From Grey To Cream: 10 Popular Siamese Cat Colors

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From Grey To Cream: 10 Popular Siamese Cat Colors

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Siamese cat isolated on the white background

When you imagine a Siamese cat, you probably have a very specific image in mind: piercing blue eyes and a fair coat, but with significantly darker coloring at the “points,” which are the paws, ears, face mask, and tail.

But while this is the classic look of this cat breed, there is actually a lot of variation within it. There are currently around 32 recognized colors, with the exact number depending on the organization.

So, if you want to talk seriously about Siamese cats, you need to know your colors. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular colors that all lovers of this gorgeous feline should know about, from the instantly recognizable grey Siamese to much rarer colors like red and lynx points.

The Genetics Of Siamese Cat Colors

Most Siamese cats are recognizable from their distinctive blue eyes and light-colored coats with darker coloring at the points (paws, ears, face mask, and tail). They look this way because of their Himalayan gene, which causes a type of albinism.

This type of albinism prevents melanin from producing color at body temperature, so most of the cat’s body will remain colorless. But at the points where the temperature of the body is cooler, melanin does function and produces darker coloring. So, it is the points that show the true color of the cat.

Most Siamese kittens are born without color, and they will only start to develop coloring at their tips at around one-month-old.

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10 Popular Siamese Cat Colors

Seal Point

Seal point is probably the most iconic color when it comes to Siamese cats. Seal points have a fair, white coat with very dark blackish-brown hair on their points, similar to the sleek, shiny black color of a seal.

These cats are actually genetically considered to be black cats, but gene expression means the color only presents on the tips.

Chocolate Point

As the name suggests, a chocolate point cat has an ivory white coat and points the color of cinnamon or chocolate. The warm brown points contrast the cats’ otherwise white coats beautifully.

Blue Point/Grey Point

On these adorable grey points, the overall coat is so white it almost appears to have a blue tinge. The points are a slate grey with a hint of blue, and their paw pads and nose also look distinctively blue. The grey Siamese is a popular color because of its royal, ethereal bluish hue.

Lilac Point

This color variation is also sometimes known as frost point because the points have a frosty grey color. Lilac point cats tend to have an extremely light-colored body overall, with glacial white coloring.

Red Point

These distinctive cats have bright reddish gold-colored points with pink noses and paw pads. They were created by crossing a Siamese with a red tabby.

Lynx Point

These cats look quite different from other Siamese cats as they have striped points that are usually larger and more noticeable than those of other colors. There are many unique colors within this variation including seal lynx, blue lynx, lilac lynx, and red lynx, depending on what kind of Siamese was bred with the domestic tabby.

Tabby Points

Tabby points are also the result of mixing Siamese with tabby cats, but they have a unique look as the tabby-style markings are limited to the extreme points of their coat. The markings on the face mask tend to have clearly defined stripes that create an M shape above the eyes, almost like prominent eyebrows.

Fawn Points

This is a beautiful and delicate Siamese with an off-white body and rosy mushroom points. Their noses and paw pads are also a distinctive rosy-pinkish grey.

Tortie Points

These cats will have a mottled combination of black, brown, apricot, red, and cream at their points. Each point should have some break in the color patterning to technically qualify for this color, but the cat’s body should still be a solid light color overall.

Foreign White

These Siamese cats look as though they are all white because they have white hair on their points, which tends to blend seamlessly with the light color of the rest of their coat, making them appear solid white.

Other Colors

While these are ten of the most popular Siamese cat colors, there are many more. You will also come across caramel points, cinnamon points, apricot points, cream points, fawn tortie points, cinnamon tortie points, caramel tortie points, and others.

Read the Siamese breed standard from the Cat Fanciers’ Association here and the International Cat Association Siamese breed standard here.

The Verdict

Siamese cats are one of the most recognizable cat breeds due to their distinctive pale coats with darker coloring at their points. However, there is actually a lot of color variation within the breed, with 32 different colors recognized by a variety of cat organizations.

What is your favorite color for Siamese cats? Share your preference in the comments section below, or tag us on your favorite social media channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all color point cats Siamese?

While all Siamese cats have color points, not all color point cats are Siamese. A number of other breeds also display this unique attribute. Examples include the Balinese, Highlander, Javanese, and Napoleon.

Do all Siamese cats have blue eyes?

All Siamese cats have blue eyes, but there is variation within the coloring. They can range from a dark, deep blue to a paler, almost greyish shade of blue.

What is the rarest Siamese cat?

It is believed that the flame-pointed Siamese cat is the rarest color variation. For this reason, they are also very expensive.

What are the three types of Siamese cats?

Siamese cats are generally divided into three types based on the shape of their head and cases. These are Applehead, Classic, and Old-Style.

Classic Siamese cats have long bodies and tails without a noticeable dip in the nose. Applehead Siamese cats will tend to have a round face, like an apple, and have a larger and more muscular body. Old-Style Siamese cats tend to have broad ears and a face that comes down to a pointed nose shaped like an almond.


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