The 100 Best Male And Female Tabby Cat Names

Names September 13, 2019
Tabby Cat Names : 100 +Perfect Names



The 100 Best Male And Female Tabby Cat Names

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Tabby Cat Names : 100 +Perfect Names

Contrary to popular belief the tabby is not a breed of cat. Tabby refers to their unique coat patterns which may be a combination of spots, stripes and swirls.

Tabby cats have a wide variety of coat colors, including brown, gray, cream, and orange. The most common occurring are black based coats.

Tabbies are also playful, intelligent, vocal and affectionate, so keep these characteristics in mind when choosing names for tabby cats. Check out some of our favorite names below or keep reading and choose from male or female tabby cat names.

  • ABBEY – Abbey the Tabby – simple perfection
  • INDIANA – ideal for an adventurous tabby cat
  • MATISSE – a real work of art
  • QUICKLY – a tabby who’s fast on his paws

Male Names for Tabby Cats

  • This name that is of Scottish origin means strength, and it fits your masculine, strong tabby cat
  • ARTIE –An excellent name for your noble and courageous cat
  • BARNEY- Name him after the popular animated TV series character Barney in Barney & Friends
  • BERNIE-A perfect name for a lazy and playful cat like Bernie, the Bear, from the book written by Michelle Row
  • BING-Name him after the fictional character Chandler Bing from television series Friends
  • BONGO –What a wonderful name for your tabby cat who loves to dance derived from the soft and beautiful sounds of bongo drums
  • BRADY-An ideal name for a free-spirited cat just like the American National footballer Tom Brady
  • BUZZ-A unique name for a busy cat who is always occupied with a certain activity
  • CAGNEY-Name him after your favorite American actor James Cagney
  • CODY- Consider this name for a helpful cat
  • COLIN -For a victorious cat like the American politician and retired United state Army general  Colin Powell
  • COZY-An ideal name for your warm cat who loves to cuddle
  • CRISPIN-A perfect name for a curly-haired tabby cat
  • CYRIL-For a cat whom you consider the ruler of his territory
  • DAVY-Call him Davy instead of David meaning my beloved
  • DENVER-You may consider this name which is the capital city of Colorado famous for its cheeseburgers
  • DEXTER-A perfect name for an intelligent tabby cat
  • DIGBY-Meaning farm by the ditch for your tabby cat who loves adventure
  • DON-A masculine name for a brown striped cat
  • DONNIE-An ideal name for a warm and caring cat just like American Award-winning gospel singer Donnie McClurkin
  • DOOZY-An ideal name for outstanding and unique cat
  • DOUGALL-A Celtic origin name meaning dark stranger for your black striped tabby cat who you welcomed to your house.
  • DOYLE-A unique name of Irish origin meaning a black stranger and would fit your dark tabby cat who never stays at home
  • FRISCO-An ideal name for a cat who loves to wander
  • GILES-Derive his name from the character Rupert Giles in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for your responsible cat who is also a fatherly figure
  • GROOVE-Fits a cat who shows pride in his deeds
  • HARVEY- A French origin name meaning battle worthy for a cat who likes to fight
  • HASTINGS –An idea name based on your tabby cat aggressive nature
  • HOOTIE– a unisex name for an adorable handsome cat
  • HOPKINS-Name him after American entrepreneur John Hopkins founder of John Hopkins Hospital and John Hopkins university
  • HUGH- This sophisticated name perfectly fits your intelligent cat
  • JAZZ-A classical name for a cool cat who loves to listen to soothing  sounds like the cool sounds jazz music
  • JETHRO-A Hebrew name meaning abundance
  • KELVIN-A perfect name for a funny cat just like the American comedian Kevin Darnell
  • KIPLING-Derive his name from the English journalist Rudyard Kipling who wrote The Jungle Book
  • MARSHALL-A Scottish origin name for a cat who loves to play with  horses
  • MATISSE-A refined name for a gentle cat whom you consider a gift from God
  • MINGUS-Name him after the famous American jazz pianist Charles Mingus
  • MONTGOMERY-A French origin name meaning the mountain belongs to the ruler for a cat who has the character of a king
  • MORLEY- Name him after the Australian actor Bob Morley in the Television series Home and Away
  • MORTON –Name him after American actor Joe Morton who featured in the film The Terminator
  • NIGEL-An ideal name for a shy and lonely cat without friends
  • NILSON- A beautiful name for a cat who has conquered your heart
  • PERCIVAL-For a fearless cat just like one of the King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table
  • PETE- Of Latin origin meaning rock fitting a strong cat that has lived to see generations
  • QUICKLY-If he is always fast on his feet, this name fits him perfectly
  • QUINCY- For your tabby cat who is witty and quick
  • REGINALD –An ideal name for a cat who rules your house like the king he is
  • REILLY- This Irish name means courageous and will please your brave tabby cat
  • REUBEN –If you treat him like a son why not name him Reuben
  • ROBSON- Consider this name for a tabby cat with bright eyes like a flame
  • RODEO-What a wonderful name for a cat who is always going around objects
  • ROLEY-This name fits a cat who is famous in your neighbourhood
  • SPARK- For your handsome cat who charms the female cats
  • SUNDANCE-A sweet name for your obedient cat
  • TOMMY LEE- Name him after the famous American musician Tommy Lee
  • TRICKY-You may consider this name for your cat who got numerous tricks up his sleeve
  • TWAIN-Consider the name for your lovely cat with two distinct colours on his coat
  • VALENTINE-A unisex name for a strong and healthy kitty
  • WILFRED-A wonderful name for a peaceful cat

