350 Funny Cat Names

February 27, 2020



350 Funny Cat Names

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Since kittens are the cutest and funniest things on earth and adult cats rank pretty highly on the cuteness scale, a cute name is must. Choosing an average, run of the mill, cute name is easy but a really cute and hilarious names take more consideration.

Below you will find our list of cute cat names ranging in degrees of cuteness. Selecting one of these names will fit your cat from her whiskers, down to the pads on her cute little paws.

Funny Male Cat Names

  • Ajax – Perfect for meticulously clean males.
  • Aristocat – For that cat that likes luxury.
  • Alien – Great for mysterious guy pets.
  • Ash Trey – A perfect name for grey males.
  • Bandit – Marvelous for hoarder cats.
  • Bob – The classic choice for funny boys.
  • Bouncer – Perfect for peacekeeping male cats.
  • Butterball – Wonderful for turkey lover cats.
  • Buzz – A great name for energetic males!
  • Catsby – For males that like jazz music.
  • Catrick – Perfect pun name for male cats!
  • Catsanova – For handsome and affectionate guy felines.
  • Catticus – A classy yet punny male name.
  • Chewey – A punny option for furry guys.
  • Chili – For males with spicy attitudes.
  • Dopey – Suitable for lazy cat companions.
  • Dude – For cool and modern guy cats.
  • Genghis Cat – Great for males that like conquests.
  • Goofy – For guy cats that like funny games!
  • Grumpy – A wonderful moniker for moody males.
  • Hissinger – Another great choice for moody cats.
  • Hoppy – Compatible with jumpy guys cats!
  • Lucipurr – Great for your male cat troublemaker.
  • Lumpy – Another great choice for fluffier companions.
  • McFluffy – Cute yet funny name for guys.
  • Meowsimillian – For fancy male cats.
  • Meowses – For male cats with royal personalities.
  • Mistofleas – Another option for troublemaker males.
  • Mittens Romney – Best for stealthy cats.
  • Mr. Tuna – The safe option for fish lovers.
  • Mr. Whiskers – A safe option for male felines.
  • Nibbles – Accurately describes ravenous guy cats.
  • Pewee – An alternative for small guys.
  • Picatso – Best option for artistic males!
  • Porkchop – A great option for pork loving males.
  • Scardey – Best for anxious cats.
  • Scratchy – For that guy that likes scratching.
  • Sleepy – The best choice for sleepy guys.
  • Sneezy – Perfect for males that like sniffles.
  • Snoop – For that secretive boy cat.
  • Sushi – Marvelous for fish loving males!
  • Sykes – Wonderful for cats that like surprises.
  • Tiger – Great for ferocious and brave guys.
  • Tiny – Perfect for small male fur friends!
  • Twinkletoes – The best option for swift males.
  • Tolkittens – Best for fantasy cat fans!
  • Tru-purr – For your obedient male cat companion.
  • Tubby – Wonderful for heavier male pets.
  • Tuff – A moniker for brave males.
  • Tumbles – Best for clumsy guy cats.

Funny Female Cat Names

gray cat names
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash
  • Calamity Jane – For females that like messes.
  • Catalie – Marvelous for classy girl cats.
  • Catsidy – A classy yet punny female name.
  • Cat Winslett – For cats that like attention.
  • Clawdia – Another option for sophisticated girls.
  • Clawy – Best for polite and funny girls.
  • Cleocatra – Best for sophisticated girl companions!
  • Chatty – Best for girls that like noise.
  • Cookie – For girls with crazy personalities.
  • Cindy Clawford – Wonderful for fashionista girl cats!
  • Drama – For cats that like television shows.
  • Derpy – Best for cute yet funny girls.
  • Dolly Purrton – Marvelous for affectionate females!
  • Dudette – A female name for cool cats.
  • Empuress – The greatest name for stylish girls.
  • Felicia – Perfect for sassy girl pets!
  • Foxy – Great for feisty girl cats.
  • Hissy – For moody female felines.
  • Jennifur – The perfect name for furry females!
  • Jessicat – A punny name for female cats.
  • Katniss – For brave yet funny females.
  • Katssandra – An alternative name for polite girls.
  • Katy Purry – Best for girls that like singing.
  • Kitney – For girls that like dancing.
  • Kitty Poppins – For polite yet funny girls.
  • Lady Fishy – For girls that like fish treats.
  • Little Miss – Perfect for tiny girl cats.
  • Madame Mao – For boss girl cats.
  • Meownica – The greatest option for affectionate cats.
  • Miss Magnificat – Perfect for girls that like fashion.
  • Miss Match – A funny name for multicolored girls.
  • Moony – For females that like nights.
  • Pawdrey – Another great cat pun name!
  • Pawlina – An alternate option for sophisticated felines.
  • Pebble – Wonderful for small gray feline girls!
  • Pepper – Perfect for gray girl cats.
  • Princess – For girls that like special treatments.
  • Purrmione – Perfect for smart female companions!
  • Purrsephonie – For that cat that has attitude.
  • Purscilla – A punny variant name for girl cats.
  • Sassy – For females with personality!
  • Señorita – The best name for lazy girls.
  • Swiftie – A good choice for fast felines.
  • Swiss Miss – For sweet brown females
  • Tattletail – Best for talkative females.
  • Tickles – Perfect for girls that like games.
  • Tootles – Another cute yet funny moniker.
  • Twirly – For girls that like chasing tails.
  • Wiggles – Best for jumpy girl cats.
  • Zippy – Another option for fast girl felines.

