Russian Cat Names : 50 +Awesome Names

Russian Cat Names

Did you just adopt a Russian breed of cat like a Russian Blue or Siberian and need a name to fit? Or perhaps you just prefer your cat get his name from the most spoken Slavic language. If a Russian name is what you want, based on your heritage or your precious cat’s, then you are in the right place. The following list features famous Russian people and places as well as some traditional Russian names with their meanings.

Russian Cat Names

Russian Cat Names



ALINA Alina Kabaeva, one of the most decorated rhythmic gymnast
ANASTASIA Youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas ll
ANDREI Andrei Kirikenko, basketball player
ANYA “Grace”
ARSENI “Manly”
BARYSHNIKOV Mikhail Baryshnikov, ballet dancer
BORIS Boris Pasternak, author (Doctor Zhivago)
CATHERINE Empress of Russia “Catherine the Great”
CHEKHOV Anton Chekhov, short-story writer
CZAR Title of the Russian monarch
CZARINA Title of consort of the Russian monarch
DMITRI Dmitri Shostakovich, composer
EKATERINA Ekaterina Gordeeva, figure skater
FABERGE Peter Faberge, Russian jeweller
FEODOR “Gift from God”
GORBACHEV Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet leader
GORKY Maxim Gorky, author
IGOR Igor Larionov, ice hockey player
IRINA Irina Slutskaya, figure skater
IVAN Ivan Bunin, author (first Russian awarded Nobel Prize)

KOURNIKOVA Anna Kournikova, tennis player and model
LEO Leo Tolstoy, author (War and Peace)
LEV Lev Yashin, soccer (considered the greatest goalkeeper)
LILYA Lydia “Lilya” Litvyak, female fighter pilot of WWll
MARINA Marina Tsvetaeva, poet
MOSCOW Capital of Russia
NADIA Nadia Petriva, tennis player
NATALYA Natalya Polevshchikova (Natasha Poly) model
NICHOLAS Name of two emperors
NIKITA Nikita Mikhalkov, actor and director
OLGA Olga Preobrajenska, ballerina
PAVLOVA Anna Pavlova, ballerina
POLINA Polina Kouklina, model
PUSHKIN Alexander Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet
RASPUTIN Grigori Rasputin, cleric
ROMANOV Royal house of Russia
ROZA Roza Shanina, Soviet sniper during World War ll
SERGE Serge Pollakoff, painter
SHARAPOVA Maria Sharapova, tennis player

SIBERIA Region in east Russia
SMIRNOFF Vodka distillery founded in Russia
TATYANA Tatyana Bulanova, singer
TCHAIKOVSKY Pyotr Tchaikovsky, composer
VALENTINA Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space
VLADIMIR Vladimir Nabokov, author (Lolita)
VODKA Popular Russian drink
YELENA Yelena Shushunova, one of Russia’s greatest gymnast
YUL Yul Brynner, actor (The King and I)
YURI Yuri Gagarin, first person in space
ZAYTSEV Vasily Zaytsev, Movie Enemy at the Gates based loosely on him
ZHIVAGO Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
ZHUKOV George Zhukov, WWll field marshall


The only thing harder than naming your cat is naming your first born child. You can settle on naming your cat Mittens or Pumpkin, but there are so many great names out there that capture the breed, personality and appearance of your precious cat.

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