Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

Behavior April 11, 2021
Why Does My Cat Stare at Me? | Cat Mania | For Cat Lovers



Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

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Why Does My Cat Stare at Me? | Cat Mania | For Cat Lovers

While staring can be a sign of aggression, it is also considered a sign of love. In the case of the cat, it could be either. It all comes down to their attitude and how well you know your cat.

When your cat stares at you, he could possibly believe that he is dominating your relationship.

Cats consider uninterrupted eye contact aggressive, while a lack of could make him frightened or nervous. But in most cases you cat just wants your love and/or attention.

Cats eyes are different from human eyes. Cats eyes have adapted to blink less often in order to help when hunting prey. So maybe they don’t realize they are staring and it’s just natural behavior for them.

Reasons For Staring

Sometimes a stare includes the consecutive opening and closing of one eye as he cat naps. Cats do this for several reasons, but most likely they are keeping an eye out for predators. Other reasons for staring include:

  • Wants or needs food
  • Curious and interested in whatever it is you are doing
  • Feeling defensive or aggressive
  • Showing dominance
  • Wants your attention

Staring At Other Cats

In the case of a cat on cat rivalry, they will usually try to out stare each other. If one of the cats chooses to look away first, it is surrendering. In the event that staring cannot resolve the problem, a battle in the form of swatting or wrestling may occur while continuing to stare at each other.

Other Reasons

Illnesses in cats, such as kidney failure, heart disease and untreated hyperthyroidism,  can result in dilated pupils and may look like your cat is staring. This is on very rare occasions but can happen.

If you happen to notice continually dilated pupils with staring, have a veterinarian check your cat’s blood pressure.



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