Birman Cat : Cat Breeds

Breeds April 12, 2021
Birman : Cat Breeds



Birman Cat : Cat Breeds

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Birman : Cat Breeds

Birman cats are believed to have originated in the Asian country Burma. It is believed that the Birman cat was considered extremely sacred and were secretly shipped to France in the year 1920.


The history of the birman cats can be traced to the Burmese temple of LaoTsun where the first Birman cats were believe to have yellow eyes and white coats.

They were companions of Kittah priests. The goddess, who was worshiped in the temple, had beautiful blue eyes. One such priest named Mun-Ha had a beautiful cat named Sinh.

One day the temple was looted and Mun-Ha was murdered. At the time of death, Sinh placed his feet on his master and faced the goddess.

During this time Sinh’s coat turned golden and eyes became blue and his paws remained white as a symbol of purity. Sinh died a week later but the colors of all the temple cats had changed. Since then Birman cats have golden coats and round blue eyes.

Body Type

Birman cats are known by their stocky body and long fur, that may not be as thick as those found on the bodies of Persian cats. They are known by their short ears and sparkling blue eyes.


These cats have a silky color point coat that is usually light shades of gold and the colors of eggshells, but the hair on face, legs and ears are of darker shades.

Another extraordinary feature is these color printed cats always have white paws that are commonly known as gloves. Birman cats have thick coats but their fur does not usually get tangled or matted.


Birman breeds have light colored bodies marked with darker points. Birman cats have beautiful golden coloration in lilac points, seal point, cream point, blue cream point and lilac point.


Birman cats are medium sized but they appear to be much bulkier because of their thick coats.

Average Life Span

To date, the oldest Birman cat is believed to have lived up to 16 years of age with the average lifespan being 12-14 years.


Birman cats have always held a place of reverence and their ethereal beauty makes them more enchanting. These cats, even though average in size, appear like cotton balls because of their fluffy coats. These cats are known for their lovely round blue eyes and white glove likes paws.

With an average build but an extremely furry coat, the birman colors are golden and cream, with lovely blue eyes. The cats have a distinct heavy jaw, Roman nose and full chin set in a very strong face. They are known by their famous white paws.


These playful creatures can become your best buddy as they remain active even into their old age. They are good at reading their owners moods and will provide you space when you are tired or working.

Physical Development

Birman kittens are born absolutely white and start developing their dark point colors within a couple of weeks of birth. The early traces of colors are seen on the ears, tails and nose. By the age of two they get their full color points.

Caring For

Because of the light colored coats, a regular grooming is required to make Birman cats appear neat and clean. Though the fur of Birman cats does not mat, regular brushing will result in smooth and shiny coat.


Birmans are generally healthy. They do have common health concerns that plague other cats. These include obesity, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and kidney disease.


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