The 50 Most Popular Black Cat Names

Names February 25, 2020
50 + Black Cat Names



The 50 Most Popular Black Cat Names

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50 + Black Cat Names

Still having a hard time coming up with creative black cat names?

Here’s our list of top 50 most popular black cat names to get you started:

  • Batman– For male cats that like night walks.
  • Black Beauty– A lovely name for graceful females!
  • Black Jack– A great name for spunky males.
  • Cinder– For female felines who like fireplaces.
  • Coal– For playful cats with fiery personalities.
  • Cosmo– A magnificent name for curious cats!
  • Darkside– For feral black males that rock!
  • Darth– For feline Star Wars fans.
  • Donnie Darko– A wonderful name for unique males!
  • Dusky– For relaxed cats that like sunsets.
  • Ebony– An elegant choice for female felines.
  • Eclipse– Another great option for moody cats.
  • Eight Ball– The optimal choice for pool males.
  • Espresso– A sensible option for café cats.
  • Felix– For funny cats that like games!
  • Inky– A great alternative for “Blackie”.
  • Jet– For male felines that like planes.
  • Jinx– Compatible with charming females.
  • Joan Jett- Best choice for rock cat fans!
  • Licorice– Sweet name for a sweet cat!
  • Mystery– For cats with enigmatic personalities.
  • Night– A classic choice for female pets.
  • Ninja– Suitable for cupboard cats.
  • Olive– Perfect for pizza-loving females.
  • Onyx– For the “gem” of your life.
  • Panther– Wonderful for mouse-hunting males!
  • Phantom– Optimal for musical-loving boys.
  • Puma– For boy pets that love trees.
  • Raven– For chatty and loud girls.
  • Sabbath– For metalhead cats who like Black Sabbath.
  • Shade– Lovely name for laid-back cats!
  • Shadow– Great for shy pets.
  • Shady– Another lovely name for male felines.
  • Smokey– A great classic name for males.
  • Sooty– A funny name for a funny cat.
  • Tuxedo– Best name for polite cats!
  • Twilight– Preferred by older females.
  • Velvet– Suitable name for affectionate felines.
  • Zoro– Brave cats deserve heroic names!

