The 51 Best Russian Cat Names

Names June 16, 2021


The 51 Best Russian Cat Names

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Did you just adopt a Russian breed of cat like a Russian Blue or Siberian and need a name to fit?

Or perhaps you just prefer your cat get his name from the most spoken Slavic language.

If a Russian name is what you want, based on your heritage or your precious cat’s, then you are in the right place. The following list features famous Russian people and places as well as some traditional Russian names with their meanings.

Russian Cat Names

Russian Cat Names


ALINAAlina Kabaeva, one of the most decorated rhythmic gymnast
ANASTASIAYoungest daughter of Tsar Nicholas ll
ANDREIAndrei Kirikenko, basketball player
BARYSHNIKOVMikhail Baryshnikov, ballet dancer
BORISBoris Pasternak, author (Doctor Zhivago)
CATHERINEEmpress of Russia “Catherine the Great”
CHEKHOVAnton Chekhov, short-story writer
CZARTitle of the Russian monarch
CZARINATitle of consort of the Russian monarch
DMITRIDmitri Shostakovich, composer
EKATERINAEkaterina Gordeeva, figure skater
FABERGEPeter Faberge, Russian jeweller
FEODOR“Gift from God”
GORBACHEVMikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet leader
GORKYMaxim Gorky, author
IGORIgor Larionov, ice hockey player
IRINAIrina Slutskaya, figure skater
IVANIvan Bunin, author (first Russian awarded Nobel Prize)


KOURNIKOVAAnna Kournikova, tennis player and model
LEOLeo Tolstoy, author (War and Peace)
LEVLev Yashin, soccer (considered the greatest goalkeeper)
LILYALydia “Lilya” Litvyak, female fighter pilot of WWll
MARINAMarina Tsvetaeva, poet
MOSCOWCapital of Russia
NADIANadia Petriva, tennis player
NATALYANatalya Polevshchikova (Natasha Poly) model
NICHOLASName of two emperors
NIKITANikita Mikhalkov, actor and director
OLGAOlga Preobrajenska, ballerina
PAVLOVAAnna Pavlova, ballerina
POLINAPolina Kouklina, model
PUSHKINAlexander Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet
RASPUTINGrigori Rasputin, cleric
ROMANOVRoyal house of Russia
ROZARoza Shanina, Soviet sniper during World War ll
SERGESerge Pollakoff, painter
SHARAPOVAMaria Sharapova, tennis player


SIBERIARegion in east Russia
SMIRNOFFVodka distillery founded in Russia
TATYANATatyana Bulanova, singer
TCHAIKOVSKYPyotr Tchaikovsky, composer
VALENTINAValentina Tereshkova, first woman in space
VLADIMIRVladimir Nabokov, author (Lolita)
VODKAPopular Russian drink
YELENAYelena Shushunova, one of Russia’s greatest gymnast
YULYul Brynner, actor (The King and I)
YURIYuri Gagarin, first person in space
ZAYTSEVVasily Zaytsev, Movie Enemy at the Gates based loosely on him
ZHIVAGODoctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
ZHUKOVGeorge Zhukov, WWll field marshall

Other popular cat names

  • WALLY-A diminutive of Walter, name your cat after the great magician in The Wiggles movie
  • WALTER-A name of German origin meaning commander of the army
  • WARHOL-Derive his name from famous American artist Andy Warhol who loved cats
  • WASHINGTON-Another presidential name for a wise cat who makes great decisions
  • WATSON-Dr. Watson, a fictional character in Sherlock Homes Stories fits your loyal and resourceful cat
  • WEBSTER-Give your intelligent cat this name after dictionary and learning institutions  with the same name
  • WESLEY-Name your intelligent cat after Wesley Wyndam Pryce in television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • WHISKERS-Name your annoying and clingy cat after television series Brandy& Mr. Whiskers
  • EDGAR– This name fits a black cat and its coined from the short story writer Edgar Allan Poe known for his book The black cat
  • FLETCH—An ideal name for a lightweight cat
  • FOX-Consider this an appropriate name for your outgoing cat who is also cunning
  • GAMBIT– This would be a great name choice if you have a cat who is always taking advantage of situations
  • GENJI– This name will remind you of the love between the Emperor and low ranking concubine in the book The Tale of Genji
  • HEMINGWAY-Name your Siamese pet after American writer Ernest Hemingway famous for his many novels including The Old Man and the Sea
  • JARVIS-Just like the loyal butler Edwin Jarvis in  the Comic film Iron Man, this name fits your loyal Siamese cat
  • JAZZ-A beautiful name for a relaxed and cool cat just like jazz music


The only thing harder than naming your cat is naming your first born child. You can settle on naming your cat Mittens or Pumpkin, but there are so many great names out there that capture the breed, personality and appearance of your precious cat.

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