The 200 Most Popular Names for Female Cats (A-Z)

Names June 16, 2021
Top 200 + Names for Female Cats



The 200 Most Popular Names for Female Cats (A-Z)

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Top 200 + Names for Female Cats


Are you looking for cat names for your new female cat?

Are you finding it difficult to come up with the perfect name? Take some inspiration from the words of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The great artist was a cat lover and was quoted as saying that “the smallest feline is a masterpiece”. As the creator of the Mona Lisa, he knew a thing or two on the subject.

What could be more perfect than your little cat masterpiece?

Also consider when thinking of a female cat name is her color, build, personality or breed type. Read on and hopefully this list will help you choose a name that is truly worthy of your princess and one she will be proud to ignore when you call her.

Female Cat Names – Letter A

  • Abagail-A wonderful name of Hebrew origin for a beautiful and intelligent cat just like Kind David’s wife in the Bible
  • Abby-Giver her Abagail name a twist and call her Abby
  • Abira-A lovely name for a strong cat
  • Achal– This name of Indian origin is fit for your tall cat
  • Adelina-An ideal name for a cat with a loveable character
  • Adriana-A lovely name for a cat with a dark coat
  • Adriana-Derive her name from the beautiful Adriana Lina who models for Victorias Secret Angel
  • Afina– Your young kitty will find this name captivating
  • Ai– This Japanese name is ideal for your affectionate cat
  • Akela– Name her after the intelligent wolf featured in the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  • Akina-This Swahili name is perfect for your cat who you have a strong bond with
  • Alaska– Call her after the American adventure film Alaska
  • Alberta-An ideal name for a brilliant cat just like Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, Duchess of Argyll
  • Alexandra-A Greek name that means defender, ideal for a cat who is protective of you
  • Alexandria-Name her after Alexandria the port City in Egypt
  • Aliz– This Hungarian name is perfect for an honest cat
  • Aliza-A unique name for an extremely happy cat
  • Alize– Of Germanic origin for a noble and a kind of cat
  • Ally-An ideal name for a beautiful cat who has brought unity and harmony in your home
  • Alma-A lovely name for a cat who always uplifts your spirit
  • Amalia-A perfect name for an ever industrious cat
  • Amarylis-A unique name for a beautiful glowing cat just like the Amarylis flower
  • Andrea-Who can resist this sweet French name that means brave
  • Angel– A lovely name for a cat who guides and protects you like an angel
  • Angela-A Latin word meaning messenger of God just like a God-sent cat who brings joy in your life.
  • Anna-A sweet name of Hebrew origin for a kind and forgiving kitty
  • Anubis-This for a gentle who can’t harm anything
  • Arriana-A lovely name for a cat you perceive as perfect
  • Astrid-A lovely name for a strong cat
  • Augie-A name of Latin origin fit for your magnificent cat

Female Cat Names – Letter B

  • Babs-A Greek word meaning traveler that fits an adventurous outdoor cat
  • Babsy-An affectionate way to call your sexy cat
  • Barbie-Derive her name from the fashion dolls made by American toy company Mattel
  • Barrie-A wonderful name for a hairy and strong cat
  • Beauty-Derive her name from the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast
  • Bess-From the English opera Porgy and Bess composed by George Gershwin
  • Bianca-A fictional character who was Cassio’s mistress in William Shakespeare’s’ play The Tragedy of Othello
  • Billie-An excellent choice for a determined and protective cat
  • Bo– Derive her name from the film Bo directed by Hans Herbots
  • Bojangles– Call her after the American fast food restaurant with a similar name
  • Bonnie-A Scottish name for a pretty, good-looking cat
  • Buffy-An ideal name for a cat with good morals just like Buffy Summers in the television series Buffy the vampire slayer
  • Butterfly-If she is as fresh and beautiful as a butterfly call her so

