101 Awesome Calico Cat Names & Meanings

Names September 16, 2019
Calico Cat Names - 100 + Cool Names



101 Awesome Calico Cat Names & Meanings

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Calico Cat Names - 100 + Cool Names

Contrary to popular belief, the calico is not a breed of cat but rather a reference to their unique coloring, a combination of white and tortoiseshell. Like tortoiseshells, calico cats are almost always female, hence the absence of male names on this list.

You may want to start here :

  1. JALAPENO – For the hot kitty
  2. CALLIE – Short for calico
  3. REMBRANDT – A work of art
  4. SUGARBAKER – Perfect for a sweet kitty
  5. UNICORN – For a rare male calico
  6. MANEKI – Named for the Japanese lucky cat

Calico Kitten Names

calico kitten
Photo by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash
  • AMBER – Perfect for your Calico cat with an orange-gold colored coat
  • ANNIKA – A pet diminutive form of the name Anna for your graceful cat
  • ARUBA – An Arabic name for a happy and joyous cat
  • AUTUMN – A perfect name for your Calico cat with a combination of fall colors including black,
    white and orange
  • BLAZE – Unique name for your tortoiseshell cat with a color separation running from the
    forehead to the nostril or one with a marbled coat
  • BLYTHE – For the carefree, lively cat who loves to play
  • CALISTA – Cute name for your extremely beautiful Calico pet
  • CALLIE-MAE – For your beautiful cat who was born in May
  • CAMILLE – A great name for your cat whose character is admirable or one with royalty blood
  • CATRINA– Name your cat after the famous American author Edgar Allan Poe’s tortoiseshell cat
  • CLEMENTINE – For your merciful cat with a cute orange coat
  • COLUMBIA – For a cat who loves to explore like Christopher Columbus who discovered Americas
  • CYBIL – One who reminds you of a prophetess or a fortune teller
  • DANIELLE – Wonderful name for a cat who is a loyal friend
  • DARLA – A pet name for the word darling and perfect for a cat you love dearly
  • DISCO – One with a gorgeous grey coat like the silver disco balls
  • ELSA – Named after the notably larger than life leading female character in Frozen
  • EUGENIE – For a cat who has a noble family history
  • FELICITY – For your happy and lucky Calico cat
  • FREELANCE – A unique name for your loyal, brave cat, derived from the word free-lance who
    were loyal French soldiers who would offer their weapons and skills for hire
  • GARNET – Perfect for a Calico cat whose coat has shades of red
  • GINGER – Great name for your cat with patches of orange or ginger
  • GUESS – A wonderful name for your cat who keeps you on toes
  • HALLEY – For the mischievous cat with a multicolored coat
  • HARMONY – Great for a peaceful cat
  • HENNA – Unique name for a Calico cat with beautiful orange patches
  • HONEY – Beautiful name for a sweet kitty with hazel fur
  • IRMA – For a lovely, strong and independent kitty
  • JEWEL –Ideal for a precious pet with gemstone-colored fur

Cute Calico Cat Names

Cute Calico Cat Names
Photo by Christin Noelle on Unsplash
  • JINX – For an orange furred cat named after Mr. Jinx from the cartoon Pixie and Dixie
  • JULIETTE – For your youthful soft-haired cat
  • KELLY – Perfect for an intelligent tabby cat
  • KENZA – Unique name for a cat you treasure
  • KIA – A pet name for the name Katharine and ideal for a clean and pure cat
  • KLUTE – For an exceptionally graceful kitty
  • LILO – Hawaiian for your generous friend
  • LULLABY – For a calm tabby cat
  • MARDI – For your Calico cat who was born on Tuesday
  • MAYA – Beautiful name for your cat with a silver coat who isn’t afraid of the water
  • MILLIE – A variant of the name Amelia which is fit for an industrious kitty
  • MISSY ELLIOTT – For a young kitty who has a powerful presence like Missy Elliott the famous
  • MONTEGO – For your physically fit cat with a large body
  • NERINA – Greek for the bright one and ideal for a cat that brightens up your day
  • ODESSA – Perfect for a cat who loves adventure
  • PASHA – Unique Russian name meaning small perfect for your minute kitty
  • PRIZZI – Great name for your cat who is protective
  • QUATRO –If you are a lover of rock music, you can name your kitty after the famous American
    rock star Susan Kay Quatro
  • RITA HAYWARD – Another lovely name for your cat after the famous movie star Rita Hayworth
    who starred in the 1968 crime film The Cats
  • ROSA – For a cat who is a beauty to behold
  • ROZ – Call her Roz rather than Rose meaning a beautiful flower
  • SHIRLEY –Perfect for your cat who is always fresh and bright
  • STRUDEL –Great name for a sweet cat named after the Australian sweet layered pastry
  • SUNSET – For a bright and outgoing cat who cheers you up
  • TESS – A pet name for Theresa from the Greek word theros meaning summer
  • VENUS – For a loving cat named after the Roman goddess of love
  • ANNABELLE – Lovely name for a graceful, beautiful cat
  • ARABELLA – Meaning beautiful lion in Spanish
  • ASTRA – Greek for a star and perfect for your pet who lights up your life like a star
  • AVALON – Elegant name meaning island of paradise believed to be the resting place of King
  • BLINX – Name her after the anthropomorphic cat in the 4D Action Game Blinx
  • CAGNEY – Unique Irish name meaning tribute
  • CALLIE – A fun name for Calico
  • CALYPSO – If Callie sounds too plain, go with Calypso