Female Black Cat Names

  • Abagail-A wonderful name of Hebrew origin for a beautiful and intelligent cat just like Kind David’s wife in the Bible
  • Abby-Giver her Abagail name a twist and call her Abby
  • Abira-A lovely name for a strong cat
  • Achal– This name of Indian origin is fit for your tall black cat
  • Adelina-An ideal name for a black cat with a loveable character
  • Adriana-A lovely name for a black cat with a dark coat
  • Adriana-Derive her name from the beautiful Adriana Lina who models for Victorias Secret Angel
  • Afina– Your young kitty will find this name captivating
  • Ai– This Japanese name is ideal for your affectionate black cat
  • Beauty-Derive her name from the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast
  • Bess-From the English opera Porgy and Bess composed by George Gershwin
  • Bianca-A fictional character who was Cassio’s mistress in William Shakespeare’s’ play The Tragedy of Othello
  • Billie-An excellent choice for a determined and protective black cat
  • Bo– Derive her name from the film Bo directed by Hans Herbots
  • Bojangles– Call her after the American fast food restaurant with a similar name
  • Chika– This Nigerian name means God is superior, and it is an ideal name for an intelligent black cat who is God-sent
  • Cindy– For your brown coated black cat just like the cartoon character in Cindy Bear created by Hanna Barbera
  • Cleopatra-An ideal name for a beautiful and charismatic black cat just like queen Cleopatra VII Philopator from the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
  • Cloe– An appropriate name for a newly born delicate cat who is full of life
  • Clover-An ideal name for a black cat that brings good luck
  • Debbie-A lovely name for a black cat with admirable qualities
  • Destiny-A common name fit for your furry friend who offers you guidance
  • Devine– This name fits a black cat you love dearly
  • Electra-An elegant name for a black cat with radiant eyes like the power of the sun
  • Emily-A lovely name for a hardworking and industrious cat
  • Florence-Of Latin origin for a beautiful cat with admirable morals
  • Flower-A lovely name for a cat that gives you happiness
  • Gizmo-A unique name for a strong and hairy black cat
  • Grace-A wonderful name for a decent and beautiful black cat
  • Henrietta-Ideal for a cat who has controls over you
  • Hepburn-Name her after the free-spirited and independent American actress Katherine Hepburn
  • India-Name her after at the most culturally diverse country, India which takes its name from River Indus
  • Irene-Fits a quiet and peaceful cat
  • Jessie-Derive her name from American comedy television series with a similar name created by Pamela Eells O’Connell
  • Jetset– Ideal name for a cat who enjoys traveling and adventure
  • Keiko– This name is fit for your pet who you respect and celebrate
  • Kennedy-Of Irish origin for a black cat who always gets into trouble
  • Lioness-This queen of the jungle name fits a brave cat who is always in charge
  • Lois– A name that is Greek and ideal for an adorable cat with desirable traits
  • Melody-What a lovely name for a sweet black cat who is lively as the sounds of melody
  • Mercy-An ideal name for a kind and compassionate cat
  • Nevada– A name of Spanish origin meaning covered in snow fits a cat that’s is as white as snow
  • Nicky-A choice name for a black cat who’s victorious in fights
  • Olivia-Name her after the emotional and determined fictional character in Twelfth Night play by William Shakespeare
  • Opal– Call her after a precious jewel from Sanskirt
  • Petula-Name her after British actress Petula Clark known for her song Don’t Give Up
  • Petunia– Perfect for a cat whose company is soothing and peaceful like the Petunia flower
  • Rose-A lovely name of Latin origin meaning a flower, fit for your beautiful cat
  • Rosy-A sexy way to call the name Rose
  • Shelly-A beautiful name for a trustworthy cat
  • Sheryl-A wonderful name for a beloved black cat
  • Tasmin-An ideal name for your black cat with a twin
  • Tessie-Meaning to harvest for a black cat who always gives you plenty of joy
  • Venus-Of Greek origin meaning goddess of love for your kitty who is full of love for you
  • Versace-An Italian fashion company founded by Gianni Versace, a name that fits your majestic pet
  • Yoko-Name her after the Japanese artist and peace activist Yoko Ono Lennon
  • Yolanda– This beautiful name of Greek origin fits a black cat who is a beauty
  • Zena-A lovely name for a hospitable black cat

