101 Most Popular Siamese Cat Names

Names September 13, 2019
Siamese Cat Names : 100 + Exquisite Names



101 Most Popular Siamese Cat Names

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Siamese Cat Names : 100 + Exquisite Names

The Siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cats. Siamese cats are intelligent, affectionate and very vocal. They enjoy the company of humans as well as other pets and are often described as extroverts, who behave more like dogs than cats.

The beautiful Siamese cat is the legendary temple cat of the King of Siam. They were not only valued by the king for their exquisite beauty, but they were used as guard cats. While a Thai name would be fitting, there is no need to limit yourself and your cat. Read below to find plenty of ideas.

Male Siamese Cat Names

  • ABNER-Consider this name for your Siamese friend if you’re a lover of the American comic strip, Li’l Abner aired in the mid-’90s
  • ALGERNON-An ideal name for a curious cat derived from the science fiction novel Flowers of Algernon by Daniel Keys
  • AMOS-A Biblical name that fits a muscular Siamese male cat
  • BARNABUS-A name of Hebrew Origin for a cat who consoles you in times of trouble
  • BIGGLES-A fictional pilot in James Bigglesworth book series, this name is the perfect name for your courageous cat
  • BINGO-An ideal name for a cat who offers you a sense of satisfaction
  • BUZZ-An exciting name for your Siamese cat who is always busy doing something
  • CAINE-A name of Irish origin suitable for a little kitty who likes to fight
  • CAMPARI-A sophisticated name for your Siamese cat with a pink nose
  • CARUSO-An ideal name for a slender fluffy Siamese cat
  • CHITCHAT-Fitting name for a cat who loves to listen to you as you talk
  • CLAUDE– This beautiful name fits your cat who walks with a slight limp
  • CONFUSIUS-This Chinese name fits a cat who gives you an easy time when training him
  • DANTE-Derive his name from Dante Alighieri, the writer of the poem Divine Comedy, if he has endured difficulties in the past.
  • DESMOND-A wonderful name for a protective cat who always comes to your defense
  • DEXTER-A name that’s associated with intelligent cats
  • DJANGO– Name him after the famous Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt
  • EDGAR– This name fits a black cat and its coined from the short story writer Edgar Allan Poe known for his book The black cat
  • FLETCH—An ideal name for a lightweight cat
  • FOX-Consider this an appropriate name for your outgoing cat who is also cunning
  • GAMBIT– This would be a great name choice if you have a cat who is always taking advantage of situations
  • GENJI– This name will remind you of the love between the Emperor and low ranking concubine in the book The Tale of Genji
  • HEMINGWAY-Name your Siamese pet after American writer Ernest Hemingway famous for his many novels including The Old Man and the Sea
  • JARVIS-Just like the loyal butler Edwin Jarvis in  the Comic film Iron Man, this name fits your loyal Siamese cat
  • JAZZ-A beautiful name for a relaxed and cool cat just like jazz music
  • JOJO-An ideal name for a cat who was born on a Monday 
  • KATANA-A Japanese sword, a fitting name for your slender Siamese cat
  • KIRBY-A beautiful name for an adventurous and courageous kitty
  • KOLO-A sweet name to call your Siamese cat who loves to dance
  • LARRABY– Name her after the fictional character Larraby who steals the show in the film Zoom
  • LESTER-An ideal name for a cat who is apologetic after making a mistake just like the fictional character Lester Nygaard in the Television series Fargo
  • LEX– This beautiful name fits a lovely Siamese kitty who always saves you when you’re in trouble
  • LLOYD-A unique name for a cat with a grey coat
  • MALARKY-A perfect name for a cat who is always gloomy
  • MARCUS-This name suits a polite and shy Siamese kitty
  • NATE-Short form of Nathan or Nathaniel for a cat you consider as a gift from God
  • NEO-Suitable for a new cat in your home
  • NEWMAN– Give your noble cat this name derived from Cardinal Newman, a theologian who founded the oxford movement and later became a cardinal in Roman catholicism
  • NILES –A name of  Greek origin that fits a cat who has conquered your heart
  • NILSSON-Name him after the famous American singer Harry Edward Nilsson famous for his hit song Everybody’s Takin’
  • NINJA-An ideal name for a cat who likes to sneak up on you
  • RANDOLPH-Consider this unique name for your Siamese cat if he guards and protects your home
  • REGIS-If he rules your home like a king, the name Regis will fit him perfectly
  • RILEY-Derive his name from American-Jamaican reggae artist Tarrus Riley popular for his hit song she’s Royal
  • ROCKSTAR-An ideal name for your cat who is popular in your neighborhood
  • SETH– If he loves to wrestle, name him after the American wrestler with the stage name Seth Rollins
  • SIMON– Name him after the critical judge Simon Cowell of America Got Talent Television show
  • SINATRA-Name him after the famous American singer Frank Sinatra known for his hit song My way
  • SMOKEY– if he is funny and witty, Smokey is a great name from the comedy film Friday
  • SPYRO– Beautiful name for your Siamese brave cat similar to the courageous cat featured in the video game Spyro
  • SUNDANCE-Name him after your favorite annual Sundance Film festival that happens in Utah, the Salt lake city
  • TARQUIN-Name your proud harsh cat after the last king of Rome Tarquin the Proud known for his cruel authority
  • TRAVIS-An ideal name for an emotional Siamese cat just like Travis Fimmel in the television series Vikings
  • WOO-An ideal name for your cat who is always seeking your attention
  • WOODROW– If he is peaceful, name him after 28th American president Woodrow Wilson who strived to bring peace to the world
  • XANDER-Derived from the name Alexander, an ideal name for a Siamese cat who defends you at any cost
  • YAHOO-This name fits a noisy, violent cat
  • YAYA– This Hebrew name means God is gracious
  • ZAT-This unisex name fits your Siamese cat with shiny almond-shaped eyes

