105 Cool Cat Names

Names September 14, 2019
Cool Cat Names : 100 + Cool Names for your Cat



105 Cool Cat Names

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Cool Cat Names : 100 + Cool Names for your Cat

Cool cats names are easy to come up with because, let’s face it, cats are pretty darn cool!

If you’re wanting a cool cat name but are struggling to choose one, you have come to the right place.

We have put together the coolest of cool cat names from categories like music, fashion, movies. We have also thrown in lots of other cool names for cats to inspire you like:

Gangster Cat Names

  • BOND – perfect for a tuxedo cat
  • LEBOWSKI – just call him ‘Dude’
  • MCCOOL – how cool is that?
  • PACINO – they don’t come any cooler than Al

Cool Male Cat Names

  • AMADEUS– Wolfgang Amadeus, the greatest composer of twenty-four operas including The Marriage of Figaro, sounds like a cool name for your ambitious cat who loves music
  • ARMAND-A French name perfect for your brave cat
  • ARMANI– Just like Giorgio Armani the Italian fashion house which designs cool wares
  • BEBOP-Inspired by cool jazz music that developed in the United States in the early 1940s
  • BECK-Derive his name from Christopher Beck, the famous composer of  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • BELUSHI-Name your cat after American actor and comedian John Buleshi who featured in Saturday Night Live comedy show
  • BENTLEY-A luxurious car brand manufactured by Bentley Motors Limited, ideal name for your stylish cat
  • BENZ– This name is sure to get the attention of your cat and is perfect for him if he is as brave as a bear
  • BLACKBERRY-A wonderful name for a wild and sweet cat like the blackberry
  • BOGART-Name your cat after Humphrey Bogart, a famous American theater and film actor who featured in the film The Treasure of Sierra Madre.
  • BOJANGLES-A chain of fast food restaurant popular for its irresistible fried chicken and biscuits
  • BOND– If your cat loves to play detective, name him after James Bond, a secret agent, and spy who featured in a series of films
  • BOWIE-An ideal name for a yellow-haired cat
  • BRANDO-Of Germanic origin meaning fighting with a sword, a fitting name for a cat who is fierce with his claws
  • BROADWAY-Name your cat after a street in New York City known  for its theaters and bright lights
  • BRUBECK-A cool name after the famous American jazz pianist and composer  David Warren Brubeck
  • CAGNEY-A name  of Irish origin meaning tribute for a cat you received as a gift
  • CASHMERE-A perfect name for a very hairy cat like the cashmere goat
  • CHET-Meaning fortress, an ideal name  for a tall, lonely cat who loves the indoors
  • COBAIN-Name him after the influential and iconic American rock musician  Kurt Cobain
  • COLTRANE-Suits a young and playful kitty who is full of energy
  • COOLIO-Stage name of famous American rapper Artis Leon Ivey Jr, popular for the hit song Gangsta’s Paradise
  • CRUZ-A name of Spanish origin meaning cross for a cat who easily forgives
  • CUSACK-Name him after John Cusack, the American actor who featured in several movies including  High Fidelity
  • DILLINGER-A name of German origin for a loving cat
  • DJANGO-From the movie titled  Django unchained directed by Quentin Tarantino, a name of choice for a determined and brave cat
  • DUANE-An ideal name for a black-haired cat
  • DWEEZIL-A unique name for a fearless cat who always knows how to get out of trouble
  • DYLAN-A name of Welsh origin meaning son of the sea fitting your brave and adventurous kitty
  • ELMORE-A classy name choice for your cat who emerges victorious in all his battles
  • GALLIANO-Derive your cat name from a sweet herbal Italian liqueur,  Liquore Galliano L’Auyentico
  • GETTY– what a macho name for your cat after John Paul Getty, a petrol industrialist who became the richest man in American in 1957
  • GOTHAM-Inspired by crime television series Gotham created by Bruno Heller for a tough cat
  • GUCCI– It sure sounds like a cool name for a cat especially because it is coined from the coolest Italian luxury fashion house founded by Guccio Gucci