Funny Black Cat Names

Names for Black Calico Cats
Photo by Robert Larsson on Unsplash
  • Batman– For male cats that like night walks.
  • Black Beauty– A lovely name for graceful females!
  • Black Jack– A great name for spunky males.
  • Cinder– For female felines who like fireplaces.
  • Coal– For playful cats with fiery personalities.
  • Cosmo– A magnificent name for curious cats!
  • Darkside– For feral black males that rock!
  • Darth– For feline Star Wars fans.
  • Donnie Darko– A wonderful name for unique males!
  • Dusky– For relaxed cats that like sunsets.
  • Ebony– An elegant choice for female felines.
  • Eclipse– Another great option for moody cats.
  • Eight Ball– The optimal choice for pool males.
  • Espresso– A sensible option for café cats.
  • Felix– For funny cats that like games!
  • Inky– A great alternative for “Blackie”.
  • Jet– For male felines that like planes.
  • Jinx– Compatible with charming females.
  • Joan Jett- Best choice for rock cat fans!
  • Licorice– Sweet name for a sweet cat!
  • Mystery– For cats with enigmatic personalities.

Funny Orange Cat Names

  • Ai– This Japanese name is ideal for your affectionate cat
  • Akela– Name her after the intelligent wolf featured in the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  • Akina-This Swahili name is perfect for your cat who you have a strong bond with
  • Alaska– Call her after the American adventure film Alaska
  • Billie-An excellent choice for a determined and protective cat
  • Bo– Derive her name from the film Bo directed by Hans Herbots
  • Bojangles– Call her after the American fast food restaurant with a similar name
  • Cleopatra-An ideal name for a beautiful and charismatic cat just like queen Cleopatra VII Philopator from the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
  • Cloe– An appropriate name for a newly born delicate cat who is full of life
  • Dody– Let her know you love her by calling her Dody
  • Dozy-A name of choice for a lazy cat who never gets enough of her night sleep
  • Flower-A lovely name for a cat that gives you happiness
  • Flynn-A name of choice for a cat with red fur
  • Jazzy– A modern short name for Jasmine
  • Jessie-Derive her name from American comedy television series with a similar name created by Pamela Eells O’Connell
  • Kiki-Call her kiki if she is a source of happiness and joy
  • Kona-An ideal name for a cat who always goes missing and reappears after some days
  • Maiden-A perfect name for a young kitty who hasn’t given birth yet
  • Mandarin-An excellent name for an old intelligent cat
  • Maple– Appropriate name for a rare kind and strong cat like the maple tree
  • Nicky-A choice name for a cat who’s victorious in fights
  • Nicole-Nicole Watterson featured in the animated series, The Amazing World of Gumball, and her name will fit a responsible cat
  • Pearl-A wonderful name for a cream or white coated cat who is like a precious gem
  • Penelope– Just like Penelope Pussycat featured in classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, and your cat will love this name

