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As a cat owner and lover, you probably want to buy litter that is good for your cats, your home and the environment. Your kitty probably doesn’t care about recycled materials or sustainability, but she does know what feels good on her paws and what entices her to use the litter box.

Clay based cat litters have been the traditional choice for many cat owners, mostly because it is easily available and does the job. Natural litter options are now commonly available and offer improved performance, as well as ingredients that are healthier for you and your fur babies.

The best natural cat litter has several features, benefits and are made with renewable products derived from plants. These materials are not only absorbent once processed, but are also more environmentally friendly and do not contain other chemicals.

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  1. Best Dust Free – Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Pellet Cat Litter
  2. Best Odor Control – sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter 
  3. Best Sustainable – SmartCat All-Natural Cat Litter 
  4. Best Flushable – All Natural Shaved Pine Organic Cat Litter
  5. Best Clumping – Our Pets Switchgrass Natural Cat Litter


Environmentally friendly – Natural cat litter is biodegradable and typically made from organic materials that are processed into pellets or crumbs suitable for cat litter. They are considerably dust free and what little dust is produced is harmless to cats and humans.

No Tracking – Pellets of natural cat litter do not track as easily as clay-based litter does, however, there is still the crumbled bits that may find their way out of the box. The pelleted, organic material is often compostable, and able to be flushed on its own.

Long Lasting – Cat litter made from organic materials is typically lighter than clay litter, and with proper daily care can last almost twice as long. Granular biodegradable cat litter can be easily tracked much like clay litter and may require more frequent cleaning of the litter box, but its dust is benign to both humans and cats that come in contact with it.

Unscented – Litter made from organic material will come with its own natural aroma and doesn’t include added perfumes and scents like clay litters do.

Natural LitterRating   Price
Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Pellet Cat Litter4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter 
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

SmartCat All-Natural Cat Litter 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
All Natural Shaved Pine Organic Cat Litter3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

Our Pets Switchgrass Natural Cat Litter

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

What to Consider When Choosing a Natural Cat Litter

Odor Control – Keeping the smell of cat waste under control is at the top of any cat owner’s wish list. Artificially scented litters aren’t a good solution, as cats often reject litters with strong scents.

Low Dust – Clumping clay litter can produce a lot of dust, which is an irritant for both cats and their humans. Dust can create a mess around the house and on the paws. Natural litters usually produce little or no dust.

Good Clumping – Clumping litters usually control odor better than non-clumping ones. Clumping litters also require less work, since scooping a litter box daily is easier than dumping out and replacing the contents every week.

Granule Size – Cats tend to prefer a fine textured litter because it’s softer on their paws. A more coarse litter is less likely to get tracked around the house. Kittens under three months old are better off using coarse litter, so that they do not inhale or swallow it.

Reasonable Cost – A clay litter is more popular because they are usually much cheaper than other types. A cheap litter that you have to change every week can end up costing you more in the long run than a pricier litter that keeps working for a longer period.

Top 5 Best Natural Cat Litters

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Pellet Cat Litter

The Best Natural Cat Litter


Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh cat litter is made from a blend of walnut shells that were grown in the US. It is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and does not contain chemicals, toxins, corn, grains, or clay so it is safe for cats of all ages. Since it is made with organic and renewable sources, this litter can also be composted or similarly disposed of without harming the environment. It claims to be 3 times more absorbent than the leading clay litter and better at controlling odors than clay, pine, and wheat based litters. This litter has a different type of texture that is paw safe but is also a mix of granules and pellets that many cats appreciate. Cat parents like that it tracks less and doesn’t stick to their cat’s fur.  Clean up should be simple as it also claims to clump harder than pine, corn, or wheat-based litter. Another interesting feature is that while other cat litters suggest 3”-4” of litter be placed in the bottom of the litter box, this litter only requires 2”. This means with regular cleaning and maintenance, this litter will last longer than other types of biodegradable litter.

