The 121 Best Grey Cat Names

Names June 16, 2021
Grey Cat Names : 150 + Great Names



The 121 Best Grey Cat Names

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Grey Cat Names : 150 + Great Names

Grey cat names have a lot to live up because gray cats are so striking and beautiful . If the striking green, blue or golden eyes against that striking grey fur doesn’t inspire you, consider the personality. Several studies claim there is a correlation between coat color and temperament, with grey cats being gentle, peaceful, and affectionate.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. GANDALF – a magical grey cat
  2. GREYSTOKE – for the grey who thinks he’s Tarzan
  3. MACY GRAY – a cat who loves singing
  4. STORM – perfect for a grey kitten

Male Grey Cat Names

grey cat names
Photo by Kasya Shahovskaya on Unsplash
  • ALONSO-A variant of the name Alonzo and its perfect for your majestic grey kitty
  • ARGENT-This name means silver in French and is ideal for your cat with a shiny grey coat
  • ASH– If his coat is dark grey like grey ashes call him Ash
  • ASHLEY-A name for a refined dark gray cat just like ash
  • ASHTON-This name means ash tree place or town and  fits your gentle dark grey  cat
  • BERKLEY-Name your cat after Irish Philosopher George Berkeley popular for defending idealism
  • BERTRAM-This name of Germanic origin fits a smart grey cat
  • BISMARK-Give your bold and courageous cat this African name
  • CATO-A name of Latin origin for an intelligent grey cat
  • COBURN-Name your cat after American actor James Coburn who acted tough in most of his films
  • CROMWELL-An old English name meaning winding stream fits a cat who likes to go with the flow
  • DA SILIVA-If you love football, name your talented grey cat after Brazilian footballer David da Silva
  • DALZIEL-This name of Scottish origin means small field for your cat who loves to garden
  • DEVON-A lovely name for a protective cat who defends his territory
  • DOOLAN-Give your grey cat an ancient name of Irish origin meaning defiance
  • EARL GREY-This blended tea calms your nerves just like your grey cat does
  • EDGAR-Name your fortunate and powerful grey cat Edgar if he brings you good luck
  • FLOYD-Refers to a grey-haired person in the Welsh language
  • GANDALF-A grey-haired wise and determined character in J.R.R Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit a fitting name for your wise cat who is grey furred
  • GERE– This name means spear ruler in German, works well for a cat whose claws are always ready to strike
  • GRADY-A noble name for a cat who likes to be treated like  majesty
  • GRAFFITI-An ideal name for a cat who likes to claw on walls and carpets
  • GRAHAM– Refers to a boy from the grey house, the color of your favorite pet.
  • GRANVILLE-An intelligent character in Open All Hours
  • GRAYSTON-Name your grey cat after Canadian actor Neil Grayston who featured in the movie End of World
  • GRECO-If your cat has a beige or grey coat call him Greco like the Greco tiles
  • GRESWOLD-Refers to grey person who rules just like your grey cat does in your home
  • GREYSTOKE– This name fits an adventurous grey cat inspired by a fictional character in the film Greystroke; The Legend of Tarzan, lord of the Apes
  • GRIFF-This Welsh name suits a cat who grips on things tightly
  • GRIS-This French name means grey and perfectly describes your grey cat
  • GUNTHER-A name of Germanic origin meaning battle warrior, it fits your strong and courageous cat
  • GUSTAV-A Scandinavian name meaning staff of the gods, for a companion you can trust
  • GUTHRIE-Meaning windy place in Irish, perfect for your wild grey cat
  • HECTOR-This captivating name fits your brave hero just like the hero in the legendary Trojan war
  • JOEL-A powerful and beautiful name that means God’s will in Hebrew, I bet he’ll come running when you call him Joel!
  • LIGHTNING-An ideal name for a grey cat who moves with great speed
  • LLOYD-A name of Welsh origin meaning grey-haired
  • MARVIN-Name your cat after an intelligent character in Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy series, Marvin the paranoid Android
  • MERCURY-A perfect name for your cat with a dark grey coat just like the color of mercury
  • MOONSHINE-If your cat coat or eyes are a soft shade of grey then Moonshine is not only a powerful name for him but also describes him perfectly
  • OSWALD– This name means divine power and is ideal for your cat with incredible strength
  • PERCY-An ambitious and dedicated Minister of magic in the Harry Potter Series
  • RASCAL-An ideal name for your grey cat who is mischievous in a good way
  • RAZOR-If he has sharp claws like a sharp razor, give him this name
  • SEYMOUR– Name your strong grey cat after mount Seymour found in Canada
  • SHERMAN-Name your realistic cat after Ben Sherman, a character in the series Southend
  • SHERRIFF-This name suits a cat who rules over your entire house
  • SILVER-A rare metal that’s precious and valuable, a perfect description for  your light grey cat who is dear to you
  • SILVERADO-A heavy duty pickup truck manufactured by CMC motors sounds like a good name for your silver furred energetic cat
  • SLADE-An ideal name for a trustworthy cat inspired by a superhero in the Teen Titan animated movie
  • SLATER-Just like a slate, this name suits a grey cat
  • SMOKEY-This name suits a gentle and sweet cat with a dark grey coat just like smoke
  • SPOKANE– An amazing city in Washington County known for its grey wolves
  • TAZ-This is a pet name for the name Teddy and it is ideal for your happy grey cat who acts as your guardian
  • THAMES-Just like the dark and cloudy waters of River Thames so is the grey coat of your cat
  • THOMAS-A cheeky character in the animated series Thomas & Friends
  • TIAGO-An ideal name for a cat who likes to sit in your favorite spot
  • TOBY-A name of Hebrew origin meaning God is good
  • WISHBONE-A mythical name for a wish come true, fits a  cute grey cat you just adopted
  • ZANE-A name of Hebrew origin meaning God is merciful

