105 Popular Names For Ragdoll Cats

Names May 26, 2021
Ragdoll Cat Names : 100 + Perfect Names



105 Popular Names For Ragdoll Cats

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Ragdoll Cat Names : 100 + Perfect Names

Ragdoll cats are beautiful counter-point colored cats with striking blue eyes.

They are known for their gentleness and calmness, as well as their affectionate nature, and docile temperament. They are named after the way they go limp in the arms while being held.

The names on this list were selected to suit a Ragdoll cat’s unique personality, so choose with confidence.

Ragdoll Cat Names and the Meaning of Names from A to Z

Male (Boy) Ragdoll Cat Names

Male (Boy) Ragdoll Cat Names
Photo by Alexander Kagan on Unsplash
  • ALVIN– A wonderful and classy name for your affectionate friend
  • ASHTON– For a courageous ragdoll cat
  • AUSTIN– A diminutive of Augustine fit for a fearless cat
  • BAM-BAM-A wonderful name for a cat you consider a gift from the gods or for the cat who likes hitting his head
  • BAMBINO– An Italian name for a little cat with a kitten-like appearance
  • BARRINGTON– Perfectly suits a very hairy cat.
  • BASIL– A Greek name meaning brave and Majestic
  • BEANSPROUT-An ideal name for a young ragdoll kitty
  • BING– Name him like the fictional character Chandler Bing featuring in the television series Friends by Mathew Perry
  • BINKS-Based on a fictional character Jar Jar Binks from the movie The Star Wars
  • BOOGIE– This is a name that will definitely get the attention of your ragdoll friend
  • BUMBLEBEE– Name him after the character Bumblebee in the TV series Transformers
  • CHANDLER – The French word for candle Maker and seller
  • CHAZ-A manly name associated with cats that have a sense of independence
  • CHICKO –Japanese origin meaning pledge fir for your courageous and aggressive cat
  • CLUEDO – Name of a popular murder mystery game during the WW2 and the name is ideal for a cat that loves to play detective
  • CRUZ– Cute name for your Ragdoll pet who is funny and doesn’t take things to heart
  • CUB– Perfect name for your playful cat that likes to roll on the ground
  • DANTON – Lovely name for a cherished cat who’s priceless
  • DE VITO – Italian for a blessing from God
  • DINKY– An ideal name for a neat and attractive Ragdoll cat
  • DOT COM – Perfect and cute name for an intelligent and savvy cat or for a cat you bought online
  • GERBIL – Ideal for a cat who likes burrowing with his long hind legs
  • GIDGET – Based on a fictional character Gidget on the Novel Gidget Little Girl With Big Ideas
  • GIZMO – An ideal name for your handsome and strong cat
  • GOLLY– For a ragdoll cat who’s enormous like a giant
  • GOOGLE – An ideal name for an intelligent cat
  • GUMBY– Name him after the animated film character Gumby created by Ruth Gumby
  • GUMMI – For your sexy ragdoll kitty
  • HOBBS – A wonderful name for a cat with hairy feet
  • IGGY– Name your cat after the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea
  • JELLY– A wonderful name for a restless cat
  • LEGO – A cute name for a cat that loves to collect things
  • MAKEPEACE– For your ragdoll friend who acts as the mediator amongst other pets
  • MARBLES– A pretty name for a lovable cat
  • MARLEY– Your pretty, kind and smart cat will love this wonderful name
  • MOJO – Cool name for your charming cat whose always in luck
  • MUNCHKIN– For your small, adorable and huggable ragdoll pet
  • NEWTON-Name your cat  who loves to wander after the famous scientist Isaac Newton
  • NICNAC– An ideal name for a cat who is a nuisance especially at night or for one who just can’t get enough of your crackers
  • NIPPER– Lovely name for your fluffy friend whose always willing to help
  • PABLO– Perfect for your really sweet and intelligent friend
  • PARSON– Would fit a cat that lives in church or amongst the clergies
  • PEEWEE-A wonderful name for your small ragdoll cat
  • PEPE– If he loves to play ball name him after the famous professional footballer called Nicholas Pepe
  • PINKY– Perfect name for your crazy cat just like the crazy lab mouse with the same name featuring in the Pinky and The Brain cartoon
  • QUIMBY– For your cat who is a badass
  • ROGER-A German name meaning famous spearman
  • RUFUS – An ideal name for your red-haired and color pointed cat
  • RUPERT-A German name for a bright flame and its perfect for describing your Ragdoll’s bright blue eyes
  • RUXPIN-Coined from Teddy Ruxpin animated television series Ruxpin
  • SCOOTER – For a  cat with Scotland roots
  • SHORT STOP– For your ragdoll cat who defends others in the group
  • SMALLVILLE – Name your hero after the television superhero series Smallville
  • SPROG– An affectionate name for a child
  • SQUIDOO – Cute name for your young ragdoll cat
  • TEDDY– For an adorable cat who you consider to be a divine gift
  • WIDGET– For your cat who is very useful in your home
  • WOMBLE –For your cat with a protruding belly and a colored patch on their nose
  • ZIGGY– For your furry friend who never backs away from a fight