Unusual & Unique Calico Cat Names

Unusual Calico Cat Names
Photo by Abdullah Öğük on Unsplash
  • CARLY – Another creative name for a calico cat who is a free spirit
  • CHRISTINE – Great name for your beautiful and outgoing cat
  • CLOE – For a young cat who is loyal and has a loving personality
  • COOKIE – For a cat who is cute and sweet like a cookie
  • DALI – Perfect name for an extraordinarily beautiful cat
  • DARBY – A unique and beautiful name for a generous kitty
  • DESTINY – Lovely name for a cat who is your favorite pet
  • DORI – Perfect for a cat who was given to you as a gift
  • ERIKA – Ideal name for a cat who loves to be in control
  • FARRAH – A lovely sounding name for a cat who is always happy
  • FLOSSIE – Name her after the Roman goodness of flowers
  • FRIDA – For a beautiful cat who loves you dearly
  • GINA – Italian for Queen
  • GRACIE –Ideal for a cat who is kind and loving towards others
  • GWEN – For a calico cat with gorgeous white patches
  • HALLIWELL – Meaning holy spring and the perfect name for a cat who is radiant and coloful like
    the spring
  • HATHAWAY – For a cat who loves to play with soil and dirt
  • HILLARY – Wonderful name for a cheerful and merry kitty
  • HOPE – Ideal name for the cat who never gives up and is always hopeful
  • JENNA – Arabic for heaven or God’s grace in Hebrew
  • JEZEBEL – For your cat who can’t be restrained
  • JUBILEE – For your kitty who is a source of joy and celebration
  • KALAHARI – Unique name for your cat with red fur like the Kalahari desert
  • KENDRA – Perfect for a knowledgeable cat who is also muscular
  • KESSIE –For the chubby kitty
  • KIKI – Lovely name for your cat who gives you a double dose of happiness
  • KOBI – For a cat who replaced another pet
  • LIZZY – A short beautiful version of the name Elizabeth
  • MACY – For the cat who is always ready to defend you
  • MAXI – For your remarkable Calico cat who is of great value to you
  • MAYSIE – A lovely Scottish name meaning a child of light and perfect for your tabby cat with
    white fur
  • MIMSIE – In Hebrew, Mimsie means bitter and you can give this name to your bitter, rebellious
  • MONEYPENNY – Perfect name for your kitty who is a miser
  • MYSTIC – For a cat with a mysterious character
  • NORA – Perfect for a cat with an honorable character
  • SHAMPOO – Beautiful name for a cat who loves bath time
  • PAPRIKA – A beautiful name for your kitty with reddish-orange patches

Names for Black Calico Cats

Names for Black Calico Cats
Photo by Robert Larsson on Unsplash
  • PENELOPE – For a cat who loves to play with yarn
  • PUSSYFOOT – Name your cat after Pussyfoot the animated character in the famous Warner
    Bros Merrier Melodies and Looney Tunes cartoons
  • RHEA – For your kitty who loves to play with water
  • ROMY – A cute short form of the name rosemary for a cat who is as useful as the rosemary
  • ROSALIE – Unique name that describes the beauty of your cat
  • SONJA – Great name for an ambitious and practical Calico kitty
  • SUNDAE – For your cat who is as sweet as ice-cream
  • TAHITI – A Hawaiian name meaning rising sun
  • THOMASINA – Name your cat after Thomasina, the cat with a fierce desire to live in the novel
  • Thomasina: The Cat Who Thought She Was a God
  • ZELDA – Perfect name for your cat who is always happy and also a blessing to you.


Calico cats have at least three colors in their fur, white, orange, and black which may help with choosing a name. Calico cats also have a reputation for being very independent, and feisty. If you need more name ideas, consider checking out out list for male cats and female cats.


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