Male Black Cat Names

  • Abraham – A fitting name for a loyal and obedient cat just like the biblical abraham who obeyed god’s instruction to sacrifice his only son
  • Adagio – A name of italian origin that suits a black cat who does things slowly
  • Ajax – An ideal name for a strong and courageous cat-like ajax of telamon, the greek hero in the trojan war
  • Alfred– An ideal name for a black cat
  • Baxter – Name your cat after a british character animator in several walt disney animation studios
  • Beans – A name of scottish origin for a cat with beautiful toe beans
  • Beau – A french name for a beautiful kitty
  • Capri – One of the most beautiful island in west italy worth visiting
  • Carbon – Consider this name for your black cat
  • Carlton – A suitable name for cat who enjoys his life
  • Casanova – For your charming cat who has stolen the hearts of many
  • Cassidy -Irish origin for your smart cat with curly hair
  • Derby – A captivating name for a competitive cat meaning matches between local rivals teams
  • Dhani – A name of hindu origin meaning wealthy
  • Dickory– Derive his name from the english nursery rhyme hickory dickory dock
  • Diddle – An ideal name for a dodgy cat
  • Elmore – Classy name for a cat who easily adapts to changes like the elf tree
  • Elroy – French name that means king ideal for a cat who rules other pets with authority
  • Elvis – Consider this for a cat you consider your wise friend
  • Flea – A name you associate with a stubborn and irritating cat who won’t let you rest
  • Floyd – Welsh name for a grey cat
  • Flurry – Perfect name for a cat with spiral patterned fur.
  • Getty – We love this cool name coined from john paul getty, a petrol industrialist who became the richest man in american in 1957
  • Gigolo – For a captivating cat just like the reality television series on the lives of five male escorts
  • Ginger – Latin origin for a lively red-haired cat
  • Heathcliff– A dark and tormented fictional character in wuthering heights novel by emily bronte fits a sad cat
  • Hendrix – German origin meaning ruler of the household
  • Hermes – Greek name that means messenger of god
  • Indie – This name suits a unique and independent cat
  • Indy – If you love speed and racing, then name your cat after indy 500, world largest automobile racing held annually in indiana
  • Ingham – Name your cat after a town with the largest sugarcane plantations and mills in australia
  • Jello– A creative way to name your handsome cat
  • Jessie– A name of hebrew origin meaning god exists
  • Jester– An ideal name for your crazy cat who makes you laugh always
  • Keiko– A name of japanese origin meaning happy child fits your ever joyful and lively cat
  • Kenzo– Japanese origin for a healthy and strong cat
  • Kermit– A variant of dormont for a free irish man
  • Leonardo – Give your disciplined and skilled cat this name from the leader of teenage mutant ninja turtles animated films
  • Lester– An ideal name for a cat from leicester city in england
  • Levon – A name of armenian origin meaning lion and fits your brave cat
  • Marlowe – a lovely name inspired by marlowe theatre in the city of canterbury named after famous english poet christopher marlowe
  • Marsalis – an inspiring name just like award-winning jazz and classical musician and composer, wynton marsalis
  • Marzipan – A lovely name for a sweet yellowish cat
  • Nemo– A character in animated film finding nemo, this name is ideal for your energetic and curious cat
  • Neon – An ideal name for a steady and firm cat like the inert gas that doest react with other elements
  • Nestle – A lovely name for a cat who likes to cuddle
  • Olaf – Name your innocent and loving cat after a fictional character in the cartoon movie frozen
  • Olivier – A name of french origin ideal for a peaceful cat
  • Omega – Consider this name for a cat who always gives you their best
  • Patch – An ideal name for a cat who likes fighting
  • Patrick – A name of latin origin meaning noble fits your cat with a noble character
  • Paxton – Aame your lively cat after american actor bill paxton who featured in the movie apollo 13
  • Peace – This name suit a cat who has admirable virtues
  • Raoul – A diminutive of ralph perfect for your intelligent cat
  • Rascal – Give your mischievous and cheeky cat this name
  • Rasmus – A name of greek origin meaning beloved
  • Samson – An ideal name for a strong cat with long hair like the biblical samson
  • Sandman – An ideal name for your cat who is an inspiration and your biggest cheerleader
  • Santini – Name your cat after the disciplined pilot fighter in the movie the great santini
  • Tarot – An ideal name for a cat who can read your mind
  • Tattoo – Give your symbolic and creative cat this name
  • Taurus – This second astrological sign fits a stubborn cat
  • Vanilla – An ideal name for a cat who adds flavor to your boring life
  • Velvet – An ideal name for a cat with a black coat
  • Vicar – A  name of choice for a cat who likes to visit the church
  • Wesley – Name your intelligent cat after Wesley Wyndam Pryce in television series buffy the vampire slayer
  • Whiskers – Name your annoying and clingy cat after television series Brandy& Mr. Whiskers
  • Widget – animated television series name widget fits an intelligent cat
  • Zeigler –  Toby Ziegler is a fictional character in television series the west wing, and the name fits your hot tempered cat
  • Zen – Coined from Buddhism school which emphasizes on experimental wisdom; meditation and mindfulness
  • Zeppelin – Name your cat after German airship used during the world war i

Superstitions Surrounding Black Cats

Black cats are said to bring bad luck when one crosses a person’s path. Some cultures see black cats as bringers of good fortune once they visit and live in someone’s home. Another superstition is black cats are agents of evil, or companions of witches or even an evil being that can transform into cats.

Some of these superstitions may have begun because black is associated with evil and adding that to a cat’s independent personality and often nocturnal activities singles them out for superstitious persecution. In the middle ages, black cats were hunted down, killed and their owners burned at the stake in suspicion of being witches. These superstitions are still reflected in many movies and TV shows where black cats are shown as companions of supernatural characters.

Not all cultures view black cats in such a negative light. The Egyptians were known to worship Bast, the cat goddess. They believed that they could gain the favor of the goddess by caring for black cats in their homes. The Egyptians weren’t the only ones partial to black cats.

