The Best Cat Treats

The Best Cat Treats

With so many cat treats on the market you may be tempted to give your cat an abundance, just to show how much you love him. Giving your cat too many treats or less quality treats, will eventually make him over weight. Snacks, like cat treats, may be one of the reasons why more than half of cats in the U.S. are obese. No more than 10% of your cat’s daily diet should come from treats and those treats should enhance his diet, or provide more benefit than just simple gratification. Choosing a natural, healthy diet for your cat should extend to his treats as well.

Why Give My Cat Treats?

Cat treats can be used to encourage your cat to be active and healthy when used right. Using cat toys, with treats inside, can help control weight, provide exercise and give him something to do besides sleep. Cat treats can also be used adequately to help with behavior modification or to reward cats after medications are administered. For most cat owners, offering your cat a treat will help strengthen the bond between you and him. With so many treat types, we have narrowed down the best cat treats as well as what to look for when buying the right one.

Top 3 Best Cat Treats

Ingredients to Look for in a Cat Treat

You want to provide your cat with complete and balanced treats, just as you do with his food. The treats you select should have a combination of nutrients and vitamins your pet needs to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This will be printed on the label of treats as well as other items to determine how healthy it is. Treats should not make up a significant portion of your pets diet and the recommendation is that cat treats should account for no more than 10% of total daily calorie intake. Treats can also dilute your pet’s daily nutrient intake if over fed. Also stay away from treats with high amounts of salt and sodium, they may cause trouble for your cat, making him thirsty or causing excessive urination. Lastly, don’t be fooled by cat treats designed to appeal to cat parents with inviting colors, shapes and smells. Most often these treats are low in nutritional quality and do very little to satisfy your cat’s appetite.

Best Cat Treats

PureBites Cat Treats

PureBites Freeze-Dried Cat Treats are made with a single ingredient, 100% pure meat, in the form of chicken breast, shrimp, turkey breast, ocean whitefish or duck liver. These treats are gently freeze-dried and not cooked to preserve the nutritional integrity and natural flavor of the raw ingredients. These treats are ideal for cats with health issues or  that are overweight, diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or are on a restricted diet. All PureBites treats are made in the USA and designed to appeal to your cat’s meat cravings, while still being low in calories, with just two calories per treat.

The Good

  • Single meat ingredient
  • Low in calories
  • High in protein

The Bad

  • Packaging is hard to work with
  • Not all flavors are a hit with cats
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Greenies Dental Cat Treats

FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats offer complete nutrition and helps your cat maintain healthy dental care and are the #1 vet recommended dental treat. They have a unique shape and crunchy texture that’s proven to reduce tartar. Cat dental care has never been easier with this low calorie treat. Choose from many flavors like: tuna, salmon, and oven-roasted chicken in various sizes.

The Good

  • Reduces tartar
  • Natural ingredients
  • Treats bad breath

The Bad

  • Contains grains
  • Some cats swallow them whole
  • Contains by products
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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats

Wilderness Crunchy Cat Treats provide a delicious taste in a crunchy treat that is packed with protein. These treats are 100% grain-free and contain no artificial flavors. Wilderness Crunchy Cat Treats feature the finest natural ingredients, and never contain any chicken (or poultry) by-products meals, corn, wheat or soy, or artificial preservatives and colors. BLUE Wilderness Crunchy Cat Treats come in several different flavors and a resealable pouch.

The Good

  • Grain free
  • Protein packed
  • Made with real meat and fish

The Bad

  • Contains starches
  • Contains meals
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Temptations Cat Treats

Cat parents know texture is just as important as taste for their cat. TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats features a unique pocket shape that is crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. This natural cat treat never contains artificial flavors and has only 2 calories per treat. Claiming to be “America’s #1 cat treat”, it is also 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cat maintenance.

The Good

  • Inexpensive
  • Low calorie
  • Comes in several flavors

The Bad

  • Contains by products
  • Maybe hard for some cats to chew
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Butler Lean Treats

Nutrisentials Lean Treats for Cats are advertised as a tasty, low fat treat for cats that are fortified with Taurine for healthy heart function and good vision. These lean, bite-sized cat treats are made with real skinless chicken. You can use them as a reward for training, good behavior or just to show your love. The resealable zipper pouch makes it easy to keep Lean Treats for Cats tasting fresh.

The Good

  • Low fat
  • Made with real skinless chicken
  • Formulated with Taurine

The Bad

  • Some cats refuse them
  • Strong smelling
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Types of Cat Treats

Special ingredients

Some treats contain special or limited ingredients. These treats are better for cats with sensitive digestive systems because they do not include items that will upset his stomach.

Freeze dried

These are meat treats with very little processing. They are low in carbohydrates and perfect for an obligate carnivore.These treats are highly palatable and provide excellent nutritional value.

Grain free

Grain free foods and treats are made with a wild cat in mind.  Wild cats were not exposed to grains like domestic cats now a days. Grain free is better for active cats who need more protein in their diet.

Hairball control

Many cats suffer from hairballs and certain treats are made to control and prevent that problem. These treats have special ingredients to help hairballs pass through the digestive system.

Vitamin enriched

Picky eaters and elderly cats may need additional vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Ask your vet about what might be missing from your cat’s diet and supplement those deficiencies with treats.

Dental health

Brushing a cat’s teeth can be next to impossible. Treats with ingredients that prevent tarter can help keep your cat’s teeth healthy. Look for treats that are recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.


Showing your love by finding the right cat treat will help your fur baby live a happy and healthy life. While most cats prefer lots of scratching and petting, the occasional cat treat won’t hurt. Also, using  table scraps or human food as a treat is never a good idea. Common foods like raisins, caffeinated drinks, chocolate and onions, to name a few, are toxic to cats.

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