Female (Girl) Ragdoll Cat Names

Female Ragdoll Cat Names
  • AMOR-A Spanish name meaning love and fits your ragdoll cat whom you adore
  • ANNIE-A diminutive of the name Hannah ideal for a gracious and favored cat
  • ARIEL-For your strong kitty who loves to be in control
  • BARBARA-An ideal name for your strange cat from a foreign land
  • BARBIE -Derived from Greek name barbarous meaning a foreign traveler
  • BETTY BOO- A suitable name for your cuddly pet
  • BITSY– Cute name for your short ragdoll cat
  • BLOSSOM– For your beautiful fluffy sweetheart
  • BO PEEP-Ideal for a cat that likes to play hide and seek
  • BONNY-For your pretty cat who is good company
  • BUCKWHEAT– Lovely name for your cat with curly hair
  • BUNNY– Call her bunny if she’s pretty and adorable
  • CARLA-A lovely name for a beautiful ragdoll cat with bright blue eyes
  • CLARA BELLE-For a bright, beautiful ragdoll cat
  • COCO– A wonderful name for an extremely playful cat
  • CUPCAKE– For your sweet and adorable cat
  • DISNEY– A name derived from Walt Disney Entertainment Company
  • DIXIE– For an elegant kitty from the south
  • DOLLY– Perfect if you consider your ragdoll pet as a gift from God.
  • DUCHESS– This cute name fits the commander among the nobles
  • ELSIE– If she is totally dedicated to you, name her Elsie
  • EMILY– Adorable name for an industrious cat
  • FOO– A wonderful name for a cat who has brought happiness and blessings in your home
  • HALFPENNY– For the rare slim ragdoll cat
  • HOLLY–  Ideal name for the always fresh cat like the evergreen tree or shrub with the same name
  • JEMMA– Hebrew name meaning little dove
  • JOSEPHINE– Perfect name for the newest addition to your family
  • LADYBUG-Ideal for a ragdoll cat who brings you good luck
  • LITTLE AUDREY – For a gorgeous, strong cat
  • MELLOW-A wonderful name for a cat that matures and softens over the years
  • MIDGET-An ideal name for a minute cat
  • MITZI-For a really cute ragdoll cat who is also picky
  • MIU MIU-Japanese name for a cat with beautiful fur.
  • MOONBEAN– Lovely name for your beautiful kitty whom you compare with moon rays
  • MOPPET– Beautiful name for an adorable kitty
  • MOUSE– For a small cat who loves her freedom.
  • MOXIE– Consider naming your aggressive ragdoll cat Moxie
  • NOGGIN-Wonderful cute name for your small bright friend
  • NUNU-A choice name for the cat you treasure so much
  • PEARL– Modest and innocent name for a white or cream-colored cat with pearly eyes
  • PEBBLES– A wonderful name for a quirky, sweet, naïve, and outgoing cat.
  • PENELOPE-An ideal name for a cat with patches over her face
  • PET-An affectionate name for a cat you consider as family
  • PIPKIN-From the Greek name Philippos, meaning a lover of horses
  • PIPPA-A short form of Philippa meaning a horse’s friend
  • PIXEL– Perfect for your ragdoll kitty with small illuminating eyes
  • POM POM– Cute name for a cat who loves to be the center of attention
  • POPPINS– Cute name for a hot kitty who feels good about herself
  • POPSTAR-Ideal for a famous cat who commands public attention
  • PRIMROSE– A wonderful and lovely name for an elegant cat
  • Q-TIP-An excellent name for a cat who loves to clean small hidden areas
  • SHORTCAKE-A suitable name for a sweet kitty
  • SKY– An ideal name for a ragdoll kitty with sparkling bright blue eyes like the sky
  • SUGAR– If you consider her to be sweet, name her sugar
  • SUGAR CUBE – No doubt this name fits your sweet little kitty
  • SWEATPEA – Perfect  for her if she is cute and sweet
  • TESS– A diminutive form of Esther or Theresa meaning a star
  • WILLOW-Suitable name for a caring, quiet and calm cat
  • WOODSTOCK– Name her after the famous Woodstock Music Festival held in Bethel, New York in 1969
  • YO-YO-Perfect name for your cat that loves to play with the yo-yo


You may want your Ragdoll cat’s name to have some personal meaning, or relate to his large, lovable, regal personality in some way. If you did not find a favorite name here, consider searching under Male or Female cat names.


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