Female Cat Names – Letter C

  • Candy-a lovely name for a sweet cat just like candy
  • Carly-A sweet name for a free-spirited cat
  • Carmel-A Hebrew word that means garden, ideal for a productive and industrious cat
  • Carrie– Call her after the lead character with telekinetic powers in the American horror film Carrie directed by Kimberly Peirce
  • Cassandra-A beautiful cat named after Trojan princess daughter of king Prian
  • Cassie-Name her after the American singer Cassie Ventura popular for her hit song Me & U
  • Chelsea-Name her after the posh neighborhood in London
  • Cherie-A lovely name for a cat who is a darling
  • Chika– This Nigerian name means God is superior, and it is an ideal name for an intelligent cat who is God-sent
  • Cindy– For your brown coated cat just like the cartoon character in Cindy Bear created by Hanna Barbera
  • Cleopatra-An ideal name for a beautiful and charismatic cat just like queen Cleopatra VII Philopator from the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
  • Cloe– An appropriate name for a newly born delicate cat who is full of life
  • Clover-An ideal name for a cat that brings good luck
  • Combat-A name of choice for a cat who likes to fight
  • Cookie-An ideal name for a sweet brown cat
  • Corngold-A pretty name for a kitty with a golden yellow coat
  • Cotton-An ideal name for a shy cat with white fur
  • Cowboy-This is a popular name for a cat who is reckless and independent
  • Crocus-A lovely name for a cheerful cat who is still in her youth just like a crocus flower

Female Cat Names – Letter D

  • Dakota-A suitable name for a cat who is a true friend and a companion
  • Danielle-Of Hebrew origin meaning God is the judge
  • Debbie-A lovely name for a cat with admirable qualities
  • Destiny-A common name fit for your furry friend who offers you guidance
  • Devine– This name fits a cat you love dearly
  • Dianna-Derive her name from American actress Dianna Elise who featured in the television series Veronica Mars
  • Dody– Let her know you love her by calling her Dody
  • Dozy-A name of choice for a lazy cat who never gets enough of her night sleep

Female Cat Names – Letter E

  • Eartha-From the American actress Earther Kit who featured in Batman
  • Edith– An appropriate name for a cat who always wins in fights
  • Electra-An elegant name for a cat with radiant eyes like the power of the sun
  • Emily-A lovely name for a hardworking and industrious cat
  • Evelyn-Hebrew name which means life, and suits a lively cat who enjoys living
  • Evie– This is a variant of the name Eve life, and it will be perfect for a cat you enjoy her company

Female Cat Names – Letter F

  • Fergie– Celtic word ideal for a cat with high expectations
  • Fern– This beautiful name will sound great for a cat who loves the indoors just like the fern plant which thrives on minimal sunlight
  • Flo-An ideal name for a cat who is a beauty and also who is blossoming like a flower
  • Florence-Of Latin origin for a beautiful cat with admirable morals
  • Flower-A lovely name for a cat that gives you happiness
  • Flynn-A name of choice for a cat with red fur
  • Fran-An ideal name for a cat which originated from France
  • Frannie-If you’re a lover of fictional character name her after Frannie Ughes in television series As the World Turns,
  • Freida-A variant of Freda for a cat who peaceful rules over your house

Female Cat Names – Letter G

  • Georgina-A lovely name for a cat who likes digging or one who often wanders in the farm
  • Ginger-A lovely name for your brown-haired cat
  • Gizmo-A unique name for a strong and hairy cat
  • Grace-A wonderful name for a decent and beautiful cat
  • Greta-A classic name for a loving family cat who likes helping with chores
  • Gwen-An ideal name for a clean white cat
  • Gwendolyn– Of welsh origin for a cat with a white coat

Female Cat Names – Letter H

  • Harlo– If she always warns you of coming danger, give the name Harlo!
  • Harper-Name her after Valerie Haper, the American actress who featured in the series Rhoda
  • Helen-A wonderful name for a cat with stunning beauty like Helen of Troy
  • Henrietta-Ideal for a cat who has controls over you
  • Hepburn-Name her after the free-spirited and independent American actress Katherine Hepburn
  • Higera-A name that fits a very bright cat
  • Hope-A lovely name for a cat whose always sees the bright side of situations

