105 Exotic Names For Bengal Cats

Names April 14, 2021
Bengal Cat Names - 100 + Exotic Names



105 Exotic Names For Bengal Cats

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Bengal Cat Names - 100 + Exotic Names

Bengals are striking cats with spots, stripes and rosette markings of the Asian Leopard Cat from which the breed descends.  They have a decidedly wild look about them but are actually gentle and affectionate cats.

They are also active, vocal and intelligent and love companionship. These beautiful felines are definitely deserving of a name to match their exotic characteristics.

Male Names For Bengal Cats

  • ADIDAS-This sportswear brand based in German makes a perfect name for your Bengal cat
  • AGASSI-Name your athletic Bengal cat after the famous tennis player Andre Agassi
  • AMANA-A deserving name for a loyal and faithful Bengal cat
  • AMIGO-Give this name to a Bengal cat who’s your best friend
  • ATLAS-A name of Greek origin meaning enduring, perfectly fits your patient Bengal cat
  • BALLOU-This name reminds you of a letter written by Sullivan Ballou to his wife during the civil war
  • BENETT-Give this name to a cat you consider a blessing in your life
  • BERNSTEIN-Name your cat after American famous pianist Leonard Bernstein
  • BLITZ-An ideal name for a swift Bengal cat who always takes you by surprise
  • BOMBAY-An ideal name for your Bengal cat as it describes his black spots which resemble those of the black leopards of India
  • BONGO-Like the adorable cat drawing with pointed ears just like your Bengal cat, this name is ideal for your lively and wild cat
  • BUBBA-A lovely name for a cat who’s very close to your heart
  • CAMERON-Consider this name for your silly Bengal cat
  • CASH-If you want a money name for your Bengal cat,  go with cash
  • CHAKMA-This name reminds you of the most religious, indigenous group in North-East India
  • CISCO– Name your free-spirited cat after this white salmon fish that lives in cold freshwaters
  • COGNAC-Name your cat after this brand of double-distilled brandy
  • CORBIN-An ideal name for a confident black cat who likes being alone
  • CZAR-Means emperor in Russia a fitting name for a Bengal cat who rules over your home
  • DANNY-After the cheerful and naïve cat who wants to become Hollywood star in Cats Don’t Dance
  • DEFOE-Famous English writer Daniel Defoe who wrote Robinson Crusoe makes a lovely name for a talented cat
  • DHAKA-Name him after the naturally beautiful capital city of Bangladesh-the country of Bengal
  • ECHO-This name reminds you of the sounds in the wild or jungle just like your wild looking Bengal cat
  • ETON-Name your cat after this historic old town river in England
  • FARLEY– An energetic and humorous cat named after American actor and comedian Chris Farley
  • FERRIS-A name of Irish origin meaning rock, fits a calm and bold Bengal cat
  • FINN-An ideal name for your white Bengal feline
  • FLINT-Name your grey cat after this stone historically used to start fires and drive evil spirits
  • FRANCO-An ideal name for a free-spirited cat you adopted from France
  • GANGES-An amazing name for your Bengal friend who is as calm as the cleansing waters of  River Ganges
  • GLADSTONE-Name your cat after William Gladstone who served four times as British prime minister
  • GRAFFITI-An ideal name for a creative and bold cat who likes to express himself
  • KEIFER-A name of choice for a Bengal cat you cherish and adore
  • LAO-A name that reminds you of the indigenous people of Northeast Thailand who are caring and polite
  • LEOPOLD-Give your intelligent cat this name inspired by the Russian animation Leopold the Cat
  • LEX-A name of Greek origin for a cat who’s always defending you
  • LONER– An ideal name for a cat who likes spending time alone
  • MILTON-Name your cat after the famous poet, John Milton
  • MORGAN-An ideal name for a strong and cute Bengal cat
  • NEKO– your Bengal feline with Japanese or Asian roots will love this name
  • PAYTON-A wonderful name to give your courageous Bengal cat
  • RAIDER-An ideal name for a Bengal cat who loves to hunt away from home
  • RAJA-Means hope in Arabic, fits a determined feline friend
  • REMO-A wonderful name for your strong Bengal cat
  • RORY-An ideal name for a red-haired or spotted Bengal cat who won’t allow other pets into his territory
  • RYLEE-Give your courageous Bengal cat this name
  • SACHI– A fitting name for a cheerful Bengal cat with an orange coat
  • SAFARI-Give your Bengal cat who likes adventure this Kiswahili name
  • SAUL-An ideal name for a cat who always seems to question your authority
  • SAWYER-Give your mischievous cat this name inspired by the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • SEIKO-A Japanese word for truth, a fitting name for a sincere and trustworthy cat
  • SHAH-What a majestic name for your loyal Bengal cat!
  • TAHOE-Name your Bengal cat who loves the outdoors after Lake Tahoe a large freshwater lake in Nevada and northern California
  • THRILLER-An ideal name for your wild Bengal cat who is always doing something exciting
  • TOBEY-Means God is good in Hebrew, a wonderful name for a graceful cat
  • TROPICO-Name your cat who rules over your home after this video game
  • TYE-This name of a small box containing valuables makes a lovely name for a precious Bengal cat
  • WALLACE-Name your courageous cat after Scottish knight William Wallace
  • WILDER-The color and strips on your Bengal coat makes an ideal name for your cat