Female Siamese Cat Names

  • ALLEGRA-A name of Italian origin fit for your lively cat
  • ASIA-A lovely name for a cat whose  presence brings warmth just like the sunrise
  • ASTRID– This beautiful name is perfect for your Siamese pet who is beautiful inside out
  • BIANCA– Name her Bianca after the fictional character who was Cassio’s mistress in William Shakespeare’s’ play The Tragedy of Othello
  • BLONDIE-An ideal name for a Siamese cat with a yellowish-brown coat
  • BREE– This lovely name fits your cat who is a perfectionist just like the fictional character Bree Van de Kamp in the television series Desperate Housewives
  • CALLISTA-A lovely name for your very beautiful pet
  • CANDY-Ideal for your little kitty who is sweet like candy
  • CASSANDRA– This Greek name is perfect for your Siamese kitty who behaves like a princess
  • CHRISTINA– Name her after the beautiful American singer Christina Aguilera known for her hit song What A Girl Wants
  • CLAUDIA-An ideal name for your outgoing super friendly cat
  • DELPHINE-For an intelligent cat from the character Delphine d’Albemar from the novel by Anne Louise Germaine Necker
  • DIAMOND-A beautiful name for your cat who is precious and valuable to you
  • ELEKTRA-Greek name that means amber fit for your Siamese cat with bright and shiny eyes
  • HOLLY-Derive her name from the socialite New York city girl character Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • JODIE– If she is a true friend, call her Jodie
  • JOSIE-A sweet name for a cat who is the latest addition to your family
  • KIERA-An ideal name for a small cat with dark fur
  • KOKO-A character from the novel series The cat who.. by Lilian Jackson Braun
  • KOO-An ideal name for your reckless cat
  • LARISSA-Consider this name if she is a sweet Siamese cat who loves nature
  • LEELA-A lovely name for an ever-playful kitty
  • LEIA-Derive her name from Princess Leia a fearless character in the television series Star Wars
  • LEXI-A beautiful name for an amazing cat who defends others
  • LILAC-Name her after the lovely and purple lilac flowers
  • LILITH– Perfect for your dark-furred cat who likes to scare you at night
  • LILLY-A wonderful name for a shy innocent kitty
  • LING LING-A violent character in animated television series Drawn Together
  • LORETTA– Name her after the American country music singer Loretta Lynn
  • LUCY-French origin meaning light, ideal for a Siamese cat with tiny almond-shaped shiny eyes
  • LUCY LUI– Give your ill-mannered cat this name after the Chinese actress Lucy Lu starring in the television series Ally McBeal
  • LULU-A name of Arabic origin meaning pearl for your precious cat
  • LYNX-An ideal name for a cat who constantly warns you of approaching danger
  • MATILDA– For a kind and loving cat just like Matilda Wormwood from the novel Matilda   by Roald Dahl
  • MIA– Giver her this Scandinavian name if she is rebellious and bitter
  • MIMI-Name her after the heroine character in  Giacomo Puccini’s opera La Boheme
  • MING-Of Chinese origin for your Siamese cat distinctly recognizable by her almond shiny eyes
  • MISTY– Give your quite thoughtful Siamese kitty with a grey coat the name misty
  • MOON-A unique name for an alert cat who is always awake even at night
  • NADINE-A French name for your hopeful cat
  • PANDORA– A lovely name for a gifted cat inspired by the science fiction film Avatar
  • PEARL-A wonderful name for a grey-furred cat who you treasure
  • PETAL– For your one of a kind kitty who is good-natured
  • POPSTAR-Just like in the entertainment industry, Popstar is a perfect name for your famous friend
  • SILVER-A precious name for your cat with a silver coat
  • SIMONE-A lovely name for your attentive cat who understands your language
  • STELLA-Of Latin origin for a cat who is a jack of all trades
  • SUNDAE-Name your Siamese friend after your favorite dessert
  • SUSHI– If she loves to eat fish name her after this Japanese dish made from seasoned rice with fish
  • TAMMY– if she is perfectionist, Tammy will suit her just right
  • TAO-A bold cat featured in the Disney film The Incredible Journey
  • THISTLE- A ideal name for an aggressive cat who likes to scratch with her claws
  • TIA– Give the Greek name Tiana that means princess a twist
  • TRINITY-A perfect choice for your quiet pet who is friendly to visitors
  • VENUS-A Roman goddess of love and sex, a name that fits your beautiful and sexy kitty
  • XENA– An ideal name for a hospitable cat
  • YING YANG-An ideal name for your Siamese cat with a black and white coat like the Chinese dualism symbol Yin Yang
  • YOKO-Of Japanese origin for a respectful young cat
  • YUM YUM-A lovely name for an attractive sweet kitty
  • ZENOBIA-Name her after the third-century queen of Palmyrene Empire Septimia Zenobia who challenges the authority of Rome


You may want your Siamese cat’s name to have some personal meaning, or relate to her appearance or personality in some way. If you did not find a favorite name here, consider searching under Male or Female cat names.


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