Female Cat Names – Letter I

  • Icie- Your lovely and sexy cat with white fur will love this name
  • Ida– A simple name for your hardworking cat
  • India-Name her after at the most culturally diverse country, India which takes its name from River Indus
  • Irene-Fits a quiet and peaceful cat
  • Isis– Like the Egyptian goddess of magic
  • Isla-Scottish word meaning island for a cat who is always lost in thoughts
  • Issabella– Hebrew name which means God is perfect and fits a beautiful kitty

Female Cat Names – Letter J

  • Jamaica-Name her after the beautiful land of rivers and springs
  • Jasmine-An ancient name of Persian origin meaning gift from God
  • Jazzy– A modern short name for Jasmine
  • Jessie-Derive her name from American comedy television series with a similar name created by Pamela Eells O’Connell
  • Jetset– Ideal name for a cat who enjoys traveling and adventure
  • Jillian-Young kitties are always lovely and playful, so Jillian make a lovely name for such a cat
  • Jinxy-A wonderful name for a cat you enjoy her company

Female Cat Names – Letter K

  • Kathleen-For a perfect cat without any flaws
  • Katie-An ideal name for a young, innocent cat
  • Keiko– This name is fit for your pet who you respect and celebrate
  • Kennedy-Of Irish origin for a cat who always gets into trouble
  • Kendra-Cats are wise, and Kendra makes a perfect name for your knowledgeable cat
  • Kiki-Call her kiki if she is a source of happiness and joy
  • Kona-An ideal name for a cat who always goes missing and reappears after some days
  • Kylie-A wonderful name for an adorable cat

Female Cat Names – Letter L

  • Lancelot-an ideal name for an obedient cat who does what she is told like a servant
  • Laverne– Italian name which means goddess of thieves for a cat who has mastered the art of stealing
  • Li Li—Name her after China’s famous gymnastic artist Li Li
  • Lily– Perfect for an innocent and a beautiful cat like the lily flower
  • Lioness-This queen of the jungle name fits a brave cat who is always in charge
  • Lois– A name that is Greek and ideal for an adorable cat with desirable traits
  • Loretta-Name her after American Country music singer Loretta Lynn known for her hit songs Lousiana Women, and Mississippi Man
  • Louise-A perfect name for a cat best known for her fighting prowess
  • Lucinda-A lovely name for a cat with bright shining eyes
  • LuLu– For your very beautiful cat who is like a pearl
  • Lynn-Name her after the American Actress Lynn Fontanne who performed with her husband in many plays

Female Cat Names – Letter M

  • Maggie-What a lovely name for a cat who becomes more beautiful by the day
  • Maiden-A perfect name for a young kitty who hasn’t given birth yet
  • Mandarin-An excellent name for an old intelligent cat
  • Maple– Appropriate name for a rare kind and strong cat like the maple tree
  • Maya-A name of Latin origin for a huge cat
  • Melinda-A beautiful name for a hard-working cat
  • Melody-What a lovely name for a sweet cat who is lively as the sounds of melody
  • Mercy-An ideal name for a kind and compassionate cat
  • Mila-A character in the children’s book The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse makes a perfect name choice
  • Miley-Name her after the American singer Miley Ray famous for her hit song Don’t call me Angel
  • Mimi-Consider this name if your cat is rebellious
  • Mitsy-Of Indian origin meaning a gift from God fit for your gracious cat
  • Minnie– For a cute and playful cat just like the character Minnie Mouse in Walt Disney cartoon series Mickey Mouse
  • Mocha-A wonderful name for a beautiful and loyal cat
  • Molly-A helpful cat like the character Molly Mabray featured in the American animated television series Molly and Denali