Sailors and pirates thought that black cats had supernatural powers and preferred their ship cat to be black because it would bring them good luck. Fishermen’s wives were also known to keep black cats at home because they believed they would protect their husbands while they were at sea

Some popular feline characters, who are also based on black cats, are Felix the Cat, Cyborg Kuro-Chan, Sabrina’s Salem and Disney’s Pete. If your intention is to choose a name based around magic, sorcery and witchcraft for your cat, then consider the names below.

  • Diablo– For your mischievous boy.
  • Jack-O-Lantern– Marvelous for pumpkin-loving males!
  • Jinx– Best for charming females.
  • Magic– For cats that like magic tricks!
  • Phantom– Great for cats that like surprises!
  • Pumpkin– Another great alternative to “Sweetie”.
  • Salem– Perfect for adventurous males!
  • Specter– Cool option for older pets.
  • Spooky– Great choice for prank-loving boys.
  • Voodoo– An option for female huntresses.
  • Wicca– Marvelous for girl cats!
  • Witchcraft– A marvelous choice for bewitching females.
  • Witchy– Cute alternative for charming girls!

Congratulations on the adoption of your new black cat or kitten. Now for the tough part: coming up with a great black cat name. While you have many things to think about, there are few as important as the name that you will call the newest member of your family. When selecting a name for your black cat or kitten, there are several factors that you may want to consider:

Is your black cat a male or a female? This is really only important if you want others to know your cat’s sex by his or her name. There’s absolutely no harm in selecting a gender-neutral name such as “Snookums” or “Fluffy.”

What does your cat look like? Is there anything that sets him or her apart from other black cats? Is your black cat long-haired or short-haired? Does he or she have any white spots or different colors on his or her feet or chest? Does your black cat have sparkling eyes or perhaps a striped tail?

What sort of personality traits does your black cat exhibit? This is by far one of the most helpful factors when naming your animal. For example, particularly playful cats lend themselves to names that are more comical and funny, while cats that are more interested in cuddling on your lap may be suited for a more sweet-sounding name. Also, listen to your cat. Is he outspoken and full of loud meows or quiet and mysterious?

Will your black cat be allowed outdoors? If your black cat will be allowed outdoors, you’ll want to make sure that you select a name that you’re comfortable shouting in front of your neighbors. There will be times when kitty needs to come inside and if the idea of screaming “Satan” at the top of your lungs isn’t appealing to you, you may want to reconsider.

What if your black cat or kitten already has a name? If your black cat already identifies with another name, it’s not impossible to teach him to identify with a new name of your choosing. Note that this is more easily accomplished by selecting a new name that has strong consonant sounds and the same number of syllables as his previous name. Also, make sure that you use your cat’s new name when addressing him at all times. Repetition is crucial in helping your furry friend to become accustomed to his new moniker.

Breeds of Black Cats

There are many types of black cats or black cat breeds. Not all cat breeds can have all-black coats. Cat breeds that can have all black coats include the Persian, the American Shorthair, the Maine coon, the Oriental, Randombred Shorthairs and especially the Bombay. The Bombay is the most well-known of all black cat breeds because the Bombay is exclusively bred to be black.


Just because your cat is black doesn’t mean you have to choose a name to reflect that. You can always choose a name that reflects your black cat’s regal personality.


Amy is the founder of Cat Mania and a Certified NAVC Pet Nutritionist. She is the proud owner of two cats and a dog and her love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care, nutrition, and product reviews.
  1. Kristina McClellan

    My husband & I have 2 Tuxedo cats & 1 solid black cat. All 3 cats are family (mom & daughters) Our Momma cat's name is Oreo. Oreo has a white stripe on her nose hence the name Oreo. Then we have Domino, who is also a tuxedo. When she rolls ove on her back she looks like a stack of Dominos. Then we have a solid black cat that we named Carla after my husband's grandfather, Carl. Domino & Carla will be 3 years old on Friday July 13th.

  2. catmania02

    Sounds like a fun bunch! Our next blog should maybe be about tuxedo cats!

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