Female Names For Bengal Cats

  • ALEXA-Refers to defender of man, a fitting name for a very protective cat
  • ALICIA-A lovely name to give to your kind and noble Bengal cat
  • ANNIKA-Consider giving your gracious cat this wonderful name
  • ASIA-This name reminds you of the origin of your wild large Bengal cat
  • ASTRA-An ideal name for a Bengal cat with divine strength
  • AYLA-A name of Hebrew origin meaning Oak tree, fits your wild, strong and wise Bengal cat
  • BARLEY-This brewing ingredient makes a lovely name for a brown Bengal cat
  • BETH-A lovely name that means God of plenty for your kind Bengal cat
  • CASSIDY-A lovely name for an intelligent cat with curly fur
  • CHASE-A name of choice for your Bengal feline who loves hunting
  • CHEROKEE-This name reminds you of the native tribe in North America
  • DAKOTA-An ideal name for a friendly cat
  • DELHI-The lovely gardens in the capital city of India makes this a lovely name for your cat
  • DELTA-Consider this name for your determined Bengal cat who never gives up
  • DEMI-Name your cat Demi if her character commands admiration and respect
  • DEVA– This name means a divine being in Hindu and it sounds like an amazing name for a Bengal cat
  • ERIN-Give your peaceful Bengal feline this name of Irish origin
  • ESTEE-A name of French origin meaning star, fits your Bengal cat with a shiny coat
  • FARRAH-A wonderful name to give to your joyous and beautiful feline
  • GALA-The colors in a gala perfectly describes the look of your happy Bengal cat
  • GALAXY-A beautiful feline deserves this name derived from a large group of stars
  • HALLE-Name your cat after the award-winning American actress Halle Berry
  • HOPSCOTCH-An ideal name for a lively cat who likes jumping on your stuff
  • JOCELYN-A name of Latin origin for a playful Bengal cat
  • JOLI-Your pretty and cheerful cat deserves this Latin name
  • KARMA-An ideal name for a cat who reminds you of the consequences of the choices you make in life
  • KIMMY-An ideal name for a determined and resourceful cat after the televisions series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmid
  • KYLER-Give your calm Bengal cat this Germanic name
  • KYRA-A name that fits your majestic cat with a shiny coat
  • LINDY-A wonderful name for a beautiful Bengal feline
  • LIU-Means flowing in Chinese perfectly fits a lively and delicate beautiful cat
  • LORI-This Latin Laurel tree is a symbol of honor and victory
  • LYNX-This medium sized wild cat looks exactly like your confident Bengal cat
  • MAGGIE-A wonderful name for a cat who is as pure as pearls
  • MALLORY-Name your cat after a fictional character in television series Family Ties
  • MEGAN-A lovely name to give to your strong and precious Bengal cat
  • NAAVA-A name of Hebrew origin meaning beautiful just like your Bengal cat
  • NEPAL-Name your cat after this mountainous country in Southern Asia
  • NIRVANA-An ideal name for a playful cat who is still young
  • ODETTE-Name your cat after the swan queen in the animated film The Swan princess
  • PAIGE-A name of French origin meaning servant, ideal for a cat who doesn’t mind helping around
  • PHOENIX-Give your Bengal cat with a deep red coat this name
  • PURDY-An ideal name for a brown Bengal cat who’s a loner
  • RACHEL-Give your innocent and beautiful cat this Hebrew name
  • REGAN-Name your wild cat after the fictional character in William Shakespeare’s play King Lear
  • RONI-A lovely name to give your joyful cat who lights up your life
  • SAHARA-This name reminds you of the reddish-yellow color of the Sahara desert in the heart of Africa
  • SERENA-A lovely name to give your calm and peaceful Bengal cat
  • SHILOH-Name your cat after the peaceful city in ancient biblical times
  • SHIVA-A charming Bengal cat deserves this name
  • SKYLA-Give your outgoing cat this name derived from the character in Japanese franchise Pokémon
  • SUNDAY-A day of the sun among the Romans, makes a wonderful name for your cheerful cat who brightens up your life
  • SUZY-Your graceful Bengal cat will love the name Suzy
  • TALULLAH-The beautiful Talullah falls makes a perfect name for your adventurous cat
  • TANSY-Name your cat after this family of the daisy flower which symbolizes immortality
  • TIBET– Name your beautiful cat after Tibet plateau known for its unique landscape
  • TIPPI-Consider this name after Tippi Degre who spent years among the wild animals and tribes of Namibia
  • TYRA-A name of Scandinavian origin meaning God of Battle, fits a victorious cat
  • URSULA-The sea witch in the animated film Little Mermaid, sounds like a good name to give your active cat
  • YUKI-Means snow in Japanese, fits a calm and peaceful white Bengal cat


You may want your Bengal cat’s name to have some exotic meaning, or relate to his appearance or personality in some way. If you did not find a fitting name here, consider searching under Male or Female cat names.


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