Female Cat Names – Letter N

  • Natty-A fitting name for a cat you receive as a birthday gift
  • Nelly-A lovely name of Greek origin describing the beauty of your kitty
  • Nevada– A name of Spanish origin meaning covered in snow fits a cat that’s is as white as snow
  • Nicky-A choice name for a cat who’s victorious in fights
  • Nicole-Nicole Watterson featured in the animated series, The Amazing World of Gumball, and her name will fit a responsible cat
  • Nikita-From the American television series Nikita, this heroic cat is not one you would want to pick a fight with
  • Nina-A cat with a unique talent just like the Jazz musician Nina Simone
  • Nutmeg-An ideal name for a reddish-brown cat who is lucky

Female Cat Names – Letter O

  • Octavia-A wonderful name for a gentle cat who helps others
  • Oksana-Derive her name from the beautiful Russian model Oksana Andreyevna
  • Olga-From the name Olga Lalavava, A character in the American superhero animated television series Powerpuff Girls
  • Olive-Derive her name from the olive tree is she is peaceful and kind
  • Olivia-Name her after the emotional and determined fictional character in Twelfth Night play by William Shakespeare
  • Opal– Call her after a precious jewel from Sanskirt
  • Ophelia-A naïve and innocent character in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet

Female Cat Names – Letter P

  • Paris-Name her after the capital city of France famous for its culture and fashion
  • Pearl-A wonderful name for a cream or white coated cat who is like a precious gem
  • Penelope– Just like Penelope Pussycat featured in classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, and your cat will love this name
  • Persephone-A Greek goddess of vegetation who ruled the underworld, this may fit your cat who loves nature or one with a dark side
  • Petula-Name her after British actress Petula Clark known for her song Don’t Give Up
  • Petunia– Perfect for a cat whose company is soothing and peaceful like the Petunia flower
  • Piper– Great name for a cat who learns to overcome her fears just like the character in the short animated film, Piper directed by Alan Barillaro
  • Pipi – A Swahili word meaning sweet
  • Pixie-Derive her name from a tiny, green pointy-eared fairy mythical creature with a similar name in European folklore
  • Pollina– This name is of Greek origin meaning gift from Apollo, and it will sound magical for your cat
  • Poppy-Of Latin origin meaning a red flower for your passionate pet with a brightly colored coat
  • Princesse-A lovely name for a beautiful and innocent cat
  • Prissy-An ideal name for a bad-tempered cat
  • Puddin-Name her puddin if she has brought an unexpected friendship that has grown over time

Female Cat Names – Letter Q

  • Queen-A royal name to give a cat who leads other pets
  • Quinnie-Of Scandinavian origin for a cat that lives like a royal

Female Cat Names – Letter R

  • Rachel-Name her after Canadian actress Rachel Ann McAdams featured in the movie Mean Girls
  • Raquel– Of Hebrew origin fit for an innocent young cat
  • Rochelle-Name her after a city in Western France called La Rochelle meaning little rock
  • Rose-A lovely name of Latin origin meaning a flower, fit for your beautiful cat
  • Rosy-A sexy way to call the name Rose
  • Roxy-A lovely name for a cat that radiates like the dawn
  • Ruby-An ancient Latin name for a precious red jewel, this is a name that every cat would love to have

