5 Extreme Pet Gift Ideas For Your Cat

Reviews April 22, 2019
5 Extreme Pet Gift Ideas For Your Cat


5 Extreme Pet Gift Ideas For Your Cat

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5 Extreme Pet Gift Ideas For Your Cat

As a cat lover, it is normal to want to spoil your cat with gifts all the time; after all, cats are without doubt among the most adorable animal companions you can find. However, as most cat owners will agree, finding the best fitting gifts for a cat is by no means a walk in the park. With thousands of wonderful gifts to choose from, finding the ultimate gift can be a little confusing, especially for new cat owners. Worry not, though, as by reading on, you will get some of the best gift ideas that are guaranteed to leave your pet dazzled if not overwhelmed with joy. Here are 5 Extreme Pet Gift Ideas For Your Cat you should consider getting for your cat.

#1 Cat Caves

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As much as cats love to climb and explore new items, so, too, do they love having their own spaces. In fact, if you are keen enough, you will notice that in the event of birth, cats tend to hide their kittens in enclosed locations. This explains their love for privacy. Getting your pet that cat cave will ensure that, when in the moods for isolation or just an afternoon nap, she will have somewhere private she can enjoy her rest.

You will be shocked to know that a cat cave has multiple benefits. On top of providing your beloved pet with an exclusive ‘chill spot’, cat caves can also help in training your cat to sleep on their own as they act as pet beds. In fact, due to the extra warmth provided by cat caves, you will be fascinated by how much time your feline friend will spend inside the cave. Therefore, as you think about the various ways to reward your kitty, be sure to include cat caves in that list.

#2 A Water Fountain

5 Extreme Pet Gift Ideas For Your Cat

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Unfortunately, a large number of cat owners force their pets to live as humans. While cats are good at adjusting to their respective environments, they do appreciate a bit of preferential treatment every once in a while. Without doubt, purchasing a water fountain will make your cat the happiest kitty in your neighborhood.

A water fountain will ensure that you no longer have to put water in a bowl for your furry friend to drink. Additionally, due to the freshness of water from the fountain, your pet will be encouraged to drink more water since, similar to humans, cats love fresh water too. Water fountains come in different sizes to help accommodate the needs of your pets. It is advisable to go for large sized fountains if you plan on breeding several cats. Your pet will appreciate her new gift since, unlike water served in bowls, fountain water is clean, non-polluted and smooth flowing to allow for easy consumption.

#3 A Grass Kit

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If you plan on getting your cat a new gift, then it should be one that has several health benefits. Purchasing a grass kit is undoubtedly among the best gifts you can offer your cat, more so if she is highly active. In addition to aiding your pet`s digestion, the presence of chlorophyll in the grass kit improves your cat`s immunity to diseases. Since cats love to play around, feed and explore new areas, they are at increased risks of sustaining injuries and acquiring illnesses such as anemia. A grass kit helps improve your pet’s ability to prevent and recover from injuries and infections.

When selecting a grass kit, going for options that offer maximum health benefits is recommended. A good kit should have high protein, minerals and vitamin levels to improve the blood circulation of your beloved pet. Therefore, as you can see from the above benefits, purchasing a grass kit is a guaranteed way to improve the overall health of your cat.

#4 An Interactive Bouncing Toy

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It goes without saying that cats are highly playful animals. As a cat parent, you will need to accommodate your pet`s highly active nature. Unfortunately, cats tend to get bored all too quickly, especially if the play isn`t as entertaining or engaging as they would prefer. To fully entertain your feline friend, you will need to up your pet gifts game by purchasing an interactive bouncing toy

Interactive bouncing toys come in different designs; however, their colorful and bouncy characteristics make them attractive for cats. A good bouncing toy should be soft on the surface to allow your pet to bite during play. By biting on soft toys, cats develop their dental health which is important, especially since they are carnivorous animals. When buying bouncing toys, selecting colorful options adds to your cat`s entertainment as they fancy playing with colorful items. Also, be keen on the size and weight of the toys you select since kittens will need slightly lighter toys as compared to adult cats. Either way, as long as the toys are colorful and bouncy, your cat is bound to have a fantastic time during play. You can explore more about pet gifts here Pet Cave Co.

#5 A Cat Hammock

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Similar to wild cats, domestic cats, too, love sleeping and hanging off elevated surfaces. Cat hammocks play the role of pet beds as they allow your cat to be herself, that is, to lie and laze around all day. Since most members of the cat family love strategic look-out posts, your cat will enjoy the view from her hammock, more so if you set it up in a strategic location. Even better, you can have some bonding time with your cat as you move her back and forth in her hammock, an activity she greatly enjoys.

Final Thoughts

When selecting the most appropriate hammock for your cat, it is crucial to check on factors such as your cat`s size, weight and the quality of the material used. Adult cats love their space, and as a result, you might need to purchase a fairly large hammock that can accommodate the size of your adult cat.

Of the many gifts you could offer your adorable furry companion, the above five are guaranteed to not only excite your cat, but also improve her quality of life.

However, before making any purchase, it is advisable to check on important factors such as age, size and weight of your cat to ensure you select the perfect pet gifts. If your kitty already has all of the above, why not treat her to some tasty Blue Wilderness Cat Food?


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