200 Most Popular Orange Cat Names You’ll Love

Names June 13, 2021
Orange Cat Names : 100 + Ginger Names



200 Most Popular Orange Cat Names You’ll Love

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Orange Cat Names : 100 + Ginger Names

If you are lucky enough to adopt an orange cat, you are most likely considering orange cat names to celebrate their ginger coat. Many breeds of cats rock this beautiful colored coat, including the Kurilian Bobtail, Cymric, Exotic Shorthair, Rex and more.

Its pretty easy to think of anything orange like Fanta, Tiger or Tangerine for an instant orange cat name.

Female orange cats are rare, which is why there are few female names on our list of names for orange cats.

Orange Cat Names Male

  • ARTEMIS-A Greek word that means strong as a bear perfectly fits your huggable strong kitty
  • ASTERIX-A brave and intelligent warrior featured in the Adventure of Asterix comic series
  • BASIL-Of Greek origin meaning King fits a royal and majestic cat
  • BAXTER-Name your cat after a British character animator in several Walt Disney Animation studios
  • BEANS-A name of Scottish origin for a cat with beautiful toe beans
  • BEAU-A French name for a beautiful kitty
  • BEBOP-Inspired by funny Japanese animated television series Cowboy Bebop
  • CONAN– A name inspired by a fictional sword and sorcery hero film Conan the Barbarian featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, ideal for a wild cat who is strong
  • COOLIO– An American rapper popular for his hit song Gangsta’s Paradise
  • CROCKET-An ideal name for a powerful and hardy cat
  • ECLIPSE-A name of choice for a cat who likes to block your way
  • EDGAR-An ideal name for a cat who always brings you luck
  • EDWARD-Name your romantic cat after King Edward VIII who gave up the British throne to marry the love of his life Walls Simpson
  • GRANT-A name of Scottish origin for a tall cat
  • GRINGO– Crime comedy film directed by Nash Edgerton, this name fits an unfortunate cat
  • GROUCHY-An ideal name for a bad-tempered cat
  • JOJO-Consider this name for a creative and honest kitty
  • JONAH-Hebrew name that means dove fits a gentle and courageous cat  with white fur
  • JULIO-Give your hairy cat this lovely name
  • JUMBO-This Swahili name fits a big cat who is as huge as an elephant
  • LUDWIG-An ideal name for a cat who is famous for his fighting prowess
  • LUTHER-Consider this Germanic name meaning soldier of the people for your brave and victorious cat like Martin Luther King who contributed to American civil rights
  • MILAN-A name of Slavic origin for a kind and gracious cat
  • MILO-The orange cat in the movie The adventures of Milo&Otis fits your merciful orange cat
  • MINKI-A name of Dutch origin for a strong cat
  • POPPET-What a lovely name to call your cute little cat
  • POSSUM-Name your cat after the famous New Zealand car rally driver champion Possum Bourne
  • PRESLEY– Ideal name for a smart and trustworthy kitty
  • SETH-A name of Hebrew origin meaning the anointed one
  • SHANDY-Name you cat after your favorite drink of bear mixed with a soft drink like lemonade
  • SHAZZAM– This captivating name is from a fictional superhero who used his magical powers to defeat evil in Captain Marvel series
  • TONKA-A name of Croatian origin meaning worthy of praise
  • TONTO-The brave pet cat in the movie Harry and Tonto
  • TOOTS-A lovely name to call your cute and darling cat
  • WESLEY-Name your intelligent cat after Wesley Wyndam Pryce in television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • WHISKERS-Name your annoying and clingy cat after television series Brandy& Mr. Whiskers
  • WIDGET-Animated television series name Widget fits an intelligent cat

