The CatGenie cat box resembles a toilet for felines, while using permanent granules rather than disposable cat litter.  By simply connecting the cat box to your drain system the product will scoop, wash and dry granules.  With a one touch cleaning option you can preset your CatGenie to run up to 4 times a day or it can be activated when used.

With the technologically advanced CatGenie, your cat can have a bathroom that’s as hygienic as your own, while making your life easier. 

Recognized as the world’s first and only self-flushing automatic litter box, the CatGenie eliminates the need for bags and litter all together. This means you do not have to waste a bag or  touch a poop scooper ever again.

How To Use?

The only requirement is that you have space for the cat box near a water line.  Then setting the Cat Genie up requires a one-time do-it-yourself connection.  The CatGenie cat box itself comes with all the supplies you will need to transform your bathroom or laundry room into a cat-friendly environment.

With a 120-volt adapter and a supplied T-adapter, the cold water line will be completely functional for your Cat Genie in a matter of minutes.

The CatGenie is the greenest cat box ever, being dust, germ, odor, litter free and automatically washing, sanitizing and drying itself.


Self-cleaning automated litter boxes are something no cat owner should live without and CatGenie is in a class of its own.  If you are looking to save time and money this very small investment will save you tons of money in the future on litter alone.  With a no raking or litter system, comes less worry about frequent clogs and jams that are associated with automatic litter boxes.  Instead of cleaning up after your cat you can simply enjoy your furry friends company.