100 Wild and Exotic Cat Names For Egyptian Maus

Names March 21, 2021
Egyptian Mau Cat Names



100 Wild and Exotic Cat Names For Egyptian Maus

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Egyptian Mau Cat Names

The Egyptian Mau is an ancient breed with royal connections. Thought to be a descendant of the African Wild Cat, the Mau was domesticated at least 3,000 years ago. In 1953, the exiled Russian Princess Natalie fell in love with the Mau and started breeding them.

The Egyptian Mau has a naturally spotted coat and an athletic build. Although they are affectionate pets, they retain some of their wildness, and will usually not welcome other cats into their territory.

The list below features some excellent Egyptian Mau cat names, drawing on their North African heritage, among other things.

Male Names for Egyptian Mau

  • AHA-For your brave and victorious cat who loves fighting, named after the first Egyptian pharaoh
  • ARTY-This names reminds you of the ancient Egyptian sculptures and paintings
  • ASH-Name your cat after the Egyptian God of oases and vineyard of the western Nile Delta
  • BABU-A lovely name for your respectable cat
  • BAMBOOKA-Name your cat after a weapon made by Captain Kirt to fight monsters in the television series Star Trek
  • BUBU-An ideal name for a cheerful and lively cat
  • CYRUS-Cyrus the Great, famous for freeing Jewish captives in Babylon makes a perfect name for your brave cat
  • DARIUS-An intelligent and majestic cat named after the Persian King, Darius the Great
  • DEN-The fourth king in Egypt’s first dynasty suits an innovative and creative cat
  • GEB-This mythical Egyptian god of earth whose laughter creates earthquakes makes a great name for an Egyptian wild cat
  • GHALI-Give this Arabic name to a cat who’s so dear to you
  • GIZA-Name your cat after this historical city in Egypt famous for its pyramids and the Sphinx
  • HAPY – For a lovely cat named after the ancient Egyptian god of Nile
  • HOBBS-Name your cat after the famous action film Hobbs&Shaw
  • ISMAIL-A name of Arabic origin meaning ‘God will hear us’ fits a faithful cat
  • KEBAB-A delicious meat dish for your favorite brown cat
  • LUXOR-This name reminds you of the city of ruined temples in Egypt
  • MAJESTY-Call him ‘your majesty!’ and he’ll come running
  • MANU– The Egyptian sun god sets in the land of Manu every evening
  • MATRIX-Name your cat after this science fiction movie The Matrix
  • MAYA-The third most powerful man in ancient Egypt who was also a treasurer and in charge of overseeing the palace
  • MAYHEM-Consider this name for your wild Egyptian cat who’s always disorganizes your house causing havoc
  • MIDO-Name your athletic cat after this famous Egyptian footballer
  • MOONSTRUCK.-A lovely name for a cat who you love dearly
  • MOSAAD-Name your cat after the famous professional squash player Omar Mosaad
  • MOSES-The great prophet who liberated Israelites from Egypt
  • NARMIE-Name your cat after the lovely song ‘Gar Gynda Narmi’
  • NARNY-An ideal name for a mischievous Egyptian cat who likes to snatch items ways from other pets
  • NILE-The longest river which has provided Egypt with fertile land, fits a victorious cat
  • OMAR-A name of Arabic origin meaning long-lived, perfect for your cat who has lived for long
  • OSIS-An ideal name for a quiet cat who likes to be alone
  • PEPI-Name your cat after the sixth Dynasty king of Egypt, Pepi II Neferkare
  • PHARAOH-The famous ancient Egyptian King
  • RA-Name him after the Egyptian sun god responsible for life, warmth and light
  • RAMESES-Name your cat after these iconic rulers of Egypt
  • RAMI– Lovely name coned from the award winning actor Rami Said Malek
  • RAMOSE-An ancient Egyptian prince of the eighteenth Dynasty
  • RAMY-Name your lovely cat after the television series Ramy
  • SETH-The Egyptian god of chaos and desert; Osiris’s brother
  • SHABANA-Name your cat after the famous Egyptian Squash player Amr Shabana
  • SHARIF-A wonderful Arabic name for your majestic cat
  • SHENTI-Consider this name for your long-haired Egyptian cat
  • SPARTA-An ancient city in Greece famous for its powerful army, a fitting name for a brave and victorious cat
  • SPHINX-A mythical creature with body of lion and head of a king which symbolizes wisdom and strength, sounds like a unique name for your wise and courageous cat
  • TAHA-An ideal name for an innocent cat with Egyptian roots
  • THABIT-Give this name to a calm but strong Egyptian cat
  • THOR-A strong and confident God of thunder game based on the movie Thor
  • TOSHKA-A name to give your resourceful cat after the Egypt’s Toshka Lake created in Sahara desert
  • TUT-For your cat who never shares named after the Egyptian king who was buried in tiny tomb full of treasure
  • ZAKI-An ideal name for your intelligent Egyptian cat