Orange Cat Names Female

  • Ai– This Japanese name is ideal for your affectionate cat
  • Akela– Name her after the intelligent wolf featured in the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  • Akina-This Swahili name is perfect for your cat who you have a strong bond with
  • Alaska– Call her after the American adventure film Alaska
  • Billie-An excellent choice for a determined and protective cat
  • Bo– Derive her name from the film Bo directed by Hans Herbots
  • Bojangles– Call her after the American fast food restaurant with a similar name
  • Cleopatra-An ideal name for a beautiful and charismatic cat just like queen Cleopatra VII Philopator from the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
  • Cloe– An appropriate name for a newly born delicate cat who is full of life
  • Dody– Let her know you love her by calling her Dody
  • Dozy-A name of choice for a lazy cat who never gets enough of her night sleep
  • Flower-A lovely name for a cat that gives you happiness
  • Flynn-A name of choice for a cat with red fur
  • Jazzy– A modern short name for Jasmine
  • Jessie-Derive her name from American comedy television series with a similar name created by Pamela Eells O’Connell
  • Kiki-Call her kiki if she is a source of happiness and joy
  • Kona-An ideal name for a cat who always goes missing and reappears after some days
  • Maiden-A perfect name for a young kitty who hasn’t given birth yet
  • Mandarin-An excellent name for an old intelligent cat
  • Maple– Appropriate name for a rare kind and strong cat like the maple tree
  • Nicky-A choice name for a cat who’s victorious in fights
  • Nicole-Nicole Watterson featured in the animated series, The Amazing World of Gumball, and her name will fit a responsible cat
  • Pearl-A wonderful name for a cream or white coated cat who is like a precious gem
  • Penelope– Just like Penelope Pussycat featured in classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, and your cat will love this name
  • Seoman-A unique name for a cat that you respect
  • Shania-After Canadian popular singer Shania Twain famous for the song You’re still the one
  • Shasta-Of Indian origin meaning peaceful ideal for a calm cat
  • Willow-An ideal name for a gracefully slender cat just like a willow tree
  • Willa– Name her after Willa Holland, an American actress, featured in television series Arrow if she is fearless
  • Wynnona– This name fits a kitty who is the firstborn in her family
  • Zaban– If you have a cat who you can’t say no to, name her Zaban
  • Zena-A lovely name for a hospitable cat

Orange Tabby Cat Names

  • ARCHIBALD-A character in animated series Archibald the Koala, a fitting name for your bold orange cat who loves to play detective
  • ARTHUR-A noble name for a loyal and courageous cat named after King Arthur head of the knights of the round table
  • BACH-A name of Germanic origin for a cat who is always wet from fishing or hunting by the stream
  • BODIE-A name of Scandinavian origin meaning shelter just like the warm color of your orange cat
  • BILLABONG-A name derived from an oxbow lake in Australia, this name suits your reserved and independent orange cat
  • BUDWEISER-If you have a strong adorable orange cat why not name her after the famous American pale orange beer
  • CARNEGIE-Name your optimistic and outgoing cat after American steel industrialist, Charles Carnegie
  • CHARLES-A name of choice for a cat who likes to roam freely in the house
  • CHEDDAR-A lovely name for an orange cat just like the cheddar cheese
  • CLARENCE-A name of Latin origin meaning bright as portrayed by animated television series Clarence who transforms bad circumstances to good, an ideal name for your kind cat
  • DEMPSEY-A name of Irish origin that fits your creative cat who is also proud
  • DIDDLEY-Name your creative orange cat after musician Bo Diddley who invented the diddley beat and guitar
  • DIRK-A loyal and brave knight in the video game Dragon’s Lair, sounds like a wonderful name for your orange kitty
  • DUDE-A lovely name to call a cat with a beautiful orange coat who’s also your best friend
  • DWAYNE – This Italian name perfectly describes his dark orange coat
  • ERASMUS– This name of Latin origin means love and describes the deep affection you feel for your orange tabby cat.
  • ERNIE-A silly and energetic orange moppet character in the Sesame Street television series and it fits your funny orange kitty who always makes you laugh
  • FIERY-An ideal name for an energetic orange cat whose is as hot as the flames of a burning fire
  • FLAME-A perfect name choice for your cat with a bright shining orange coat who’s also very aggressive
  • GARCIA-Name your cat after a cheerful and intelligent character Penelope Gracia of the Criminal Minds series
  • GORKY-Name your determined cat after Russian writer and political activist Maxim Gorky who wrote the play The Lower Depths
  • GRISHAM-An American writer known for his best-selling novel The Firm, the name fits a creative cat
  • HANK-A name of Germanic origin meaning home-ruler, fits your orange cat who can be trusted to keep order in your home
  • HARRY-Name your cat after the brave and loyal Harry Potter who also has an orange cat
  • HOOPER-A character in the Stranger Things series who is dedicated and compassionate just like your orange cat
  • IZZY-A name of Hebrew origin meaning Gods promise fits orange kitty who’s a gift from God
  • JALEPENO– A name for chilli pepper which is red hot when mature, perfectly describes your red-hot colored cat
  • JASPER-One of the wise men who brought Jesus Christ gifts, a name you would want to give your generous orange kitty
  • JOJO-Name your adventurous and bold cat after the character in the animated series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • JOSHUA-A name of Hebrew origin meaning God is salvation fits a cat who you have on countless occasions saved from harm
  • KNOX-An ideal name for a thoughtful cat named after Knox Overstreet a character in The Dead Poets Society novel
  • LOVERBOY-A seductive name for your attractive little kitty who loves to flirt
  • MACGYVER-The lead character in television series MacGyver who often improvised ways to repair objects, this name fits your intelligent and innovative orange cat
  • MAGNUS-Of Latin origin meaning great, its perfect for your orange cat who has immensely and positively contributed to your life
  • MARCO-Name your strong and adventurous cat after Venetian explorer Marco Polo who expanded trade to China
  • MARMALADE-An orange fruit preserve and its perfect for your sweet dark-orange with yellow strips kitty
  • MATLOCK-Name your stylish cat with a large appetite after a character in Marlock television series, Ben Matlock
  • MCQUEEN-An impatient and stubborn character in animated film Lighting Mcqueen suits a stubborn cat with some shades of orange in his coat
  • MOJO-A lovely name for a sweet orange cat with great charm that makes the ladies go wild
  • MOXIE-A name ideal for your energetic and determined cat who never calls it quits
  • NORRIS-Name your brave cat after the famous red-haired actor Chuck Norris
  • OTIS-A name that fits a fortunate orange kitty

