150 Best Black & White Names For Tuxedo Cats

Names September 14, 2019
Tuxedo Cat Names : 150 + Classy Names



150 Best Black & White Names For Tuxedo Cats

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Tuxedo Cat Names : 150 + Classy Names

Tuxedo cats have that suave, sophisticated look about them and your tuxedo cat’s name should reflect that. These black and white cats are very popular and can display so many pattern combinations making a name choice easy.

For those who still need ideas, there are over a hundred names below that could work perfectly for your tuxedo cat. Simply browse and pick your favorite, from names like:

  • BOND – Suave secret agent
  • HOLLY GO LIGHTLY – Audrey Hepburn’s character in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’
  • PANDA – A cuddly black and white kitten
  • TUX – Short for tuxedo

Male Tuxedo Cat Names

  • ABERCROMBIE- Coined from the famous American casual wear lifestyle retailer Abercrombie & Fitch that perfectly describes the beautiful coat of your Tuxedo coat
  • BADGER- Great name for your cat with a white stripe on the forehead like the burrowing animal with the same name
  • BEAU – A French name for your handsome cat.
  • BOND- Name him after James Bond the spy loved by every woman
  • BUTLER- Perfect for your black and white-colored Tuxedo cat who looks like he’s wearing a butlers coat
  • CHAPLIN-Name him after the English comic actor Charlie Chaplin who wore his toothbrush mustache perfectly
  • CHECKERS- This name will suit your bicolor Tuxedo cat
  • CHICO –This cute simple short name means boy or lad in Spanish
  • DANDY-A Greek name for a warrior cat
  • DOUGRAY-Name him after the Scottish actor Dougray Scott known for his roles in the Ever After, Hitman and Impossible 2 films
  • ENZO – This Italian name means a winner, and it can also be used to pay tribute to the famous automaker Enzo Ferrari
  • FELIX – Name him after the World’s famous Felix cat with a black and white coat
  • FIGARO-Name him after the sweet black and white cat character in the Walt Disney film Pinocchio
  • FREUD –An ideal name for a cheerful cat
  • GUINNESS – For those who love the famous beer from the Irish brewer Arthur Guinness
  • HARPO – If you love comedy, you can name him after the famous American comedy actor Harpo Marx
  • HILTON- If he’s originally from a hilly town name him Hilton
  • HUGO BOSS—A stylish name derived from the German fashion house Hugo Boss
  • JAMES-Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob and suites a cat who follows instructions
  • JAZZ-A wonderful name for a cat with lots of energy and vigor
  • JEEVES-Name him after the famous fictional butler Reginald Jeeves who wears a black and white tuxedo.
  • JOLSON- Great name for a cat who loves to entertain like the famous American singer Al Jolson, dubbed the world greatest entertainer
  • KANE –What an ideal name for a cat who loves to wrestles, after the American wrestler Glenn Thomas Jacob known by the ring name Kane
  • MCVICAR- The deputy of a bishop in the church of England known for wearing black and white robes
  • MILES DAVIS-Derived from the most influential American jazz trumpeter Miles Davis
  • MISTER-What a perfect name for a cat who is a gentleman
  • CAIRO– A name derived from the second album by John and Vangelis, Friends of Mr. Cairo
  • OREO –Name him Oreo after your favorite delicious black Oreo cookie with the sweet and creamy white frosting
  • OZ – An ideal name for a strong and courageous cat.
  • PENGUIN – A perfect name for your black and white coated cat
  • RANGER-For, a courageous cat who likes to wander in the woods
  • RINGO –Name him after Ringo Star, a famous British drummer
  • SINATRA– Cute name for your tuxedo cat with blue eyes after the American singer Francis Albert Sinatra with the nickname OL Blue Eyes
  • SOCCER-A wonderful name for a playful cat who looks like a black and white soccer ball
    A Hebrew name meaning ‘God be my judge’ for a cat who doesn’t find faults
  • TC- Indian for dragon killer and perfectly suits your cat who is always victorious in his battles
  • TUX- A cute pet name for your tuxedo cat
  • VALENTINO-Derived from Latin word valentines, a perfect name for your healthy and strong cat.
  • WINSTON-A perfect name for a cat who brings you joy
  • ZINZAN-Name him after New Zealand rugby player Zinzan Valentine Brooke

