50 Popular Greek Mythology Names For Cats

Names June 16, 2021
Greek Cat Names : 50 + Mythological Names


50 Popular Greek Mythology Names For Cats

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Greek Cat Names : 50 + Mythological Names

Have you recently adopted a cat of Greek decent or maybe you just prefer a Greek goddess name for cat? The cat appeared in Greek imagery as early as the sixth century BCE. These ancient Greeks viewed their goddess Artemis the way the Egyptians viewed thier cat goddess Bastet.

In Greek mythology, Hera the queen of the gods attempted to punish a woman impregnated by Zeus but was prevented by a servant named Galinthias. Hera was enraged and retaliated by turning Galinthias into a cat, and condemned her to wander the underworld as a priestess for Hecate.

Keep reading to find more names of famous Greek people and places as well as names from Greek culture and mythology.

Greek Cat Names

Greek Cat Names


ALEXANDERAlexander the Great
ALIKIAliki Vougiouklaki (actress)
AMALIAQueen consort to King Otto
ANDREASAndreas Kalvos (author)
ANDRIASAndrias Kalvos (author)
ANDROSGreek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
APHRODITEGoddess of love” (Greek mythology)
ARESGod of Wars (Greek mythology)
ARISSA“Best” (female)
ARISTOTLEGreek philosopher
ATALANTA“Mighty huntress”
ATHENAPatron goddess of Athens
ATHENSCapital of Greece
ATTICARegion of Greece
CALLASMaria Callas (renowned soprano)
CONSTANTINENames of two Greek kings
CORFUGreek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
ELAINAForm of Helen
EOSGoddess of the dawn (Greek mythology)
FETACheese made in Greece
GIORGOSGiorgos Seferis (author)
KALAMARIPopular Greek seafood
KATINAKatina Paxinou (Oscar winning actress)
KIKIKiki Dimoula (poet)
LEANDROSVicky Leandros (singer)
LETODaughter of Zeus
MELINAMelina Mercouri (actress, singer and politician)
NANANana Mouskouri (folk singer)
NIKOSNikos Skalkottas (composer)
OLYMPUSMount Olympus (Greece’s highest mountain)
ONASSISAristotle Onassis (shipping magnate)
OTTOFirst king of modern Greece
OUZOPopular Greek alcohol drink
PAVLOSPavlos Carrer (composer)
PLATOGreek philosopher
RHEAThe mother of gods (Greek mythology)
RHODESGreek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
ROUSSOSDemis Roussos (singer)
SAMOSIsland in the Aegean Sea
SANTORINIGreek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
SELENEGoddess of the moon” (Greek mythology)
SKYROSGreek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
SOCRATESGreek philosopher
SPARTACity-state in ancient Greece
SPIROSSpiros Focas (actor)
STAVROSStavros Niarchos (shipping tycoon)
VANGELISComposer (best known for Chariots of Fire)
VEGGOSThanasis Veggos (actor and director)


Coming up with the perfect name for your cat isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Whether you choose a Goddess, titan or other characters from Greek mythology, your cat deserves a suitable name that reflects her personality.

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