125 Cute And Adorable Exotic Shorthair Cat Names

Names June 3, 2021
Exotic Shorthair Cat Names



125 Cute And Adorable Exotic Shorthair Cat Names

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Exotic Shorthair Cat Names

With a stocky build, big round eyes, snub nose and sweet facial expression, the Exotic Shorthair is a an incredibly cute cat that is basically a short haired version of the Persian.

They have a calm, relaxed personality, similar to the Persian, although they are more energetic and playful. They get on well with everyone, including other cats and dogs, and are very affectionate to their owners. The Exotic Shorthair does not like being left alone, but they are quiet cats, and rarely complain.

Male Exotic Shorthair Cat Names

  • AGGIE-Give your friendly and innocent short-haired cat this name of Greek origin
  • ANDY-Your brave cat deserves this French name
  • BANJO-Name your cat after this long neck and hollow body stringed instrument
  • BEAU-An exotic French name for a stylish cute cat
  • BERTIE-An ideal name for an intelligent and industrious cat
  • BO-Means precious in Chinese ideal name for a cat you value very much
  • CHAP-An adorable name for a cat you regard as a friend and an acquaintance
  • CHEWY-Name your cat after this online retailer pet food company
  • CUBBIE-Give your cat this exotic name if he likes to play hide and seek in small hidden places
  • DANDY-Means warrior in Greek suits a brave and strong short-haired cat
  • DARCEY – This name means dark and fits a cat with a black coat
  • DENNY-If you love to wine name your cat after the mythical Greek god of wine, Dionysius
  • ELMO-Name your cat after a friendly and cheerful character in the television show Muppet
  • ELTON-Name your short-haired cat after the talented and famous musician Elton John
  • ERNIE-Give your serious cat who’s always determined to win this name
  • FELLA-Refers to the Jasmine flower in Arabic, an exotic name for your sweet cute cat
  • FERGIE-Means rock in Gaelic, a fitting name for a bold cat who likes to rest
  • FLOYD-A Welsh name for a grey-haired cat
  • GRADY-A cat who likes to be treasured and treated with nobility deserves this Irish name
  • GRIFFIN-A name of choice for a strong and vigilant cat like the mythical flying eagle head and lion body creatures
  • GUS-Give your cool cat this unique name
  • HANK-A Dutch name meaning estate ruler, fits a cat who controls your home
  • HARVEY-Give your strong cat who’s fierce in fighting this name
  • JEFF—A wonderful German name for a peaceful and quiet cat
  • JENKINS-A lovely name for a gracious cat
  • JIMMIE-An ideal name for a strong and responsible cat you can always count on
  • JONTY-Give your shy and quiet cat this name
  • KEVIN-An Irish name fit for your gentle and cute cat
  • KIBBLE-Name your short-haired cat after this coarsely ground meal
  • LADDY-A lovely way to call your small cat
  • LEEROY-A French name meaning the king, this is exactly what your majestic cat is in your house
  • LEO– A Latin name for Lion, fits a strong and brave cat
  • MICKY-Means God’s gift in Hebrew, fits a graceful and loyal cat
  • MILO-A curious and playful orange kitten in Adventures of Milo&Otis
  • MOMO-A Japanese name meaning Peach fits your sweet cat
  • MUNCH-Name your talented cat after iconic painter Edvard Munch
  • NEWTON-Give you intelligent cat this name after Isaac Newton who developed principals of motion
  • NIBBLES-An ideal name for a playful short-haired cat who likes biting on objects
  • ODIE-This name of Germanic origin means superman fits a cat who is your hero
  • OLLY-A name of choice for a smart and delicate cat derived from the mythical creatures, elf warrior
  • PEPE-A Spanish form of Joseph meaning ‘He shall add’, fits a trustworthy and diligent cat
  • PERCY-Give your cat who likes to scratch surfaces and walls with his claws this French name
  • PERKINS-Name your old white cat after a warlock fictional character in Harry Potter’s series
  • QUENTIN– Name your intelligent cat with a good memory after American actor Quentin Tarantino who featured in the movie Pulp Fiction
  • RASCAL-An ideal name for a mischievous cat
  • RUDY-Refers to famed wolf in German suits, for your intelligent cat who likes your company
  • RUPERT-A Germanic name meaning bright, for your lively popular cat with a shiny coat
  • SEYMOUR-Name your mischievous cat after this fictional character in Final Fantasy X movies
  • SQUIRT-What a lovely name for your affectionate cat!
  • STUART-This name fits your short-haired little guardian
  • TEDDY-Give your protective cat who always comforts you this French name
  • THEO-An exotic name of Greek origin meaning gift from God
  • TIMMY-Give your trustworthy and obedient cat this Greek name which means God-fearing
  • VICTOR-A name of choice for a strong and brave cat
  • VIRGIL– Name your cat after the Roman poet who wrote Aeneid during emperor Augustan period
  • WALLY-A name of Germanic origin meaning conquers, perfect match for a cat who is a conqueror
  • WALTER– Means commander of the army in German, fits a brave and strong cat
  • WEBSTER– Give your intelligent cat this name after the dictionary and learning institutions with the same name