Female Names for Tabby Cats

  • ABBEY– For your lovely tabby cat who gives your joy
  • AGNES-A lovely name for a pure breed of cat
  • BABETTE-A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘My God is plentiful’ for a cat who is full of love
  • BARDOT-An ideal name for a tabby cat with less fur on her shoulders
  • BEBOP-From the fictional animated characters Bebop and Rocksteady in the Superhero film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • BECKY-Short form for Rebecca for a captivating cat
  • BONNIE-A wonderful name describing the beauty and charm of your tabby cat
  • BOOTSIE– This name praises your cat’s beauty
  • BUFFY-Name her after Buffy from the Movie and Television series Buffy the Vampire slayer
  • CHARLOTTE-A beautiful name for your little kitty
  • CORA– This Greek name fits a young maiden cat
  • DAINTY-What a wonderful name for your small and pretty tabby cat
  • DAISY-If you love daisy flowers, then  call her daisy
  • DAPHNE-From Greek name for bay tree for your sweet ever-fresh cat
  • DEBBIE-Call her Debbie instead of Deborah meaning my hero
  • DIXIE-For a young and elegant tabby cat from the south
  • DORIS DAY-Name her after the American singer and animal welfare activist Doris Day
  • DOTTIE-A lovely name for a cat you consider a gift from God
  • ETHEL-The name fits your tabby cat with good morals
  • GEENA-Meaning famous warrior, this name fits her if she is zealous and determined
  • GIGI-A wonderful name for a beautiful and trustworthy cat
  • GINNY-If she’s of a pure breed, consider the perfect name
  • GISELLE-A lovely name for a beautiful shiny cat who is like a star
  • HEPBURN– For a cool cat who fills your heart with love
  • HONEY BEAR-A beautiful name for a sweet kitty you wouldn’t want to lose
  • INDIANA-A wonderful name for an independent cat or for a cat who came from India
  • INDY-Call her Indy instead of Indiana, if she was a gift from your Indian friend
  • JEWEL-A special name for a precious cat just like the valuable jewel stones
  • JO DEE-Derived from the American country music artist Jo Dee Messina
  • JOLIE– This French name is for a pretty kitty
  • LEXI-Consider this name for a cat who is ready to defend you or other pets at all cost
  • LONI– This name fits her perfectly if you feel your tabby cat is irreplaceable
  • LUCIE-Italian name meaning graceful light fit for a cat with sparkling eyes
  • LUCY LIU– Call her after the vicious American actress featuring in the television series Ally McBeal
  • M-A perfect name for the visual letter M on her forehead and the Mau sound she makes
  • MADGE-An ideal name for a cat with bright pearly eyes
  • MAUDE-From the famous outspoken television series character Maude in Maunde Findlay
  • McBeal– She’ll love this name derived from the American Television series Drama Ally McBeal
  • MEG-A Greek name meaning pearl for your precious tabby cat
  • MIDGE-An ideal name for a small kitty like the midge fly
  • MISS DAISY– Based on the American film Driving Miss Daisy
  • MISS MARPLE-Name her after a fictional character in the crime novel by Agatha Christie
  • MONICA-Of Latin origin for a cat who acts as your advisor
  • MOTLEY– Your tabby cat, most likely has a multicoloured coat and this name perfectly describes her many colours
  • MUFFIN-A sweet name just like your favourite muffin cakes
  • NINA -Spanish name for a little girl
  • NORMA JEAN-Name her after the famous American actress Norma Jean who changed peoples attitude towards sexuality
  • PATSY– If you can easily persuade her to do something, then name her Patsy
  • PATTI-A Latin name for a noble woman
  • PEARL-A precious name for a cat you value so much.
  • PEBBLES-Consider this name for a lovely tabby cat with spotted or  round markings on their fur
  • REBA-An ideal name for your tabby cat who loves to sleep
  • RHONDA-A Latin name meaning ‘rose’ that describe the beauty of your orange cat.
  • SASHA-A Russian name for a cat who always helps you around
  • SHANIA-Derive her name from the famous beautiful Canadian singer Shania Twain
  • SIENNA– For your tabby cat with a reddish-brown coat
  • TABITHA-Of Hebrew origin for a cat whose beauty is irresistible
  • TAMMY-A Greek name for a cat with a twin
  • TOOTS– Cute name for a cat who is a darling
  • UMA- Name her after the Hindu goddess of love if she is your heartbeat


With so many colors and designs of tabby cats, choosing a personalized name should be simple. If you haven’t found a name here, consider a combination of names or check out more names here. But something short and easy that consists of cheerful, non-harsh tones is always recommended, if you want your cat to respond.


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  1. Susie

    My 6 year old female tabby was christened Fattibum MacFluff, and to this day she lives up to her name!

  2. Susie

    My 6 year old female tabby was christened Fattibum MacFluff, and to this day she lives up to her name!

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