Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cat Litter

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cat Litter

Dealing with cat litter is an issue every cat owner faces. Some how all the litter does not stay in the box and gets tracked all over the house. Fortunately, there are products like a vacuum cleaner to make life with your cat a bit cleaner. When it comes to dealing with cat litter though, not all vacuum cleaners are created equal.

We have come up with a list of the best vacuums for picking up cat litter, as well as other important information you will want to know before deciding which product is best for you and your cleaning needs.


Of course using a vacuum to clean up kitty litter is the ideal way to go but will it ruin your vacuum? The answer is yes it can. While it is okay to vacuum cat litter, it is better to use a vacuum specifically made for the job. Not all vacuums can handle cat litter well and there are certain challenges when using a vacuum cleaner not specifically designed for it. Cat litter can do some serious damage to your vacuum cleaner, like clog it up or cause damage to moving parts.

Choosing the right cat litter can minimize the amount of cleaning you need to do. Of course a non-tracking cat litter can minimize your workload. But a clumping litter can act like concrete when it gets wet, and then it is like you’re sucking up rocks that can slowly damage a regular vacuum cleaner.


Your vacuum may not be designed to handle cat litter and other hard particles. By using it to remove cat litter, you risk damaging the mechanical components. Also the dust from the litter can clog up the filters.

Another issue that you need to deal with is the smell. This is one of the real struggles cat owners have when vacuuming cat litter because odor tends to stay in the filer or bags of vacuums. Removing the unwanted odor from your vacuum cleaner can be hard to do too and in that case a bag-less vacuum could be ideal.




Now that you know the basics when it comes to using a vacuum cleaner on cat litter, you will want to consider certain features when shopping for one.

1. Surface

Some vacuum cleaners are better than others depending on the type of surface you will be using it on. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for your next vacuum cleaner. Look for a vacuum that can work well on a carpeted floor as well as hardwood or other hard surfaces. Most pet specific vacuums come with attachments for furniture or hard to reach places.

2. Flexibility

When you have to deal with cat litter and do some serious clean up because there’s a kitty in the house, you want to have greater flexibility and there may not be plugs everywhere. So, when it comes to vacuum cleaners, you might want to pick the cordless type when reaching hard spots in general. Also the way the head swivels or moves in tight corners maybe important.

3. Technology

The suction power is a major consideration when dealing with cat hair and litter. The more powerful the better for picking up hair and litter as well as dirt and dust. Look for vacuums with at least 200 air watts.

4. Budget

This is one of the most common concerns people have when buying any household appliance.This depends on the vacuums features and your needs. A lot of times you get what you pay for and vacuums definitely fall into that category. Look for longevity and a good warranty when making a vacuum purchase.


Shark Canister TruePet Upright Vacuum


This vacuum is one of the more expensive options but you get what you pay for. With its special motorized brush and multi pet tool it picks up pet hair and litter like no other in its category. Reviews compare it to the more expensive Dyson brand with a much lower price. The vacuum offers an anti-allergen technology that has been proven to trap over 99.9% of dust and allergens in the vacuum while passing through the included HEPA filter. The canister is easy to empty by just clicking a button and it comes with lights on the floor nozzle as well as handles that make it easy to maneuver and see in darker corners.

The Good

  • HEPA anti-allergen technology
  • The canister detaches to deep clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Easily switch from hard floor to carpet mode.

The Bad

  • On the heavy side
  • Filters must be maintained constantly
  • Hose is short

The Dyson Ball Animal Pet Vacuum 


If money is no issue to invest in a high-end vacuum, then the Dyson Animal is a great choice. It is lightweight  at just 5 pounds and is easy to maneuver. This model is bagless and very easy to empty. The unique pivoting Dyson ball makes it very easy to steer into tight spaces like around the litter box. The Dyson vacuum can pick up almost anything  making it ideal for hair and litter pieces.

The Good

  • Very lightweight
  • Self adjusting cleaner head
  • HEPA filtration traps allergens and bacteria

The Bad

  • Price on the high side
  • Hose and hand tools maybe difficult to use
  • Hard to maneuver

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged



Hoover created this vacuum with pet owners in mind and offers everything a pet owner needs for hair and litter clean up. The WindTunnel technology allows the vacuum to pick up embedded dirt, dust and hair and minimizes any type of blow back or scatter on the carpet. This model does use bags but the bags are activated Carbon HEPA bags made to trap dust and pollen. Some reviewers appreciate the ease of tossing the bag instead of emptying a canister, but its all personal preference.

The Good

  • Pet attachments to remove hair from upholstery
  • Inexpensive
  • 5 floor level adjustments and settings
  • Activated carbon HEPA bag filters to remove odors

The Bad

  • Noisy
  • Does use bags
  • Tools and parts break easily

Bissell Bolt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum 



If you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that you can carry to any room then this is the one for you. This stick vacuum cleaner comes with a removable handle, to help users maneuver around easily. The advanced pet hair brush roll is rubber to help pickup hair and debris on all surfaces. It is great when it is time to store the machine in a small space because of its folding handle. Reviewers agree the quality and effective cleaning of pet dander and cat litter is what makes it a top choice.

The Good

  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with a rubber crevice tool
  • The battery lasts about 25 minutes.
  • 2 year warranty.

The Bad

  • Some complain it doesn’t hold charge long enough
  • Suction power could be stronger

Miele New Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum

best vacuum for cat hair and litter



The Miele C3 Complete Cat and Dog Hair Vacuum is as high-end as they come. With a variable power motor that can control the machine’s speed in six different stages and five-level height adjustments, you can vacuum any kind of floor you like. It also includes the Parquet Twister that provides a 180° rotation for the agile, yet gentle care of smooth surfaces. It also has an Active Air Clean Filter with active charcoal layers to neutralize and absorb unwanted pet odors. Equipped with a comfort grip handle and convenient foot switch you can operate this machine with hands or feet. In addition to the three standard accessories ; a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle, it includes a mini turbo brush that easily removes pet hair from furnishings and a 3D bumper.

The Good

  • Very quiet motor
  • High suction power
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Controls odors well

The Bad

  • Very high price tag
  • Replacement bags pricey
  • A bit heavy


Pet vacuums come in different styles including handheld, canister, and upright. The type of messes are something to consider before making a pet vacuum purchase. Upright pet vacuums are great for cleaning up larger messes while handheld and canister vacuums are good for small areas or a light litter mess. In addition, the right litter and a tracking mat can also help with litter messes.

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