Smalls Cat Litter Review

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Smalls Cat Litter Review

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Smalls is not just a cat food subscription service, they now also offer two different types of cat litter that can be added onto your cat’s food order. They arrive in bags sized for one month of litter, for one cat.

One Smalls litter option is silica-based, and the other is environmentally friendly millet.

Quick Summary

“Both litters are conveniently delivered if you prefer a subscription type service, but are not cheap choices.  “

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How We Tested:

  • We purchased both types of Smalls Litter to review
  • We spent several weeks testing it on our cats
  • We did not receive this product in exchange for a favorable review and purchased it with our own money

Benefits Of Using Smalls Litter

Smalls offers two different fragrance-free litters and both were said to be anti-tracking and virtually dust-free, and odor trapping.

The millet litter is a sustainable choice that is advertised as reducing odors. Being all-natural, biodegradable, and almost dust-free, the millet litter is designed for sensitive cats. Millet grows in about half the time of wheat (without pesticides), and requires 30 percent less water than corn, making millet litter the most earth-friendly natural cat litter possible.

The silica litter is an option for odor elimination with no scent, which is what cats prefer. It is ultra-lightweight, soft on paws and makes for easy digging. The little crystals trap moisture and are virtually odor-free. Silica crystal’s unique molecular structure makes it highly absorbent, soaking in moisture and trapping virtually all odor.

About The Smalls Brand

Small’s was founded by Matt Michaelson and is known for making human grade food for cats. They allow you to create a customized meal plans for your cats based on their age, size, and current food but also offer add-ons like litter and treats.

All of Small’s ingredients are sourced from 100% USDA certified human grade suppliers and made in a USDA-inspected processing facility in Chicago, Illinois.

Small’s currently offers 3 flavors of wet of cat food (pate or minced), 4 flavors of kibble cat food, two types of cat litter, as well as healthy cat treats. All of these items can be mixed and matched with a subscription for your cat.

Smalls’ website is extremely user-friendly. There are a few basic questions about your cat’s needs, you can choose from nine plans, each with a different ratio of wet-to-dry food. Depending on which plan you choose, your subscription box can range from $1 to $4.29 per day but comes with a money-back guarantee in case you have a picky kitty.

Analysis/Review Of Smalls Litter

#1Millet Litter

Product Info:

  • Price: ~$1 add on with order
  • Litter Type: Millet
  • Made In: USA

The Good

  • Biodegradable
  • Some clumping ability
  • No fragrance used
  • Can be added onto subscription

The Bad

  • Tracks a lot
  • Does not control odor well
  • Bag is small for standard litter boxes

Smalls Millet litter is made with Millet, Corn Starch, Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Adhesives, and Food Color. It comes in a 7 pound bag and claims to be enough for one cat for one month.

#2Silica Litter

Smalls Cat Litter Review

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Product Info:

  • Price: ~$1 add on with order
  • Litter Type: Silica
  • Made In: USA

The Good

  • Good at controlling odors
  • No fragrance used
  • Absorbs and eliminates moisture

The Bad

  • This is a non-clumping formula
  • Crystal size is big
  • Even large pieces track

Smalls Silica litter is made with Silica Sand, Soda Ash, and Water. It comes in a 4 pound bag and claims to be enough for one cat for one month.

Smalls Litter Testing

Smalls litters both claim the one bag is enough for one cat for one month. I tested both litters on my two cats in seperate boxes. Let’s start first with the Millet litter.

Smalls Millet Litter

Smalls Millet Litter instructions state to fill your cats litter box with 3 inches of millet litter and pour one inch of your current litter brand ontop, to transition your cat. The next time around you would only add a half inch of your current brand to the top.

  • Odor Control – Smalls Millet Litter did not cut it in this area. Within a few days the Millet litter smelled and was not controlling odor. This litter box was placed in a small laundry room but I have not had this issue with any other litters. I tossed this litter out after about a week and a half due to the smell.
  • Maintenance – I clean the litter box daily due to a picky and meticulous cat. It was easy to scoop and the urine parts did seem to clump a little bit. This made getting most of the bad stuff out of the box.
  • Tracking – The tracking with this Millet litter was awful. It was all over the house and at times still stuck in my cats paws. I had to sweep daily and being so lightweight it is not easy to clean up.
  • Dust – There was dust. Not a ton of dust but enough to know where it was coming from. The dust usually followed what was being tracked out of the litter box.

Now onto the Smalls Silica litter. Smalls Silica litter instructions state to fill your cats litter box with 3 inches of silica litter and pour one inch of your current litter brand ontop, to transition your cat. The next time around you would only add a half inch of your current litter brand to the top.

Smalls Silica Litter
  • Odor Control – Smalls Silica litter worked well at controlling odor. After a week there was still no smell coming from the box.
  • Maintenance – This litter was not easy to scoop. It is heavy and doesn’t clump. Urine just sort of breaks apart and moves around.
  • Tracking – The tracking with this Silica litter was pretty bad, even though the pieces are large and heavy. Although they are easy to clean up, due to their size, they hurt when you step on them. They usually stayed tracked within a few feet of the box but still made a mess.
  • Dust – There was very little dust with this litter. When pouring it into the box there was a bit but after that I didn’t notice any.

How Much Does Smalls Litter Cost?

The price is currently $1 to add onto your subscription for the first month. From then going forward the litter will cost you $18 a month as an add on to your existing subscription service.

Currently Smalls does not offer their millet and silica litter to be purchased on its own.

Is Smalls Litter A Good Choice?

After trying out both Smalls litters, I would have to say no. I have complaints with both litter choices.

The Smalls Millet litter did not control odor, tracked excessively and the bag was not big enough to fill an average size litter box to the 2 inch mark. My cats didn’t seem to mind the litter, but spent a lot of time digging around in it.

The Smalls Silica litter controlled odor well but the crystals are large and did also track. Again this bag was not nearly enough to adequately fill an average size litter box. My cats also did not like this litter and would come out of the box flicking their paws.

Both litters can be conveniently delivered if you prefer a subscription type service, but are not cheap choices.

Where Is Smalls Litter Sold?

Currently both Smalls litter choices can be purchased at through subscription service only.

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*This article is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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