The Good

  • Unscented, superior odor control compared to clay, wheat, and pine
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly, and compostable
  • Virtually dust free, and low tracking

The Bad

  • Slight tracking of brown dust due to the natural color of the walnut shells
  • Can take some time to form truly hard clumps
  • May stain light fur and white flooring with repeated exposure

sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter 


Made from wheat and other grains, the sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter has been improved to better eliminate odors, clump faster, and outlast other litters. It does not contain chemicals, silica dust, or sodium bentonite (clay). It is unique in that it is farmer-owned and the ingredients are also farmer-grown. This is what makes this company unique, and their commitment to improving their product through technology has helped them stand out. The Noble Ion® Technology means they use wheat enzymes and starches to create a litter that uses positive ions in order to eliminate the negative ions that can be found in pet odors. The granular texture of the litter makes it highly absorbent, and easy to sift.  sWheat Scoop is also flush-able and compo-stable.

The Good

  • Litter smell is subtle
  • Does a good job of hiding odors
  • Minimal Dust

The Bad

  • Strong ammonia smell
  • Clumps are not firm
  • More pricey than other litters

SmartCat All-Natural Cat Litter 


The Pioneer Pet SmartCat Litter is 99% dust free and is made from grasses that were grown in the USA.  It claims to clump better than clay litter and its sand-like texture means less tracking than other litters. SmartCat Litter is also free of perfumes and chemicals that cats and owners may find offensive. The company has a “No smell-can’t tell” slogan and “out clumps clay every day” motto which shows their confidence in their product’s ability. Odor absorption and liquid absorption is a definitive perk for cat owners and this litter to be the best at accomplishing both.

The Good

  • Good odor control
  • Made from sustainable and renewable grass, farmed in the USA
  • Advanced odor control and clumping designed to outperform clay

The Bad

  • Very lightweight and tracks easily
  • Some cats find it tasty enough to eat
  • Not the most economical, price-wise

All Natural Clumping Shaved Pine Organic Cat Litter


This natural litter is made out of finely shredded pine wood. It is treated with heat to increase absorbency and reduce dust and allergens. The clumping property presents itself differently from that of clay litter. In clay litter, the clumping starts from the top and forms hard, flat, uneven crumbs. These maybe easy to scoop out but do nothing to control odor or make the surface of the litter box look inviting. This pine litter absorbs from the bottom up from both solid and liquid waste while it traps the odor more effectively. The clumped material is both scoopable and flushable.

The Good

  • Good odor control
  • Flushable
  • Low dust & tracking

The Bad

  • Very lightweight and tracks easily
  • Some cats find it tasty enough to eat
  • Not the most economical, price-wise

Our Pets Switchgrass Natural Cat Litter


Our Pets All-Natural Grass litter is made from “100% natural grass ingredients” and contains no added fragrances, chemicals, or dyes of any kind.  Many cats prefer the natural smell of the grass and the texture of the litter as well. All-Natural Grass Litter is also low dust and the clumping features are as good or better than clay litter. This grass-based litter is also suitable for multi-cat households due to its ability to quickly absorb odors, liquids and strong ammonia smells that often afflict the area surrounding a busy litter box. The granular texture is designed for easier sifting and to be just the right amount of softness for discerning cat paws. Cleaning the litter box should also be easier as this litter creates fast forming clumps that can easily be scooped without using up too much litter.

The Good

  • No added fragrances, dyes, or chemicals
  • Excellent control and absorbance of odors
  • Low dust and cat paw friendly

The Bad

  • Not flushable or recommended for disposal outdoors
  • Can stick to the bottom of the litter box
  • Mild tracking, depending on the cat


Natural Cat Litters are an all natural and sustainable alternative to the other types of cat litters on the market today.  If your cat isn’t too picky, you can change from one type of litter to another without problems. Some cats are more finicky and you may need to introduce new litters slowly while adding the new to the old a little at a time.

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    I like what you said about organic cat litter and how it’s typically lighter than clay litter. Natural cat litter seems like a worthwhile purchase in order to better care for your animal. I am thinking about adopting a cat, so I’ll consider some options for all natural cat litter.

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