Orange and White Cat Names

  • OZ-Name your cat after a strong and quick character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series
  • RASTUS-A name of Greek origin meaning loving fits an adorable cat
  • REDFERN-If you love art, name your cat after the Redfern Gallary located in London
  • RHUBARB-Name your orange cat after the Rhubarb plant with light orange stems
  • ROBIN-An ideal name for a famous cat within your neighborhood
  • ROY-Of Scottish origin meaning red hair a fitting name for your red furred friend
  • ROSSI-Name your cat after an entertaining animated strip Rossi
  • RUSKI-Lemon Ruski vodka is refreshing and the perfect name for your orange cat who loves you
  • SOLO-Name your greedy cat after a fictional character in the Star Wars series, Han Solo
  • STEVIE-An ideal name for a victorious cat
  • TANGERINE-This deep orange citrus fruit from Morocco is sweet just like your orange cat
  • TERRENCE-Meatwad’s orange cat in animated television series Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • THOR-Thor Odinson, a superhero in Marvel comic books perfect for your strong heroic cat
  • TIGGER-Name your cat after a cheerful and outgoing character who has orange strips in the cartoon series Winnie the Pooh
  • TURPIN-A loyal character in Detective comics series fits your orange cat who likes to play detective
  • WELLINGTON-Name your cat after the straight forward and intelligent character in Popeye cartoon series
  • WISEGUY-A name inspired by American television series WiseGuy and its perfect for your smart cat who is also full of himself
  • WYLIE-A great name for a crafty orange cat
  • ARGUS– A name of Greek origin meaning watchful guardian and its ideal for your caring orange cat who’s protective of his territory
  • ARTIE-A Celtic name meaning bear fits your large and brave orange cat
  • BART-Name your cat after a mischievous character in The Simpsons comic show
  • BOOGIE-An ideal name for a cat who enjoys dancing to the tunes of Boogie music
  • BUDDY-Best friends call each other Buddy, why not call your favorite cat buddy!
  • CAPONE-Name your notorious cat after American gangster Al Capone
  • CARROT-This orange fruit or vegetable rich in vitamins provides the perfect name for your bright orange furred cat
  • CHARLESTON-If you love this hospitable city in South Carolina, why not name your cat after it
  • CHEETO-A popular snack for your favorite orange kitty
  • CURTIS-An ideal name for a courteous and well-mannered cat
  • DEPUTY– This name suits a cat who is always willing to help you do some house chores
  • DILLION-A name of Celtic origin meaning faithful fits a trustworthy orange cat
  • DIZZY– This name fits a first born cat who is always hungry just like Dizzy in Dizzy Devil cartoon series
  • DUDLEY-Name your adventurous and friendly cat after English actor Dudley Moore
  • EDGAR-A name of choice for a happy and cheerful orange kitty
  • ERIK-Your fearless and adventurous cat deserves this name
  • FANTA-A bubbly soft drink which comes in different flavors and is often orange in color, perfect name for your active and playful orange cat
  • FITZ-A bold and poise cat in the animated comedy Fitz the Cat
  • FREDDIE-Name your cat after British musician Freddie Mercury who had much love for cats
  • GINKO-An ideal name for your friendly cat named after a caring character, Ginko Mushishi in the Japanese Mushishi film
  • GRIFFIN-Name your sweet cat after a red-head fictional character Lois Griffin in Family Guy comedy series
  • HAMISH-Hamish McHamish was a beautiful and friendly orange cat who was loved by residents of St Andrews
  • HARPER-Name your beautiful yet controlling cat after Lost television series character Harper Stanhope
  • HOBBES-A smart and wise orange cat from the well-known comic strip Calvin and Hobbes