Female Tuxedo Cat Names

  • ALEXIS-A lovely name for a gorgeous girl with a white coat
  • AMBER-A lovely name for a tuxedo cat with yellow eyes
  • AUDREY- Name her after British humanitarian Audrey Hepburn who had a gorgeous white cat
  • BAYLEE –An ideal name for a beautiful cat who is orderly and also has a nice personality
  • BETTY BOOP- If you love her large eyes and curly black hair, why not name Betty Boop
  • CABARET- This lovely name is fit for your joyous easygoing cat
  • CAPUCINE-Name her after the sexy French comic actress Capucine starring in the films Pink Panther and What’s new Pussycat
  • CHESS-What a cute name derived from the classic chess game often having black and white pieces
  • CHRISTABEL- A charming name for a beautiful kitty
  • CONTESSA- An Italian name for a loyal cat
  • DARCEY-A lovely name for your dark-haired cat that matches her sophisticated look
  • DIVA- A Latin name meaning goddess for a beautiful cat who rules her world
  • DOMINO – This name is derived from the classic Domino game with black and white dots
  • DUCHESS-A lovely name for a sophisticated cat who loves to be in control
  • EMMA-A German name meaning universal for a cat who has all the traits you desire
  • FELICITY-A lovely name for a cat who brings you happiness and good luck
  • GALAXY-What a beautiful name derived from the black and white-colored Milky Way
  • GOSSIP-A unique name for a cat who enjoys small talks
  • GUCCI-A beautiful name for a cool cat derived from the Italian fashion house founded by Guccio Gucci
  • HOLLY GO LIGHTLY-Name her after the famous British singer Holly Golightly
  • LUNA-A trendy name if her coat has a greyish tint like the moon
  • MAGPIE- Name her after an intelligent black and white passerine bird
  • MARCELLA-A lovely name from your favorite TV series Marcella directed by Hans Rosenfeldt
  • MAYBELLE-A French name for a beautiful tuxedo cat
  • MITZI-A Hebrew name fit for your small and bitter kitty
  • MONA- We can’t think of a more smart name if you want to name her after the famous Mona Lisa painting
  • MOONBEAM- Fits her perfectly if she’s bright as a beam of light
  • NIKITA- Who wouldn’t want to be named after the deadly and sexy Maggie Q who stars in action thriller series Nikita
  • OPHELIA- A beautiful name derived from a character in  William Shakespeare’s drama Hamlet
  • PANDA-A cute name for a cat who if fluffy like a bear
  • PIAF-A unique name for a cat who loves music like the French singer Edith Piaf
  • RITZ- Give this name to your favorite kitty who is always nibbling on your Ritz Crackers
  • SHOWBIZ- Short form for show business for a creative cat who loves the limelight
  • SNAPSHOT-A modern name for a cat who is quick at her feet
  • SOPHIE-A Greek word meaning wisdom for an intelligent cat.
  • TESS-A diminutive form of Theresa and fits a kind cat with a white coat like the simple white sari worn by mother Theresa
  • TILDAA German name meaning strength in battle and its ideal for your strong and courageous cat
  • TRILBY-Derived from the novel Trilby by George du Maurier
  • VOODOO- This creative name fits your black cat who always seems to have tricks up her sleeve
  • ZOE- This cute Greek name fits your Tuxedo cat who is full of life


Whether you have just brought home a black and white kitten or adopted a rescue cat who needs a new identity, your unique kitty needs a name to fit. Maybe you already have a tuxedo cat with a cool monochromatic name? Comment below and let us know!


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  1. Dixie Shelton

    I unintentionally named my new tuxedo Amber. Her dad's name was already given to him when I had gotten him. Its Oreo:)

  2. Lynda Hoagland

    We named my ragdoll tuxedo cat Diesel bcause of his loud purr

  3. L

    I named my tuxedo cat B.B. King, his name was Big Boyd in the shelter so I kept the B.B. and anyway the king has a lot of class no matter how garish the tuxedo the king always wore one for public appearances.

  4. skyelarkessner

    frank is a good name

    • Amiliahna_da_one

      I named mine tom because he is just a tom personally i think tom is a good name for a black and white cat

  5. Maureen Baisden

    I named my cat Whisper and nickname Whip. A twist on Whisker because of the white whiskers.

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