Female Exotic Shorthair Cat Names

  • ANABEL-Consider this Latin name meaning graceful for your cat who is adored by everyone
  • APRIL-An ideal name for a lovely short-haired cat named after Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty
  • BARBIE-A diminutive of the Greek name Barbaros, for a wild and strange cat you have just adopted
  • BIBI-Refers to the lady of the house in French, fits a cat who dominates your house
  • BROOKE-This name means small stream and fits a cat who likes to go with the flow
  • CALLIE-Give your beautiful cat this Greek exotic name
  • CAMMY-A name of Latin origin meaning attendant at a religious ceremony, a fitting name for an outgoing and faithful cat
  • CLARABELLE-Consider this Latin name for your beautiful cat with a shiny coat
  • DAPHNE-This evergreen shrub grown for their sweet scent makes a perfect name for your sweet cat
  • DIXIE-Go for this name if she loves money or reminds you of the ten-dollar currency circulated in New Orleans
  • DOT-Give your loving cat this Greek name which means God’s gift
  • ELLIE-A Greek name that means shining light, perfect for your beautiful cat
  • EMMA-A lovely Germanic name for a cat who meets all your expectations
  • EVE-If she inspires you every time you look at her, why not give her this Latin name
  • FIFE-Name your cat after this historic county in eastern Scotland
  • FLO-A diminutive of the name Florence, the Roman goddess of flowers fits your beautiful cat
  • FOO-Give your free-spirited cat this name which means ‘wind’ in Japanese
  • GABBY-A French name meaning woman of God, perfectly describes your loyal and trustworthy cat
  • GEM-An exotic name you give to your precious cat derived from Latin name Jewel
  • HAILEY-A lovely name for a victorious cat
  • HAZEL-An adorable name for your short-haired cat with a reddish-brown coat
  • JAMIE-A Scottish name meaning ‘supplant’ fits a cat who always takes your place in your absence
  • JENNY-A lovely Hebrew name for a gracious cat
  • JOY-Consider this name for a sweet cat who has brought lots of happiness in your life
  • KATIE– This lovely name means clear, fits an honest cat
  • KITTIE– This Greek name means pure and it suits an innocent cat
  • LACEY-Give your cat this lovely name if her company brings you joy and happiness
  • LADY-If you’re proud of your cat, why not call her Lady!
  • LIBBY– This name means God’s promise and fits a trustworthy cat
  • LOLLY-This sweet candy does your adorable cat justice
  • MIDGE– An ideal name for an adventurous small kitty just like the midge fly
  • MINNIE-Sweet and fun-loving Minnie Mouse in Disney cartoon character is the perfect name for your cheerful beautiful cat
  • MISSY-Call her by this exotic name, and she’ll come running!
  • MITZI-A Germanic name meaning bitter, suits your ever angry cat
  • MOONIE-If you like the teachings of the unification church, give your cat this name
  • NIKKI-An ideal name for your victorious cat
  • NIPPY-Give your short-haired cat this name if she moves very fast
  • NOOMI– If you enjoy your cat’s company call her Noomi
  • OLIVE-An ideal name for a friendly and peaceful cat
  • OPHELI– Name your sweet and innocent cat who likes helping around after this Shakespeare’s character
  • PATSY-If you feel your cat acts like majesty then she deserves this name
  • PENNY-A Greek name meaning flower, fits your beautiful cat
  • PIPPA-Give your cat who likes to play with horses this Italian name
  • PIXIE-Name your short haired cat after this joyous yet mischievous mythical creature
  • PRECIOUS-An ideal name for a cat you cherish very much
  • REBECCA-A lovely name for an extremely beautiful cat whom you bond with easily
  • ROBIN-This Germanic name fits a lively cat with a bright coat
  • SADIE-A Hebrew name meaning princess for a majestic and beautiful cat
  • SAFFY-An ideal name for your wise cat
  • SARA-Consider this Hebrew name for your short-haired cat who likes being treated like a princess
  • SNOW-A name of choice for a kind and a quite white cat
  • STEFFI-A name of Greek origin meaning crown, fits a loyal cat who loves you
  • SUGAR-Refer to your sweet and kind cat by this name
  • TAMSIN-A wonderful name of Scottish origin for a free-spirited cat who has a twin
  • TULIP-This lily family of spring-flowering plants makes a perfect name for your beautiful cat
  • VALERIE-A lovely name for a strong and courageous cat after the martyred St Valarie of Limoges
  • VERA-This exotic name means faith in Russian, fits a trustworthy cat
  • WENDY-An ideal name for a friendly cat a character derived from the play Peter and Wendy by James Mathew Barrie
  • WILOW– Name your caring and quiet cat after this evergreen shrub that grows near the water

You may want your Exotic Shorthair cat name to have some exotic meaning, or relate to his appearance or personality in some way. If you did not find the perfect name here, consider searching under our Male or Female cat names.


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