  • HARLEY-A perfect name for a cat who loves adventure
  • HENDRIX-A cool name for a cat who is the ruler of your home
  • HORATIO-A diminutive of Horaz, which is of Italian origin and it’s perfect for your cat who never lets you down
  • ICE-CUBE– perfectly fits a silver furred cat who is as cool as the American rapper O’Shea Jackson professionally known as Ice-cube
  • JEDI– In the television series Star Wars, Jedi are the peacekeepers and the leaders of the star war universe
  • JOAQUIN-Of Hebrew origin meaning lifted by Yahweh
  • KENZO– Japanese name ideal for a healthy and strong cat
  • KIEFER-Derive his name from the brave counter-terrorism 24 actor Kiefer Sunderland
  • LEBOWSKI-A selfless character in the comedy film The Big Lebowski directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.
  • LENNON-A lovely name for a very dear cat
  • LEONARDO-Italian name that means bold lion for a brave and fearless cat
  • LEVON– This name perfectly fits your courageous and strong cat
  • MARLOWE-A lovely name inspired by the cool Marlowe Theatre in the city of Canterbury named after the famous English poet Christopher Marlowe
  • MARSALIS-An inspiring name for the award-winning jazz and classical musician and composer, Wynton Marsalis
  • MATISSE-A name of French origin meaning gift from God
  • MCFLY-A name of choice for a black and peaceful cat
  • MORRISSEY-Derive his name from English singer and actor Steven Morrissey, his latest album being Califonia Son
  • NASDAQ– A New York-based second-largest stock exchange in the world
  • NIJINSKY– Vaslav Nijinsky is the greatest male dancer of the 20th century ideal for an entertaining cat who has great moves
  • NINTENDO– if he has Japanese roots, name him after the Japanese multinational company that sells electronics and cool video games
  • OZWALD-Of German origin meaning God’s power
  • PACINO-An ideal name for a peaceful cat
  • PICASSO-Consider this name for a cat that is attractive and witty
  • PRESLEY– perfect for your cat who is smart and trustworthy
  • QASHQAI-A cool name for your cat with white fur
  • RASMUS-Of Finnish origin for a cat who’s dear to you
  • RAYBAN-Name your cat after Italian brand of luxury sunglasses, Ray-Ban created by Bausch and Lomb
  • ROCKSTAR-An exciting name for your popular cat  who is a bit crazy
  • SINATRA– Call him after the inspiring best-selling American singer Francis Albert Sinatra if he is talented
  • SPRINGSTEEN– After Bruce Springsteen, a famous American musician, recognized for his hit album Born to Run
  • STARSKY– From the American television series Starsky & Hutch created by William Blinn and aired in the mid-’70s, an ideal name for your cat who cares very little of what the world thinks of him,
  • SWAYZE-Based on the movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, a name of choice for a cat who likes to play mind games
  • TARANTINO-A name for a violent cat just like Quentin Tarantino, known for his violent moves in the film Pulm Fiction
  • THELONIUS– This cool name is coined from the greatest Jazz musician Thelonious Monk
  • TRAVOLTA-John Travolta who starred in the gangster film Pulp fiction
  • VALENTINO-A name of Latin origin fit for a courageous cat
  • VAN GOGH– Name your cat after the famous and influential painter, Vincent Van Gogh
  • VIRGIL– A Roman poet who wrote Aeneid  during emperor Augustan period
  • WARHOL– For your fun cat just like the American artist and leader of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol
  • ZAPPA-name him after revolutionary guitarist Frank Zappa
  • ZEN-A type of Buddhism that focuses on enlightenment  through the practice of meditation, this name fits a quiet cat who loves to meditate
  • ZEPPELIN– This cool and unique name is coined from an airstrip that was used in the late 19th century during World War I, a perfect name for your kitty who always has your back
  • ZOOT– Your old fashioned cat will love this name coined after the Zoot suit popular in the 1930s, which was baggy, tightly cuffed, and had high waist trouser and an oversized jacket.

