115 Cute And Playful Names For Himalayan Cats

Names February 12, 2020
Himalayan Cat Names



115 Cute And Playful Names For Himalayan Cats

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Himalayan Cat Names

Himalayan cats are loving, affectionate cats with a definite playful streak. That is reflected in many of the names on the list. We have also thrown in some names associated with the famous Himalayan mountains, for good measure.

Male Himalayan Cat Names

  • ALEXEI-A name of Greek origin meaning defender of men suits a caring cat that’s very protective of you
  • ANANKIN-Give your fearless cat who possess all the qualities of a warrior this name just like Star Wars series character Anakin Skywalker
  • BRADY-Give your free-spirited cat the name Brandy
  • BRENDON-Means prince in Welsh, a great name for a cat who likes to live like royalty
  • BRUNO-An ideal name for your caring and protective Himalayan cat with a brown coat
  • BUCHANAN-James Buchanan was a generous and caring American president, this would be a perfect name for your great and kind cat
  • BUXTON-Name your cat after this beautiful town in England with great architecture
  • CHANCE-An ideal name for Himalayan feline who has admirable charm
  • CHENG-Give your honest and trustworthy cat this Chinese name
  • CODY-Consider this name for your cat who is very considerate and always assists around the house
  • DENVER-Name your beautiful and lively Himalayan cat after the city of Colorado with amazing mountain views
  • DEXTER-A genius character in animated series Dexter’s Laboratory
  • DIABLO-A name of choice for a Himalayan cat who’s mischievous and sometimes acts crazy
  • DIESEL-An ideal name for your lively and energetic cat
  • EDMUND-Means wealthy defender fits your Himalayan cat who’s always happy by your side protecting you
  • ELLINGTON-If you love Jazz music name your Himalayan cat after the famous American Jazz musician Duke Ellington
  • EVEREST-The world tallest mountain peak makes a captivating name for a Himalayan cat
  • GHURKHA-An ideal name for a courageous Himalayan cat derived from a group of Nepalese soldiers respected for their military prowess
  • GRIFFIN– A name of choice for a strong and vigilant Himalayan cat like the mythical flying eagle head and lion body creatures
  • HERMAN-A name of Germanic origin meaning soldier fits a brave cat you’re always proud of
  • HUDSON– A sweet and caring cat named after Game Shakers television series character Hudson Gimble
  • KATMANDU-The capital city of Nepal famous for its temple and shrine, an exciting name to give your Himalayan feline
  • KIRAN-Refers to a ray of light, a fitting name for a lively and joyous Himalayan cat with a bright coat
  • KNOX– An ideal name for a thoughtful cat named after Knox Overstreet a character in The Dead Poets Society novel
  • LEROY-Means King in French, a fitting name for a creative cat who enjoys life
  • MANGA-If you’re a fan of Japanese comic books, why not give your cat this name
  • MICHAH-A name of choice for your gracious and trustworthy Himalayan cat
  • MILLARD-A wonderful name for your strong and caring feline derived from a French name meaning guardian of mills
  • MISTER-Call him your cat with pride and he’ll be loyal forever
  • MONK-An ideal name for a selfless and obedient Himalayan feline
  • MR JINX-A lively and playful Himalayan cat from the comedy movie Meet the Parents
  • MUNRO-For a lively and outdoor cat, this name is derived from Scottish mountain naming
  • NEO-A Latin name meaning new, fits a playful young Himalayan kitten
  • OGGY-A lazy cat from the animated series Oggy and the Cockroaches
  • PARKER-Name your cat after the famous American actor Parker Stevenson featured in television series The Hardy Boys
  • PERRY-Name your Himalayan cat after this alcoholic drink made of fermented pears juice
  • PETER-An ideal name for an independent Himalayan feline who is firm when he makes a decision
  • POET-A name of choice for a creative Himalayan cat
  • PUSHKIN-Name your cat after Russian greatest poet Alexander Pushkin
  • QUINCY– An ideal name for a witty and caring cat after American 6th president John Quincy Adams
  • RALEIGH-A city in North Carolina famous for its beautiful Oak trees in the streets a fitting name for your Himalayan cat
  • REGINALD-Means powerful ruler, an ideal name for your caring and strong cat
  • REGIS-A lovely name for a cat who rules your home like a king
  • RUPERT– A name of Germanic origin meaning bright for a lively and charming Himalayan cat with shiny long hair
  • RUSTY-An ideal name for a very active Himalayan cat with a reddish-brown coat
  • SEYMOUR– Name your mischievous cat after this fictional character in Final Fantasy X movies
  • SHERLOCK– An ideal name for a cat who likes to play detective like the fictional character in Sherlock Holmes film series
  • SHERPA-Name your outdoor loving cat after this mountain climbing native Himalayan ethnic group
  • STEWIE-Name your cat after a manipulative fictional character in animated television series Family Guy
  • TATE-An ideal name for a cheerful Himalayan feline
  • TEMPLAR-A selfless and obedient cat deserves this name
  • TENZING-Name your adventurous and daring cat after Nepali famous mountaineer Tenzing Norgay who was the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest
  • TIBET-Name your beautiful cat after the Himalayan Tibet plateau known for its unique landscape
  • TINTIN-A kind and compassionate character in comic series The Adventures of Tintin, this is a lovely name for your cat
  • TOMMY-Means twin, a fitting name for a caring cat who has a twin
  • TRAVELER-An ideal name for a Himalayan cat who loves playing and having a little outdoor adventure
  • TRIPP-A wonderful name to give your lively and curious Himalayan cat
  • TUCCI-Name your peaceful cat after American actor Stanley Tucci who featured in the movie The Lovely Bones
  • TWAIN-Name your funny cat after American greatest writer and humorist Mark Twain
  • VITUS-A name of Italian origin meaning life for a lively cat who loves to enjoy life
  • WILBERT-Name your cheerful and lovely cat this unique Germanic name
  • WILCO-An ideal name for an obedient Himalayan cat who follows instructions