Female Names for Egyptian Mau

  • ALEXANDRIA-The capital of ancient Egypt is a great name for your protective cat
  • ANIKA-Consider this name for your graceful beautiful cat
  • AYA-Name her after the ancient Egyptian queen of the thirteenth Dynasty
  • BABI-A name of choice for your wild and aggressive Egyptian cat
  • BARI-Perfect name for your innocent young cat
  • BERENICE-A lovely name to give your brave and victorious Egyptian cat
  • BES-This name means bringer of joy, a wonderful name for an Egyptian who makes you smile
  • CAIRO-Name your virtuous cat after the modern Capital city of Egypt
  • CARMI-Refers to orchard, a fitting name for a beautiful wild cat
  • CLEOPATRA-Name your graceful cat after the last active queen of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt
  • COUSCOUS-For the love of this North African dish, name your cat Couscous
  • DALILA-A wonderful name for your gentle friend
  • DI-A name of choice for your swift cat who loves hunting
  • DORIA-An ideal name for a brave Egyptian cat
  • DOROTHEA-A name of Greek origin meaning gift of god, fits a gracious cat
  • EGYPT-This name reminds you of the great pyramids and the Egyptian pharaoh
  • FARIDA-A lovely name for a cat whose beauty is unmatched
  • FIFI-This wonderful name reminds you of your cat’s unconditional affection
  • HALA-An ideal name for an Egyptian cat with a shiny coat
  • HEBA-A name of choice for a gracious and faithful cat, it means God’s gift
  • ILONA-For your beautiful feline who brings lots of happiness to your life
  • IMI-Consider this name for your cheerful cat who you adore
  • ISIS-Name your cat after the famous Egyptian deity and mother of Egyptian god Horus
  • KI-KI-An ideal name for a cat who has given you a new lease of life
  • KIYA-One of the wives of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, fits a homely Egyptian cat
  • LAILA-Consider this name for your kitty who was born at night
  • LAYLA-This name reminds you of the love story between Layla and Qays
  • LAZIZA-Name your cat after this Egyptian favorite exotic dish
  • MAFFY-A cute name for your hardworking Egyptian feline
  • MAJESTIC-A top of the list name for a cat with prudent and graceful moves who loves attention
  • MARIAM-An ideal name for a wild and bitter cat
  • MEMPHIS-Name your cat after the ancient capital city of Lower Egypt, home of the pyramid of Giza
  • MERIAM-A name of choice for a beautiful cat derived from the Egyptian beauty queen Meriam George who won 2005 Miss Egypt pagent
  • MESI-Means water, a fitting name for an adventurous cat who likes to play with water
  • MIDNIGHT-An ideal name to give to a calm black Egyptian cat
  • NADINE-A lovely name for a trustworthy cat
  • NATALIE-For your joyous and lively cat born or adopted during Christmas
  • PANDORA-An ideal name for a curious cat you received as a gift
  • PASHU-Name your cat after this mythical story book about animals
  • SELMA-A lovely name for an honest cat with Egyptian roots
  • SHANI-A name of choice for your graceful cat
  • SHEBA-Name your intelligent and curious cat after the queen of Egypt and Ethiopia who visited King Solomon
  • SUEZ– A seaport city in Egypt harboring the most important trade link provided by Suez Canal, sounds like a cute name for a cat
  • SUNNI-Name your cat after the largest Islamic denomination
  • TALLULAH-A lovely name for your Egyptian cat who loves you immensely
  • TATI-Name her after a beautiful Egyptian queen from the fourteenth Dynasty
  • THEMA-Refers to a queen in Egypt, give your cat this majestic name and she’ll adore your forever!
  • TIA-Name your loyal cat after a famous ancient Egyptian princess during the nineteenth dynasty
  • ZAHRA-Means flower in Arabic fits your gentle and beautiful Egyptian cat

If you didn’t find the perfect name for your Egyptian Mau cat here, you may consider naming your cat based on color or sex. You can find tons of other names for your cat here.


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