter has a different type of texture that is paw safe but is also a mix of granules and pellets that many cats appreciate. Cat parents like that it tracks less and doesn’t stick to their cat’s fur.  Clean up should be simple as it also claims to clump harder than pine, corn, or wheat-based litter.

The Good

  • Unscented, superior odor control
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly, and compostable
  • Virtually dust free, and low tracking

The Bad

  • Slight tracking of the walnut shell material.
  • May stain light fur and white flooring with repeated exposure


When it comes choosing a litter for your cat that does not make a huge mess around the house there are many things to consider. Training, a cleaning routine and an efficient litter box set up is just the beginning. Of course, you will need the best non tracking cat litter for your cat as well!

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