Female Himalayan Cat Names

  • ALEXIS-A lovely name for social a cat who likes to help around the house
  • AUTUMN-This fourth season of the year fits a playful and lively cat who enjoys being outdoors
  • AZULA-Name your dedicated and perfectionist Himalayan cat after a fictional character in television series Avatar
  • BERRY-A perfect name for a beautiful and sweet white Himalayan cat
  • BOUNTY-Consider this name for your kind and caring cat
  • BRIGITTE-A lovely name of Celtic origin meaning firm, fits your strong Himalayan cat
  • CARLY-A free-spirited cat that enjoys her freedom deserves this name
  • CARMILLA-Extremely beautiful cat-like an orchard will love this name
  • CEE-JAY-If you’re a fan of this artist, consider this name for your cat’s name
  • CHI CHI-Name your Himalayan cat after a pure-hearted princess character in Dragon Ball animated television series
  • CINNAMON-A charming name to give your cat who adds an extra touch of spice to your life
  • CLARISSE-A gentle Himalayan feline with a bright shinny coat deserves this French name
  • CONNIE-Give this name to your cat with admirable courage
  • COUNTESS-A name with lots of nobility for a cat who likes being treated like a queen
  • CRYSTAL-A name of choice for an innocent Himalayan cat
  • DINAH-A lovely Hebrew name meaning ‘God will judge’ fits a cat who doesn’t take things to heart
  • DIVINE-A wonderful name for your delightful Himalayan friend
  • ELFRIDA-Consider naming her Elfrida if she is strong and intelligent
  • GINNIE-A lovely name for an innocent and playful young Himalayan cat
  • JUDITH-If she’s being praised for her beauty why not give her this Hebrew name
  • KASHMIR-Name your beautiful white Himalayan cat after this pleasant and snowy state in India famous for its rivers and temple
  • KIM-A brave and noble cat deserves this name
  • KUSH-Name your cat after the ancient kingdom in northern Africa famous for its archers
  • MAGNOLIA-This type of flower describes a gentle and beautiful Himalayan cat
  • MALLORY-Name your smart cat after a fictional character in the television series Family Ties
  • MAO-This Japanese name meaning cherry blossom fits a lively and joyful beautiful cat
  • MATILDA-A lovely name for a cat with mighty strength especially in fights
  • MAXINE-Give your Himalayan cat this name if her courage is unmatched
  • MELLO-Name your loving but aggressive Himalayan cat after a fictional character in television series Death note
  • MILADY-Call your cat with lots of nobility Milady, and she’ll come running
  • MO-An ideal name for a dark-coated Himalayan feline who cares and protects you always
  • NABI-Means butterfly in Korean, a fitting name for your Himalayan cat
  • NIKKI-This name means victory of people, the best name for your beautiful cat who loves to win
  • OPAL-This gemstone makes a lovely name for your precious and beautiful cat
  • PEARL-A beautiful grey Himalayan cat deserves this name derived from this precious gem
  • PENNY-If she is half-Persian, Penny will be a lovely name
  • PEPPER-A fun name to give your sassy and sharp Himalayan cat
  • PETRA-Name your beautiful and fun-loving Himalayan cat after the famous rock-cut architecture city in Jordan
  • PHILIPPA-A lovely name for a caring and friendly cat named after the Christian martyr and saint, Saint Philippa of Hainault
  • POPPY-A Latin name meaning red flower fits a gentle and beautiful feline
  • PURLY-Give your favorite and darling Himalayan cat this French name
  • RHAPSODY-Name your talented cat after a fictional character in American comic books
  • RONDA-This mountaintop city in Spain provides a beautiful scenery and its perfect for a cat name
  • RUMER-Name your talented cat after a British musician known by the stage name Rumer
  • RUPI-A name of Indian origin meaning one of great beauty, a perfect match for your cat
  • SANDY-A Greek name meaning defender of men, fits a loving and protective Himalayan cat
  • SAVANNAH-The breathtaking beauty of the green grassland makes this a lovely name for a Himalayan cat
  • SHARONA-A lovely coastal plain with an abundance of roses and oaks tree in biblical times makes a wonderful name for your Himalayan cat
  • SHINE-A lovely name for a playful cat who brings joy just like the sunshine
  • SIERRA-Give your strong Himalayan cat this Spanish name
  • SINDEE-Refers to the moon goddess in Greek, fits a beautiful cat with a bright coat
  • STARDUST-A wonderful name for a Himalayan cat with creamy fur
  • STARLET-An ideal name for a beautiful cat who is always the center of attraction
  • TAMMY-If you love this comedy film, why not chose it as a name for your lively cat
  • TAMSYN-A lovely name for a cheerful Himalayan cat
  • TASHA– An ideal name for Himalayan cat born on Christmas, a celebration period associated with the birth of Jesus Christ
  • TINA-Means follower of Christ in Latin fits an obedient and trustworthy cat
  • TRIXIE-Give your cat who brings lots of joy in your life this Latin name
  • TWIGGY-Name your beautiful cat after British supermodel Dane Lesley Lawson known by her stage name Twiggy
  • VERONICA-A kind and honest Himalayan cat deserves this name derived from the Biblical maiden who gave Jesus Christ her handkerchief on the way to Calvary
  • ZEE-Name your cat after this television channel based in India that is a source of entertainment for millions of people
  • ZOOEY-A Greek name meaning life suits your lively Himalayan cat

If you didn’t find the perfect name for your Himalayan cat here, you may consider naming your cat based on color or gender. You can find tons of other names for your cat here.


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