Funny Gray Cat Names

grey cat names
  • Floyd-Refers to a grey-haired person in the Welsh language
  • Gandalf-A grey-haired wise and determined character in J.R.R Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit a fitting name for your wise cat who is grey furred
  • Gere– This name means spear ruler in German, works well for a cat whose claws are always ready to strike
  • Grady-A noble name for a cat who likes to be treated like  majesty
  • Graffiti-An ideal name for a cat who likes to claw on walls and carpets
  • Graham– Refers to a boy from the grey house, the color of your favorite pet.
  • Grancille-An intelligent character in Open All Hours
  • Grayston-Name your grey cat after Canadian actor Neil Grayston who featured in the movie End of World
  • Greco-If your cat has a beige or grey coat call him Greco like the Greco tiles
  • Greswold-Refers to grey person who rules just like your grey cat does in your home
  • Greystoke– This name fits an adventurous grey cat inspired by a fictional character in the film Greystroke; The Legend of Tarzan, lord of the Apes
  • Griff-This Welsh name suits a cat who grips on things tightly
  • Gris-This French name means grey and perfectly describes your grey cat
  • Gunther-A name of Germanic origin meaning battle warrior, it fits your strong and courageous cat
  • Gustav-A Scandinavian name meaning staff of the gods, for a companion you can trust
  • Guthrie-Meaning windy place in Irish, perfect for your wild grey cat
  • Hector-This captivating name fits your brave hero just like the hero in the legendary Trojan war
  • Joel-A powerful and beautiful name that means God’s will in Hebrew, I bet he’ll come running when you call him Joel!
  • Lightning-An ideal name for a grey cat who moves with great speed

Funny White Cat Names

Female Ragdoll Cat Names
  • Doc-Give your wise white cat this name
  • Donald-Name your mischievous and intelligent cat after the fictional animated character Donald Duck
  • Dover-The breathtaking sites of the white cliff of Dover makes a beautiful name for your cat
  • Duck-Name your social and outgoing cat who walks with elegance after this aquatic bird
  • Dwight-Consider this German name which means white for your cat
  • Edison-A name for an intelligent cat named after American greatest inventor Thomas Edison
  • Eidur-Name your cat after the talented footballer Eidur Guojohnson
  • Eskimo-Name your loyal and intelligent white cat who likes being around you all the time after the indigenous Eskimo people who live in the snowy northern hemisphere
  • Fairbanks-Name your cat after this snowy paradise known for the dog mushing sport
  • Flash-An ideal name for a very swift white cat
  • Fridge-If he’s always looking fresh in his white coat, why not give him the name fridge
  • Frosty– Name your jolly white cat after the character in television series Frosty The Snowman
  • Fulbright-An ideal name for your adorable white cat
  • Galileo-Means from Galilee, a name you would like to call your white cat who was born on Christmas
  • Ghost-If you always look forward to Halloween, give your white cat this name
  • Gigolo– Name your cat after this reality television series on the lives of five male escorts

Funny Human Names for Cats

cat dental Hygiene
  • Iggy-Refers to fire in Latin, a fitting name for a lively white cat
  • Igloo-Name your loving and welcoming white cat after this type of snow house built by Eskimos
  • Ivan-A name of Greek origin meaning God is gracious for a trustworthy and faithful cat
  • Ivory-A name of choice for a valuable white cat just like the creamy white elephant tusk
  • Jack frost-Name your cat after a mischievous but gentle and generous white-haired fictional character capable of manipulating ice and snow in the movie Rise of the Guardians
  • Junior-Consider this name for your playful young white cat
  • Kelvin-An ideal name for a friendly and sensitive cat
  • Kojak-Name your nosy cat after a character in the television series Kojak
  • Lancelot-A gentle and courageous cat named after one of the Knights of the Round Table
  • Leo-A Latin name for lion fits a brave white cat
  • Luca-Refers to the bringer of Light in Italian exactly describes your shinny white cat
  • Lucas-A lovely name for a lively and joyous cat
  • Luiz – A courageous cat with fighting prowess deserves this Portuguese name
  • Mccool-A fictional character in star Wars television series
  • Mccloud-If you’re a fan of this television series why not give your cat this name

Funny Spanish Cat Names

  • Luca-Refers to the bringer of Light in Italian exactly describes your shinny cat
  • Galileo-Means from Galilee, a name you would like to call your white cat who was born on Christmas
  • Lucas-A lovely name for a lively and joyous cat
  • Luiz – A courageous cat with fighting prowess deserves this Portuguese name
  • Hector-This captivating name fits your brave hero just like the hero in the legendary Trojan war
  • Corfu – Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Leto – Daughter of Zeus
  • Pavlos– Pavlos Carrer (composer)
  • Selene – Goddess of the moon” (Greek mythology)
  • Veggos– Thanasis Veggos (actor and director)
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