Female Grey Cat Names

gray cat names
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash
  • ARABELLA-A lovely Latin name for a beautiful and sweet grey kitty
  • ASHLEIGH-A variant of the name Ashley meaning ash meadow, perfect for a  light grey cat with fur that looks like ash powder
  • ATHENA-Greek goddess of wisdom and welfare, a great name for an intelligent cat
  • AUNTIE-A lovely name for your beautiful cat who is also your confidant
  • AURORA-Name your cat after a kind and friendly princess in the Sleeping Beauty animated film
  • BEATRICE– If your cat who brings you happiness, Beatrice would be an ideal name for her
  • BELLA-A name of Latin origin for your beautiful grey cat
  • BLANCHE-A name associated with French nobles and fits your innocent grayish-white cat
  • CASSANDRA– A name given to a Troy prophetess who was the daughter of king Priam, fits a cat with grey shining eyes
  • CINDER– For a dark grey princess like the Cinder wood
  • COBWEB– This name suits your delicate grayish cat who likes to set traps for her prey
  • CORDELIA-A French name meaning heart of a lion for a brave cat
  • CYBIL– This name means fortune teller in Greek and it fits a cat who got some charm
  • DAMSEL-A wonderful name for a fabulous young cat
  • DORIAN-The youthful beauty featured in The picture of Dorian Grey novel is the inspiration behind this name
  • DULCIE-A name of Latin origin meaning sweetness just like your cat
  • ELECTRA-A brilliant name choice for a cat with bright grey shining eyes
  • FRANCESCA-A lovely name for a free-spirited cat
  • GEMINA-A zodiac sign name that suits an intelligent and outgoing cat who loves to be the center of attention
  • GERDA-The goddess Gerda was the protector of gardens, a name for a cat who likes to guide her territory
  • GISELLE-Name your cute cat after the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen
  • GRACE-A lovely name for a kind grey cat you consider a blessing
  • GRACIEGRAMMY-Gracie is beautiful and kind and when coupled with grammy you’ll end up with a name that suits an intelligent, kind and beautiful grey cat
  • GRANNIE-Old people have grey hair and are wise, if these traits suit your cat, call her Grannie
  • GRETA-A Germanic name meaning pearl, a precious grey gemstone just like your cat
  • GRETCHEN-A diminutive of the German name Margarete, it fits a beautiful grey cat who is also precious to you
  • GRETEL-A wonderful name for a passionate grey cat
  • GRISELDA-A name of Latin origin for an intelligent  grey cat
  • GWENDOLYN-A lovely name meaning blessed in Welsh an ideal name for your lucky cat who is grey furred
  • IMELDA-A name that fits your cat with admirable fighting prowess
  • KARMA-Name your cat after a cunning and mischievous superhero with golden eyes found in American Comic Books
  • KIT-A name of Greek origin meaning carrier of Christ, fits a your affectionate cat who likes to help around
  • LADY JANE GRAY-An intelligent nine-day queen of England, the gray in this name describes your cats color
  • MACY GRAY-Name your cat after the award-winning American singer, Macy Gray
  • MEREDITH-A name that means a great ruler in Welsh just like your cat who takes care of everyone in your home
  • MISTY-A name for a kind silver-coated cat who is shy to strangers
  • MOON-An exotic name  for a cat who lights up your dark life like the moon with its grey light
  • MOXIE-A wonderful name for an energetic and free-spirited cat j
  • NESSIE-A name of Greek origin meaning pure and it fits your innocent and shy gray cat
  • NORA-An ideal name for a kind cat with bright gray eyes
  • OLIVIA-A beautiful and noble character in William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night
  • PEARL-A grey gemstone which is precious like your cat
  • PHOEBE-A Greek name meaning bright and it fits a brilliant grey cat
  • PORTIA-A strong and confident character in William Shakespeare play Merchant of Venice
  • ROMY-Name your bold and ambitious grey cat after German actress Romy Schneider featured in Sissi film
  • RONA– A princesses in Japanese animated series Endro!,fits your  well-mannered cat
  • SHELBY-A perfect name for an elegant and graceful cat like the willow trees
  • SHILLING-An ideal name for a silver-grey cat with green eyes just like a shilling coin
  • SHOWBIZ-A perfect name for  a grey cat who is creative
  • SIGOURNEY-Means victorious conqueror in French just like you bold and brave cat
  • SILKY-A perfect name for a cat with a soft and shiny grey coat
  • SILVANA-An Italian name meaning woman of the forest a fitting name for your mysterious cat who often disappears in the woods
  • SIXPENCE-A silver-grey British coin minted in Edward VI reign, a sign of happiness and good luck in a bride’s shoe, a name your cat will love
  • STARSHINE-A name you relate to her beautiful gray shining eyes like the light from the stars
  • STORM-A name you give to a grey-blue furred cat with misty eyes
  • SYLVIA-A name of Latin origin meaning forest fitting the grey-green eyes of your cat
  • TILLY-A variant of the German name Matilda  meaning strength in battle ideal for your bold grey cat
  • VALKYRIE-A perfect name choice for your grey cat named after a group of  intelligent and righteous maidens who choose who to die in the battlefield in an old Norse myth
  • XANADU-The summer capital of Kublai Khan’s empire which exotic and luxurious, this will make a beautiful name for your sophisticated grey cat


If you didn’t find the perfect name for your grey cat here, you may consider naming your cat based on breed or history. The Russian Blue, British Shorthair and Egyptian Mau are just a few beautiful, grey cat breeds with interesting history.


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