100 Adorable Japanese Cat Names You’ll LOVE

Names June 16, 2021
Japanese Cat Names : 100 + Adorable Names


100 Adorable Japanese Cat Names You’ll LOVE

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Japanese Cat Names : 100 + Adorable Names

History suggest that cats have played an important role in Japanese culture and society, hence the number of shrines and temples dedicated to cats in the country.

First introduced to Japan around 500 A.D., cats instantly proved their worth as guardians of Buddhist temple manuscripts.

Since cats are considered good luck in the Japanese culture, it makes sense for cat lovers to choose a Japanese name. Read below for featured traditional Japanese names and their meanings.

Japanese Cat Names

Japanese Cat Names


AI“Love” (female)
AIKIDOJapanese martial arts
AKEMI“Bright / Beautiful” (female)
AKIAki Hoshino, model
AKIHIRO“Great brightness” (male)
AYUMU“Vision” (male)
BONSAIJapanese art form using miniature tress grown in containers
CHIE“Wisdom / Intelligent” (female)
CHO“Butterfly” (female)
CHOPSTICKSPopular eating utensil
DAI“Large” (male)
DAIKI“Great nobility” (male)
EMI“Beautiful blessing” (female)
FUJIMount Fuji, highest mountain in Japan
GEISHAFemale Japanese entertainer (classical music and dance)
GODZILLA1954 sci-fi film
HARU“Spring” (season) (female)
HARUKI“Shining sun” (male)
HAYATE“Smooth” (male)
HIBIKI“Sound / Echo” (male)
HIKARI“Light / Radiance” (female)
HIROMI“Generous beauty” (female)
ISUZUJapanese made car
IZUMI“Spring” (female)
JIMMUEmperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan
JITOEmpress Jito, (was the third empress regnant of Japan)
JUDOJapanese martial arts
JUJUTSUJapanese martial arts
JUNKO“Pure” (female)
KAORI“Perfume” (female)
KATSU“Victory” (male)
KAZUMI“Harmonious beauty” (female)
KENDOJapanese sword-fighting
KENJI“Strong” (male)
KENTA“Large / Strong / Healthy” (male)
KIMI“Noble” (female)
KIYOSHI“Purity” (male)
KOKORO“Soul / Heart” (female)
KOUKI“Light / Hope” (male)
LEXUSJapanese made car
MASA“True” (male)
MASAAKI“Pleasing brightness” (male)
MASAKOCrown Princess Masako (wife of heir to Japanese throne)
MATSURIMeaning “festival or holiday”
MAYU“True gentle” (female)
MI“Beautiful” (female)
MICHIKOEmpress Michiko (consort to Emperor Akihito)
MIKIMiki Ando, 2x world champion figure skater
MINORU“Truth” (male)
MIO“Beautiful cherry blossom” (female)
MITSUO“Shining hero” (male)
MOCHIRice cake
NANAMI“Seven seas” (female)
NATSUMI“Beautiful summer” (female)
NIKKEIJapanese Stock Exchange
NINJAMarital arts expert
NIPPONNative name for Japan
NORI“To rule” (male)
OSAKAThird largest city in Japan
OSAMU“Disciplined / Studious” (male)
REI“Lovely” (female)
REN“Love” (male)
RIKO“Child of truth” (female)
RIN“Dignified” (female)
RINA“Jasmine” (female)
RYO“Refreshing / Cool” (male)
SAKAICity in Japan
SAKEPopular alcoholic beverage (pronounced saki)
SAKI“Blossom of Hope” (female)
SAMURAIJapanese warrior
SATOSHI“Wise” (male)
SETSUKO“Melody child” (female)
SHIZUKAShizuka Arakawa, first Japanese skater to win Olympic gold
SHOGUNMilitary leader
SHUJI“Disciplined” (male)
SONYJapanese conglomerate company
SUMONational sport
SUSHIPopular cuisine
SUZU“Bell” (female)
SUZUKASuzuka Morita, model and actress
SUZUKIJapanese made motorbike
TADAO“Loyal” (male)
TADASHI“Faithful / Loyal” (male)
TAIKI“Shine” (male)
TAKAHIRO“Great value” (male)
TAKARA“Treasure” (female)
TAKASHI“Noble” (male)
TAKESHI“Fierce warrior” (male)
TAKIRentaro Taki, composer
TAMIKO“Child of many beauties” (female)
TOKYOCapital of Japan
TOMIO“Wealth” (male)
TOMOKO“Intellect” (female)
TOMOMI“Beautiful friend” (female)
TOSHIPrincess Toshi, daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito
YAMATO“Great harmony” (male)
YASHIMAYashima Norito, actor
YASU“Peace” (male)
YASUKO“Child of peace” (female)
YASUSHI“Peaceful” (male)
YOKOYoko Ono, widow of John Lennon
YOKOHAMASecond largest city in Japan
YORI“Trust” (male)
YOSHIEYoshie Hayasaka, singer and actress
YOSHIO“Joyful life”(male)
YUA“Binding love” (female)
YUKA“Gentle flower” (female)
YUKIYuki Sato, actor
YUMIYumi Asou, actress
YURIKO“Lily child” (female)
YUUMA“Gentle” (male)
YUZUKI“Gentle moon” (male)


Japanese cat names are an excellent choice for your cat or new kitten, especially if you are searching for a unique meaning. Whether you or your cat have Japanese heritage, a Japanese name will be a perfect fit.

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