Female Cat Names – Letter S

  • Sabrina-Of Latin origin named after River Severn where Britain’s King daughter Sabrina drowned
  • Sammy– Unisex name for an attentive cat
  • Sara-Hebrew word that means princess fitting a beautiful cat with a royal background
  • Sasha– Russian name for a protective cat who defends her master
  • Seoman-A unique name for a cat that you respect
  • Shania-After Canadian popular singer Shania Twain famous for the song You’re still the one
  • Shasta-Of Indian origin meaning peaceful ideal for a calm cat
  • Sheherazade-Name her after a Persian queen who the king fell in love with after she narrated to him one thousand and one stories
  • Shelly-A beautiful name for a trustworthy cat
  • Sheryl-A wonderful name for a beloved cat
  • Sonya-An ideal name for an extraordinary cat full of wisdom
  • Strawberry-Known for its sweet flavor, fragrant aroma, and brilliant color, the strawberry is a wonderful fruit which describes your cat’s sweet nature perfectly
  • Sugar– For your cat who gives you happy moments coupled with sweet memories
  • Sugarspun-A sweet name to call your cat just like the tasty cookies
  • Suzie-For, your beautiful young cat who is like a flower
  • Sweety-A beautiful way to call a cat you love so much

Female Cat Names – Letter T

  • Talia– Call her after the two-time knockout champion who is an American professional wrestler Talia Madison
  • Tammy– If she has a twin then this name is perfect
  • Tangerine– Perfect name for a cat which originated from Tangiers, a city in Northwestern Morocco
  • Tanner-Name her after the sixpence coin minted during Edward VI reign f she is valuable to you
  • Tanya– This name after Tanya Turner frederico who was a fictional character in television series FootballersWives fits your cold and intelligent cat
  • Tasmin-An ideal name for your cat with a twin
  • Tessie-Meaning to harvest for a cat who always gives you plenty of joy
  • Theresa-Name her after the extraordinary beautiful German noblewoman Theresia of Dietrichstein
  • Tigress-An ideal name for a fierce cat
  • Tina-Derive her name from a fictional character in The Mask comedy film called Tina Carlyle
  • Tori-Of Japanese origin meaning bird for a free-spirited cat
  • Toya– name her after the famous American actor Toya Johnson featured in reality series Tiny and Toya

Female Cat Names – Letter U

  • Ulysse-Derive her name from the modernist novel Ulysses by Irish writer James Joyce
  • Ursula– If she is of noble character, name her after Saint Ursula, a virgin princess of 4th centaury martyred while coming from Pilgrimage.

Female Cat Names – Letter V

  • Velvet-A unique name for a cat you regard as prestigious and powerful
  • Venus-Of Greek origin meaning goddess of love for your kitty who is full of love for you
  • Versace-An Italian fashion company founded by Gianni Versace, a name that fits your majestic pet
  • Vickie– Just like the American professional wrestler, Vickie Lynn Benson, this name fits a courageous cat
  • Vilma– Russian word that means a determined protector, ideal for your cat who is very protective

Female Cat Names – Letter W

  • Wanda– After Princess Wanda who became a queen of the pole upon her father’s death, fits a cat who never runs away from her duties
  • Whiskers-Derived the name from American animated short series Whisker Heaven and it fits a kind cat
  • Willow-An ideal name for a gracefully slender cat just like a willow tree
  • Willa– Name her after Willa Holland, an American actress, featured in television series Arrow if she is fearless
  • Wynnona– This name fits a kitty who is the firstborn in her family

Female Cat Names – Letter Y

  • Yasmin-Arabic name for a sweet-smelling and bush bearing white flower, ideal for a white kitty who is sweet and precious
  • Yoko-Name her after the Japanese artist and peace activist Yoko Ono Lennon
  • Yolanda– This beautiful name of Greek origin fits a cat who is a beauty
  • Yuki– This Japanese name is unique and simple and your happy kitty will love it

Female Cat Names – Letter Z

  • Zaban– If you have a cat who you can’t say no to, name her Zaban
  • Zena-A lovely name for a hospitable cat
  • Zuzu– Named after Zuzu Bailey, a character in American Christmas drama film It’s a wonderful life


Choosing your female cat’s name is not always a simple process. Whether you are re-naming your newly adopted cat or trying to match her personality, we hope this list has helped narrow it down.


Amy is the founder of Cat Mania and a Certified NAVC Pet Nutritionist. She is the proud owner of two cats and a dog and her love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care, nutrition, and product reviews.
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