  • HUGO– Name your cat after the nice red-haired Hugo Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows series
  • JACKSON-Name your cat after Jackson Galaxy who featured in the movie My cat from Hell
  • JERRY LEE-If you love rock and roll music name your cat after the pioneer of rock and roll Jerry Lee
  • JOHN WAYNE– For your creative and intelligent cat named after the American actor who loved cats and featured an orange cat in True Grit movies
  • JONES– Name your curious cat after Ripley’s ginger cat in Alien and Aliens film series
  • KEIFER– For your determined and free-spirited cat named after famous actor Kiefer Sunderland
  • LARGO-A name of Latin origin meaning large and its perfect for your big orange kitty
  • MACBETH-One of the most powerful tragedy written by William Shakespeare and it’s a great name for your courageous cat
  • MACHO-An ideal name for a strong and aggressive cat
  • MANGO-A great name for a cheerful and affectionate orange cat like the sweet juicy tropical fruit
  • MARLBORO-If you cat ,loves to watch you smoke your cigar, why not name him after this cigarette brand popular for its white-orange case originally founded for women
  • MARVIN– The orange-haired kid in the Marvin comic strip fits your little orange kitty
  • MCFLY-Name your orange cat after the famous pop-rock band of the same name.
  • MERVIN– Mervin is a character in the Muppet show and the name fits your cat with multicolored coat who loves music
  • MONROE-A charming and outgoing American actress Marilyn Monroe who is known for her curry red hair, this name is perfect for your outgoing orange cat with curry red fur
  • MUESLI-Name your mustard brown colored cat after your favorite breakfast meal
  • NIC NAC-This light orange crispy biscuits make a perfect name for your cat
  • O’REILLY-A warm and friendly character in the film show M*A*S*H seems like a good name for your adorable orange cat
  • OWEN-A name of Welsh origin meaning Young warrior perfect for a bold and brave young cat
  • RASBERRY-A sweet name for a red-haired cute little cat just like the fruit itself
  • RAZZLE– For your playful cat with a warm orange coat who enjoys keeping you company
  • RHUBARB-An orange cat who inherited a baseball team in the Rhubarb film, why not adopt this name for your sporty cat!
  • ROLAND-Name your cat who is easily angered after a character in the Garfield comic strip
  • ROWDY-An ideal name for your noisy orange cat who likes to disorganize your house
  • RUMBLE-An ideal name for your orange cat who snores while sleeping
  • SMITHERS-A name for a dedicated cat derived from Mr. Burn’s assistant in The Simpsons series
  • SPENCER-Name your cat after a smart and ambitious character in the Pretty Little Liars series
  • SUNSHINE-A lovely name for a lively orange kitty just like the rays of the morning sun which brightens your day
  • TEDDY– A lovely name which will see your adorable and dependable cat come running when you call
  • THEODOR-A name of Greek origin meaning God’s gift
  • THUNDERCAT-Name your cat after the adventurous animated series with catlike aliens
  • TIGER-With its orange strips and bold traits the name tiger is a perfect match for your brave orange cat
  • TINTIN-Name your cat after an honest and compassionate orange-haired character in The Adventures of Tintin comic series
  • WHISKY-A classic name to give your cat derived from your favorite brown distilled beer drink
  • WOOKIE-Name your sensitive and high-tempered hairy cat after fictional alien in the Star Wars series
  • ZINZAN-A unique name for a one of a kind cat with a rainbow coat


Orange cats have great personalities and tend to be a bit nutty which could make choosing a name easy. If you still havent found the perfect name you may want to check Tabby Cat Names.


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