Cool Female Cat Names

  • ALANIS-A name of Celtic origin ideal for a beautiful kitty
  • ALEXIS-A Greek name that means defender for a cat who’s very protective
  • AURORA-A Roman goddess of sunrise, a great name for your kitty who radiates like the sun in the morning 
  • BARDOT-A wonderful name for a cat with minimal fur
  • BEBE-Of Latin origin meaning foreign woman, a great name for your cat who is from a strange land
  • BLANCHETT– Name her after the Award-winning Australian-American actress Cate Blanchett
  • BLESSING-If she’s a perfect gift from God and means a lot to you, give her the name blessing
  • BLING-A jewelry that  looks expensive and draws a lot  of attention, perfect for your kitty who attracts attention wherever she goes
  • BREE-A name of Irish origin meaning the exalted one, a perfect name for an amazing cat who you value highly
  • BRIONI-This is a cool name derived from the Italian company known for stylish men’s wear
  • CASSANDRA-Of Greek origin meaning mans defender for a cat who is loyal and is always by your side during difficulties
  • CHELSEA– If you love the Blues name her after this professional football club based in
  • CHLOE-A name of Greek origin meaning blooming for a young cat who is full of life
  • CHRISTABEL– The name means beautiful Christian and perfectly fits a cat who is not only beautiful but also faithful  to you
  • CLAIBORNE-A name of Germanic origin that fits a cat who understands her limits
  • CLAUDIA– A sweet name for your shy girl who loves the indoors
  • COLETTE-A lovely name for an all-rounded cat
  • DELILAH-For your seductive cat just like the biblical woman who beguiled Samson to reveal the source of his strength
  • DOMINO-A name of Latin origin meaning lord, ideal for a white and black coated cat who rules those around her
  • ELECTRA-A wonderful name for your cat who is a betty to behold
  • ELLE-Elle Woods is an intelligent and cunning  character in Amanda Brown’s novel Legally Blond
  • ESMERALDA-A compassionate character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame film and fits your kind and compassionate kitty
  • FARAH– This name of Arabic origin suits your happy, playful and active cat
  • GARBO-A perfect name for a kind and polite kitty
  • GATSBY-An ideal name for an extravagant cat as depicted in the novel The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • GIGI-This cool French name is perfect for your trustworthy cat
  • GISELE-An ideal name for your cat who you received as a pledge
  • GRETCHEN– If your cat never misses her target due to her precise focus give her this unique name
  • HALLE-A lovely name for a heroine and home-ruler kind of cat
  • HEPBURN-Name your cat after the famous actress and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn
  • JACKIE O-From the 1997 opera by Michael Daugherty and Wayne Koestenbaum portraying the life of Jacqueline Onassis
  • JAMIROQUAI-One of the greatest Jazz bands in the ‘90s and fits a talented jovial kitty
  • JAZZ– Perfect if she is cool like the amazing Jazz music
  • JEZEBEL-Name your cunning and disobedient cat after the Biblical queen of Israel who worshiped idols
  • JOPLIN -Name your quite spiritual church after a town in southwest  Missouri on the famous route 66 which has lots of churches
  • LAETITIA-A name of Latin origin meaning happiness and will fit your joyous, friendly cat perfectly
  • LAYLA– From the famous romantic story of Layla and Qays in Persia and Arabia
  • LILLITH-A name of Babylonian origin meaning belonging to the night and its ideal for your kitty who loves to wander at night
  • LIV-A lovely name for a cat who protects her territory
  • LOLITA-A Shy and innocent character in the novel Lolita  by Vladimir Nabokov
  • MAKEBA-Name your inspiring cat after the famous South African singer and civil rights activist Miriam Makeba
  • MARGAUX-A French name meaning pearl for a  pretty and valuable kitty
  • MARILYN-Hebrew name ideal  for a cat who is bitter and sad
  • MARISA-Maris Tomei, an award-winning American actress, featured in several movies including My Cousin Vinny
  • MELODY-A wonderful name for a cat who brings joy in your life
  • MING-Chinese imperial dynasty from 1368-1644 founded by Zhu Yuanzhang
  • MIRANDA-A smart and admirable character Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City television series for your cat admired for her outgoing and sweet nature
  • MISCHKA-Of Russian origin meaning ‘who is like a God.’
  • MIU MIU-An Italian high fashion women clothing brand, a cool name for a stylish, sophisticated cat
  • MYSTIQUE-An ideal name for a mysterious cat as portrayed by a fictional  character able to change her voice and appearance to match others in Marvel comic book X-men,
  • NORMA JEAN-An American actress who changed the perception of sexuality in the 1950s and 1960s by becoming the most popular sex symbol, this name is ideal for your sexy cat who is not afraid of her femininity
  • PAULINA-A Latin name meaning small and it’s the perfect name for your young little kitty
  • PHOEBE-A lovely name for your beautiful and interesting cat just like Phoebe Buffay in the television series Friends
  • PRADA-A stylish name derived from the Italian luxury house known for its purses and handbags
  • ROXY-Of Persian origin meaning dawn, if she is breathtaking as the sunrise why not give her the name Roxy
  • SAATCHI-A name of Indian origin meaning truth for a trustworthy and honest cat
  • SCARLETT– If you consider her a hero, name her after the heroic Brooklyn cat who became famous for trying to save her kittens from a fire
  • SIGOURNEY-A name of French origin for your cat who has  conquered many battles
  • SIOUXSIE-For your gentle and beautiful cat just like the lily flower
  • SOPHIE-A Greek name meaning wisdom for your clever and wise cat
  • STELLA-A name of Latin origin for cats who are perfectly great in all aspects
  • STREISAND-Name her after the Oscar-winning American actress Barbra Streisand
  • SUZIE Q-if she loves to have fun call her after this popular dance move in the 1930s
  • SWOOSIE– Half swan half goose for your black and white cat who’s difficult to understand
  • TAI CHI– If she loves to fight and meditate, name her after this Chinese martial arts practiced for meditation, health benefits, and defiance
  • TIFFANY-Latin name meaning manifestation of God for a gracious cat who is a gift from God
  • TILDA-Short form of Matilda for a brave cat who wins all her fights
  • TIPPI– You must love her, and you can let her know by giving her this  Swedish name that means sweetheart
  • TUESDAY-the Nordic god of war and ideal for your courageous cat
  • TWILIGHT-Inspired by a romantic fantasy novel about the relationship between  vampires and human written by Stephen Meyer
  • TYRA-Means god of battles in Scandinavian, ideal name for a courageous and victorious cat
  • UMA-Indian goddess Parvati, cool name for your calm and beautiful cat
  • UPTOWN-A wonderful name for a classy and cheerful cat
  • VIVIENE-A Latin name meaning life, for a lively cat who enjoys living
  • WILLOW– Ideal name for a calm and slender cat just like the branches of the willow tree
  • YOGA-A combination of mental meditation, physical exercise and breathing techniques done to keep you fit and relieve stress, a cool name for your cat who loves to watch you do yoga
  • ZENOBIA– if she is a queen in every sense name her Zenobia after an ancient queen who ruled the wealthy city of Palmyra in the Arabian desert


Anyway you look at it, cats are cool, so cool cat names should be used when possible. If you didn’t find a cool name here you may consider checking our name list for Male or Female cats. Either way, your cat deserves a name that reflects his personality.


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